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Showing posts with label Opera Jovan. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OPERA JOVEN sim is in danger of closing-GUADALAJARA, JALISCO, MEXICO - La Perla Tapatia

According to the descriptions, Jalisco is one of the most beautiful States in Mexico. Guadalajara City is the capital. This SIM is a touristic replica built by OPERA JOVEN ( a RL nonprofit cultural & artistic organization. But, it is in danger of closing its doors like many other non profits being hurt by LL's decision to cancel the 50% discount given to non profits on islands tiers.

Moby Randt writes in a notecard, 

"This is a shame because these organizations provide SL many content and handle diverse interesting educative and cultural projects. Without this discount surely many of these organizations will abandon SL soon."

Without this discount, OPERA JOVEN cannot keep paying this sim and unfortunately it will disappear.
 However, Linden Lab offers these organizations to pay in advance up to 2 years before 2011 to still benefit of this discount.

At this time, six months costs $885 dollars, equivalent aprox. to L$250,000.

From 2011 this price will be doubled.