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Sunday, September 13, 2020


 Occasionally, in my wandering about the grid, I stumble across a real gem of a build. Unique among regions, Nirvana is truly an island of peace and tranquility in the hurricane of clubs, sporting arenas, and combat sims that abound in SecondLife.  There I met Sky Wildmist, the true inspiration behind Nirvana.

Josh Bellic (JB):  So tell me, Sky.  Just what is Nirvana Island all about?

Sky Wildmist (SW):  Nirvana is about providing a place of healing and nurture of the mind-body and spirit. It is a place of peace and serenity open to all who visit without an emphasis on any single belief system, cult, or creed. Some say Nirvana is a sanctuary for your soul. Originally conceived as a home for the Forest of Eye-Blinks Group, it is now evolved and continues to do so.  Nirvana is spiritually based... diverse traditions and systems are harmoniously connected. It is a place where you can explore divergent pathways at leisure, according to your interest; a place where, when you seem to arrive at the end of a trail, another begins.
Here is what I say to people when hosting events - Nirvana is a sim dedicated to wellbeing - a not for profit sim.  If you are in need of healing, solace, or sanctuary - you will find it here. You will also discover many romantic areas with cuddles and dances for you and your lover. Solitary sits for reflection and group gatherings for a pleasant chat can also be found.

JB:  What was it that inspired you to build Nirvana Island?

SW:  I taught a troubled resident to meditate during my first weeks in SL and realized that my path in SL was to form a spiritual group.  My main avi, Isis Pleides, created The Forest of Eyeblinks on 1 Jan 2010.  Now Isis does the talks and I do the building and management. I built Nirvana Island about a year later as the group had grown and we needed a full sim to allow access to meetings. Its design came as a series of visions - based on the development of the mind-body and spirit.

JB:  You seem well laid out.  Just what are some of the activities people can do here?

SW: Well all manner of spiritual practice - meditation, chanting, Tai Chi, discussion, drumming.  We also do Healing.  Many different forms may be undertaken here in the virtual world and especially now with COVID and social distancing so prevalent, many now are more open to these things. (I have been doing virtual healing as a RL professional practice for many years).  We also have a games area, a balloon tour for two, a butterfly ride to explore the floating islands, a 2-person canoe, and riding horses and bicycles for exploration.  Many people just come to chill or dance.
JB:  So tell me.  What is this Great Tree in the middle of the island all about?
SW:  This is a replica of my first home in SL - The Great Tree of Elven Glen - I have no breathing issues personally but when I entered the canopy in the tree, I experienced a physical sensation of deeper breathing which opened my eyes to the potential the real benefit of the virtual experience.  Here also, there is here a concept of a Mother Tree on which the land's ethos is based with strong roots in the Earth-loving space and a glorious canopy representing a stable well-balanced humanity.

JB:  What has been your greatest challenge in operating Nirvana Island?

SW: My greatest challenge? Well, to be honest, the answer to that question is two-fold.
First, there are Financial Challenges. We are not for profit and the monthly tier relies on the donations of Patrons and a few residents who support what is here and why. Second, Nirvana aims to be as unconditionally loving as possible. That means setting aside assumptions and judgment. As we develop and grow, these things have to be worked on and it is not always easy.

JB:  Have you actually seen lives changed through your efforts here?

SW:  I have yes - including my own. As a professional therapist, I rarely talk about these things.  In time people can gain better balance in their lives at every level when they feel supported by a constant stable presence.  There are very many spiritual and healing sites in SL but I think Nirvana is one of the longest-running now on a constant site.
People come and go and land disappears and reforms. But when people need support at any level, they require underlying stability which is often missing.  By maintaining this site as a constant presence many who no longer visit Nirvana still support it with just a dollar a month, knowing that I will do my best to ensure that needed continuity for others. We have been recognized as one constant on the grid.

JB:  Can you share any of your success stories?

SW:  Everyone who lands on Nirvana is part of that success, although we cannot measure it scientifically. The fact that those who recognize its value sufficiently to support it financially speaks for itself and there are those who have supported for 10 years. I send them all LOVE and GRATITUDE
There have been those who come here when they are dying and help to create some areas which enriches their time and quality of life and can dull pain. One lovely gentleman created a sound garden up at spirit park for those sight challenged.
And now we have offered space to the Gardens of Absentia who logged in one day to find their land gone. They now have a new home up at Spirit Park.

JB:  Tell us about some of the events you host here?

SW:  We have many different types of activities here.  We have Open Mic Poetry, Art Appreciation, Music, Dance, Opera, Ballet. Art and Music are enormously important to wellbeing even if it is not realized. Watching and participating in the art and skill of the DEJA VU Scenic Group who perform here monthly is an amazing experience.
Musicals, ballet, contemporary dance and opera also is an experience which can be enjoyed by people in their own way. We have many different venues for dance, music and performance. Those who are unable to see can enjoy the music and those unable to hear may be able to use acoustic processing software that allows them to appreciate beat and identify sounds. at Nirvana I really try to enable and include as far as possible.

JB:  What types of events and activities do you have planned for the future?

SW:  I would like to encourage more spiritual speakers and events and some art exhibitions and Charity Events. My new Events Manager will work with me on this as the greater variety and opportunities that are here will attract those who would not normally visit a healing spiritual sim.

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

SW:  The whole island is a model - an allegory for the development of mind body and spirit as I interpret it.  Like all of us, it is constantly evolving. It is constructed on many levels both below the water and above. Nirvana is an experience for everyone to share and enjoy in their individual way. Some fly and miss it all!  Others take time and walk or ride and explore thoroughly to return often. finding what is not so obvious. There are parts of Nirvana that have never been discovered where there is a hidden gift for those who find it.  Maybe some of your readers will be the ones who find those places?"

Nirvana Island now has a google calendar for events - please see
Nirvana a sanctuary for your soul: