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Showing posts with label Ms Virtual World 2011. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FASHION Insight - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Miss China - Blossoms Sweetwater
Ms Virtual World 2011
Introducing Miss China - Blossoms Sweetwater

Blossoms arrived in SL on the 8/9/2008.

She started out her Second Life as an ordinary fashion loving girl and then the bug caught her and turned her into a model. Blossoms quipped “it is a SL dream. A Cinderella story.”

She absolutely loves to go shopping, followed by meeting people and chatting, oh and not forgetting hunts.
Blossoms’ pet peeves in SL are arrogance, cheats and those who just downright treat others unfairly.
She says she has been inspired by many people in SL such as Kay Fairey and Sora Tatham... both of whom are from Japan. She believes that they work as a bridge between Japanese speaking people and people from other countries and that they introduce Japanese designers to the world.

FASHION- Insight Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Ms Virtual World 2011
Well it is that time again – how time flies. 30 gorgeous ladies have been selected as the finalists for the 2011 MSW Pageant and over the next week or two I will introduce theses lovely ladies to you. The event is to take place on the 19th December 2010.

So without any further ado it is my privilege to introduce to you:

Miss Chile - Mel Endrezzi

Mel arrived in Second Life on the 21 March 2009. She has by no means rested on her laurels in her time here and is a professional runway, print, video and live model. Mel did her training as a runway model with Laver Model Academy under the guidance of Dagda Burner.

Mel is affiliated to many model agencies such as Dejavouge, Belle, Maritima, Arcobalenco, Rema Elite and King of Queens. She also currently manages Tropical Model Agency.

She loves meeting new people and finds it truly amazing that you can meet people from all around the world here and that distance is not an issue. She believes that Second Life gives everyone the opportunity to live out their dreams.

She has been inspired by many wonderful people in SL and finds the creativity portrayed in SL astounding. Mel has great admiration for people with positive energy and good ideas and who can translate those into SL. Mel is able to take this inspiration from SL and incorporate it into her RL design career.

Mel’s virtual life style is inspired by the colours of the season. She believes that fashion is not just about going to a store with good designs to spend money, she believes that fashion is a lifestyle.

Creativity is clearly important in beautiful Mel’s life as Tempura Japan is her favourite place in Second Life and when I asked her why she replied “Tempura Island is my favourite place in SL for their creativity in designing absolute reference to the nature, space and deep time peace.”

Mel is very excited to be one of the official candidates for this year’s pageant and she says that it is one of the most wonderful events in SL and the people who run it are so lovely.

Mel we wish you all the very best!