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Showing posts with label Professor Richard Baraniuk. Show all posts

Monday, May 2, 2011

University of Delaware - Electrical & Computer Engineering - Distinguished Lecture Series -Firery Broome

Professor Richard Baraniuk - Rice University
Wednesday May 4, 2011
12:00 pm SLT

University of Delaware

“Compressive Sensing”

Sensing and imaging systems are under increasing pressure to accommodate ever larger and higher-dimensional data sets; ever faster capture, sampling, and processing rates; ever lower power consumption; communication over ever more difficult channels; and radically new sensing modalities.

The foundation of today's digital data acquisition systems is the Shannon/Nyquist sampling theorem, which asserts that to avoid losing information when digitizing a signal or image, one must sample at least two times faster than the signal's bandwidth, at the so-called Nyquist rate.  Unfortunately, the physical limitations of current sensing systems combined with inherently high Nyquist rates impose a performance brick wall to a large class of important and emerging applications.