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Showing posts with label Sicily Mall. Show all posts

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spotlight On...Sicily Mall , Azalea Fall & Tyrone Taringa- Leabros Memel Reporting...

Staff Reporter
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Azalea Fall and Tyone does the heavy lifting…

“Sicily Island Malls and Peppermint Properties owners Azalea and Tyone forge a partnership that is both profitable and poetic in their Second Life.”

When you do a highlight article, you’re never quite sure where the story will take you. I teleported into the Sicily Mall area, and at first just shook my head. After a while, you know, in both RL and SL… all malls start to blend together and look the same. So I was pleasantly surprised to get an inside look at how Azalea Fall and Tyone Taringa have made Sicily Island a unique experience. It’s not the outside that matters here, it’s the service and the inside!

“Always good to start at the beginning.” I said, “How did you two start to collaborate, and how have you started SL dreaming together?”
Tyone Taringa quickly chimed in. “Well, I started Sicily back in March 2007. I had previously started SL in October 2006 and opened my club, Spunky BT's in December 2006. When Sicily started, I wanted a club and mall, no residential back then. I bought my 2nd island, Sicily Beach Resort in September 2007 which was entirely residential. Sicily back then was only a commercial sim, relying on the club and mall to make traffic.”