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Showing posts with label quiz. Show all posts

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FASHION QUIZ - Lacy Muircastle


Do this quiz to find out!
1. You would prefer to be described as
a. intelligent.
b. fashionable.
c. sensible.

2. At a job interview, the most important thing to do is
a. prepare yourself with the right information.
b. dress well and look good.
c. have good manners and be neat and tidy.

3. You buy a new outfit because
a. your clothes are so old that they have holes in them.
b. you usually buy new clothes at least once a month.
c. you’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding.

4. If you hear the name ‘Donna’, you think of
a. Maradonna.
b. Donna Karan (or Donna Flora for SL)
c. Donna Summer.


If you chose mostly ‘a’:
You obviously need some more fashionable clothes. Go shopping!

If you chose mostly ‘b’:
You are a true fashion victim. You eat, breathe and sleep fashion! Don’t let fashion rule your life.

If you chose mostly ‘c’:
You care too much about what other people think. Clothes should be fun. Relax!
Found on the internet and amended slightly for SL.