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Showing posts with label Sikhism. Show all posts

Monday, January 10, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: “Sikh Life” Celebrates Traditions of Art, Literature, and Community Service

Singh Albatross and the Writer's Center at Sikh Life
I love talking to people about their passion!  Through out Second Life (SL) you can find people who have discovered the productive and creative means to explore and express themselves – to virtually “find their bliss.”  If we are lucky, they make the fruits of that exuberance available to others.   Singh Albatros is not a stranger to the metaverse. He wandered onto the grid many months ago and, like many of us, didn’t immediately find a place that engaged him.  Returning to do research for a short story, he became connected with the writing community and was inspired by the possibilities of SL as a tool.  “Sikh Life” (pronounced “seek life”) was born out of Singh’s passion, inspiration, and commitment to his faith with its basic tenants of tolerance, service, and the inspirations of poetry and music.