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Showing posts with label Time Portal. Show all posts

Friday, October 27, 2017

Seanchai Library's Gets Their "Spook" On!

Looking for ghost stories?  As All Hallows Eve approaches, Seanchai Library will be abroad this weekend on the Second Life grid, presenting ghostly tales of Halloween and frightful delights of literature:

SATURDAY, October 28th

A stories for H.P. Lovecraft! Are you mad?!  If you know your Lovecraft, then you know that madness might very well be involved.  What better time of year to share Lovecraft and Lovecraftian tales.  Seanchai Library and Friends bring selected works to the Innsmouth Opera House, live in voice. BYOS = Bring your own Scream. Followed at 2pm by musician Wald Schridde with "unsettling songs of death and beyond." 
Stories in voice, music on stream, at the Innsmouth Opera House

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Time Portal & Seanchai Library present VICTORIAN TALES, Live!

Seanchai Library brings classic Victorian literature to the Time Portal's Victorian London Zone on Sunday, August 27th at 11:30 am slt, live in voice, in a 90 minute session open to all interested residents.

The Time Portal is a single region with a broad selection of time zones: from Tudor England, to 18th Century France, to the 1950-60s.  The entire region is divided into zones that gives a taste of history. It connects to creators and performers that also celebrate the historical recreation of those eras. Frau Jo Yardley is well known for her creation and nurture of the detailed, historical, and highly popular 1920s Berlin in Second Life.  Last year she, and a group of like-minded historical enthusiasts, extended this concept to create the Time Portal project.