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Showing posts with label Yule Festival. Show all posts

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Samhain Festival 2011 Benefits the Make A Wish Foundation

Once more, the old year turns. The new world comes. Samhain is the end of the natural year and the birth of the new, a time to release the past and prepare for the future. Once again, we are celebrating this time with a month of live music, literary events, exhibits, vendors, freebie hunts, story telling and themed dances.  Fox Ravenheart and Serene Bechir (aka The Wild Roving Foxes), who brought the grid last December’s atmospheric Yule Festival have done it again with Samhain Festival 2011 which began October 3rd and continues through the end of the month in Talisman.  This is the Second Samhain Festival they have presented, with all donations from this year’s event benefiting the Make A Wish Foundation

Monday, December 20, 2010

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Discovering an Ancient Celebration with a Virtual Twist.

The Yule Festival in OZLAND began December 10th and will continue through January 2nd , 2011. It boasts a vast array of events, an incredible festival site in the ruins of an Ancient Roman Fort, and a heart and celebratory spirit in the Celtic tradition. The Yule Festival is the first of eight such annual events produced by The Wild Fox Rovers that coincide with the Celtic Year. Poetry, Storytelling, Music and a Snow-person building contest all are part of this diverse celebration. This event caught my attention because of my interest in the bardic and oral storytelling traditions of the Celtic people. With the Festival being almost a month long, there is still plenty of time to catch the great events and enjoy the spirit of Yule in Second Life.