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Showing posts with label oil spill. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE- Oil Spill Zombie Rabbit Apocalypse- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

... a Smurf's eye view of Stacey watching an oil spill
What with that oil spill in the real-life Gulf of Mexico, a person needs Second Life to get away from reality to.

Unless you have my job... then you end up at an oil spill. What's worse, it's also a Zombie Rabbit Apocalypse... 
because, as you know, thAT when bunnies get motor oil on them, they grow to be 8 feet tall and crave human blood.... sort of like the Nesquik Bunny with Riger Clemens' steroid use and the diet of Godzilla.

I went to the Oil Spill Zombie Rabbit Land sim today. It's right here:

Unfortunately, I went during the daytime, whenthe Zombie bunnies are sleeping. There sure is a hell of an oil spill happening there, although the adjoining nightclub or nearby suburban Manor development were not at all slowed by it.

Not much was happening... which may have been lucky for me, as I have enough problems fighting humans who aren't superpowered by a bath in crude oil. Sims take a while to get going, but I'd rather be a healthy writer with no story than a Pulitzer Prize winner with qa gigantic zombie bunny wound.

I did meet an executive from the oil company, who told me that everything was under control.

I tried to get the owner for an interview, but I keep odd hours. I also have a goofy monitor, and have trouble in dark sims. If you want to snoop around there, I get the sense that you may find something worse than I found.