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Monday, December 6, 2010

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Get Wrapped Up In Stories at the 3D AIDS Quilt

Jenaia Morane believes in the power of stories. She believes in the power of stories to transform. Classic literature, new works, fiction of all sorts can do that, but that is not Morane’s passion. Her objective is the story of YOU – the story within you and how such stories can be used most importantly to heal. Morane herself would add that her projects are not about her. Morane’s gift, and her mission, is setting at liberty the stories of others and allowing them to soar in the open breeze where they can do the most good. Morane, along with partner Marty Snowpaw, are the creators of Story Quest – The Virtual World Story Project, and of Storybook Island. They have added a new chapter to the story of their work on the Second life Grid: The 3D Aids Quilt.