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Showing posts with label Joel Eilde. Show all posts

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dragonfly ... musician extraordinaire

Ok so I am rarely blown away but this morning (my time) I picked up an LM to Tammy Toll’s amazing Musicland live music venue and wow I sure was blown away. First you are greeted by the really friendly Musicland staff ; PADULA ( manager, Aggie (aghata4u.aurotharius ) hostess and the lovely Tammy herself. ( )

BUT then one Dragonfly (Joel Eilde) was performing (is performing since I am listening to him as I write this). This musician is truly brilliant. Now I know I am not a qualified music critic, but I have been to many live music performances in SL to know that there a number of talented muso’s here, but in Joel’s case I can only gush. His music is all his own original work and it ranges from the hilarious (in particular his song about Second Life ...) to the purely ethereally beautiful. Dragonfly is the name of his band – and well erm his is the band!!

After listening to his performance it is safe to say that Joel has yet another fan to add to his considerable list.

Dragonfly/Joel was encouraged by Rara Destiny (a wonderful musician in her own right) to come in to play his music in SL. Thank you Rara you have done SL a great service.

Do yourself a favour find some time to listen to him, look up his calendar here . To book him you can contact Bonita Denimore.

I absolutely promise you will not be disappointed.