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Showing posts with label mr. virtual world. Show all posts

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr. Virtual World 2011

Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Second Life’s latest Mr. Virtual World – Mr. USA - Jax Aster.

I was rather disappointed not to be able to attend the grand finale event a week ago, due to an internet connection that was not playing ball, but I have to say that at the press presentation which I did attend, I absolutely called the gorgeous Mr. Jax Aster as the winner, and yes I do think I am just sooooooo clever – lol!!

Congratulations to all the contestants and in particular the runners up:

1st runner up, Mr. Japan – Zachary Zufreur
2nd runner up, Mr. India – Varaderobiker Blackburn
3rd runner up, Mr. Greece – Daniele Eberhardt
4th runner up, Mr. Portugal – Matteo Bettoncourt

Without any further ado, I introduce you to Mr. Virtual World 2011: Mr. USA - Jax Aster.

Jax joined Second Life towards the end of 2006. He reckons he has experienced many of second life’s opportunities. He began his journey simply by hanging out with friends and discovering many of the creative sims and creations that SL has to offer. Second Life has offered him the opportunity to explore his creative side as well. He is a photographer you see....

Jax is quoted as saying “I'm your stereotypical true Texan, I like everything big! I like my steak big, my parties big, my cars big, my houses big, but most importantly, I love big. When I devote myself to something, be it a career, a sport, a goal, a challenge, an obstacle, or a person, I give it 110% every time.” Well I guess that rings true since he has now won the BIGGEST pageant of them all too!!!

Asking Jax how he felt about winning his Mr. Virtual World 2011 title he replied ”I am so very honored to have been named Mr. Virtual World 2011 and having been able to represent my country throughout the process. I am so lucky to have been in the presence of everyone involved in this year's competition. I am truly grateful to all of this year's contestants for being such a strong but humble force throughout. You all have pushed me to be my best and without your hard work, dedication, and creativity, I would not be where I am. I have, beyond doubt, been inspired.”

Jax concluded by saying “I am genuinely excited to see what this year holds and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FASHION: Mr. Virtual World 2010 - Mr. Australia - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Mr. Australia - Mikey Batriani
And the winner is .....
Mr. Australia - Mikey Batriani

[13:03] Mikey Batriani shouts: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank everyone who made this possible! this is an aboslute honor and I would like to say what a wonderful job these fine gents did today!!

4th finalist: Apollo Call MR JAPAN
3rd finalist: Romeo Torvalar MR PUERTO RICO
2nd Finalist: RicoRacer Flux MR EGYPT
1st Finlist: Trouble Inglewood MR USA