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Monday, June 7, 2010

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT-Noma sings the blues... _Sandy Demina Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, June 07, 2010
Noma Falta is one of the top acts in SL. Noma is a professional musician and singer who has toured the United States and overseas over several decades, slinging guitars and singing music from jazz to soul and rock to blues.

She is a versatile musician with a love of the blues but she's also a rich and soulful vocalist.

Noma has a solid classical background :she studied violin for years and she has been playing in a symphony from the age of 7. 

Very soon after Noma decided that singing was her love and she went on the road at the age of 16 singing in coffee shops (pre- Starbuck's!) and through out the years gracing large auditoriums opening for acts such as Edgar Winter, Leon Russell,Nazareth, The Producers, and many others.

After fronting numerous rock bands and slinging a telecaster...Noma found her love to be the bass and singing of course!

From One nighters to Holding house gigs and Studio work and national TV spots, Noma's voice is in demand. She can be heard on many rythym 'n blues as well as blues cd's singing backup and she has Two CD's she has cut with one of her many bands, The BackBeats.

Noma says:"MUSIC is my Love and Life work. I bring over 4 decades of experience and musical knowledge with me.. and performing and interacting with others is a love i will never let go of................. I think my journey is just beginning......"

SANDY::Where are you from?
NOMA: I am a native Texan, raised in Texas, Indiana, alabama, and now i live in Georgia.

SANDY:How long have you been playing music?
NOMA: More than 40 years now...don't know if this makes me old?

SANDY:What instruments do you play?
NOMA: I play violin (not as much as I used to), guitar, Bass, percussion.

SANDY:How would you describe your style?NOMA: I am a high energy rock /blues/soul singer.

SANDY:You are a composer too,how long does it take to write a song/piece of music?
NOMA: Well some pieces are fast and most of what I have unfinished now , well they take time. Sometimes you have to put it away for awhile and allow them to stew on a back burner.

SANDY:How prolific are you?
NOMA: Not as much as I would like to be in song.

SANDY:What do you spend the most time on: music or lyrics?NOMA: Lyrics..the Music comes pretty fast!

SANDY:Which acts have most inspired you?
NOMA: The Beatles, classical music, all the old R&B soul musicians and Gospel...

SANDY:Where do you get ideas for songs/pieces of music?
NOMA: They just pop in my head and from realife situations

SANDY:Except for other musicians what else inspires you?NOMA: ART, Nature, and watching human interactions

SANDY:What has influenced you to get your to where you are today musically?
NOMA: I suppose it is my intrinsic Love and drive for music

SANDY: How did you discover it?
NOMA:a graphic artist told me I need to put my photography in SL and also a friend of mine who was an SL resident, brought me inworld. By the way I never thought to use my real name for what I do in Second life.

SANDY:What you like to do here in Second Life when you are not playing?NOMA:I do frequent shows but when I'm not on stage I like go exploring, and I'm curious about what other creative ventures are going on;I like also Art Exhibits and and well shopping ...who doesn't like that!

SANDY:Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?
NOMA:Yes it can be.

SANDY:In SL you have opened a live music venue:can you explain to us why did you start this virtual adventure and what are your aims, business or just fun?NOMA: It's all the same to me, I LOVE what I do, I have fun at what I do, and I take what I do seriously.

SANDY:Do you use other kind of digital promotions?
NOMA: my website-

SANDY:Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?
NOMA:Actually I can't forsee the future but in my opinion SLwill exist more than likely. I don't know what other virtual worlds will open and make this possible as well.


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