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Showing posts with label sl geekspeak. Show all posts

Saturday, March 11, 2017

GeekSpeak – transport in the future. Saturday March 11 at 12pm SLT

Last week Elon Musk started digging a tunnel for his hyperloop project.  Will we travel by means of superfast, magnetic pods in the future?  Will goods be transported by drones?  Will there be suborbital planes?

What will the transport infrastructure look like?  Will we have smart roads that store energy from cars, produce light, warn us about ice or fog?  Will there be drone hubs where goods will be handed from one drone to another?  Will we need fixed sky lanes for the use of drones, with drone police to keep them in order?

What will cities look like when we do not need them to store goods?  Will they be full of self-driving cars?  Will the skies be empty of birds because they have been taken over by drones?  Will we see vast shopping centres connected by hyperloop tunnels?

Or do you think these are all unreal dreams, destined to go the way of Concorde?

Bring your helmet and speedometer to GeekSpeak.