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Monday, June 14, 2010

Astrology News- Lanai Jarrico meets one of the real 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls “Max” at Linda Lauren’s Embracing the Universe Metaphysical Center in New Jersey.

Staff Reporter
• Monday, June 14, 2010
There comes a time in your life when you find yourself questioning the future and reflecting on your past. What is life all about? What is our purpose?
Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Many of us have questions still unanswered. Others just live for the here and now.
I've always been inquisitive about our past and needed to know about the things that happened to bring us all to this point. Mainly my interest is in history, art, music and people who do extraordinary things. I love learning about our ancient past too.

Be it from the pyramids of Egypt, The Roman Empire in Italy, the Mayan Temples in Mexico, Atlantis, Ancient Greece, the oracle of Delphi, Mount Machu Picchu; a Colombian Inca site, and other fascinating histories and wonders of the world.

It is from those places that I believe we as people have all evolved from. 

But I feel somewhere along the line, we forgot some very powerful information like how were the pyramids constructed with such precision to the Stars, the roman empire built so detailed and other long standing ancient structures created . How they were able to withstand thousands of years of war, natural disasters and so forth is beyond me.

These people clearly worshipped something of a higher power, used non conventional tools and had beliefs beyond our modern scientific explanations and comprehension.

I’m not here to try and convert non believers, distort any religious beliefs or impose my beliefs on others. My intent is to share my fascinating story and observations with you.

Let me take you on a little journey with me as I describe my first hand experience with one of the oldest and most significant finds in Human History.

On June 12, 2010, I had the rare opportunity to come face to face with one of the 13 ancient crystal skulls at Linda Lauren's  Embracing the Universe Metaphysical Center in New Jersey. This is where I spent time with “Max” one of the rarest anomalies known to exist.

Linda Lauren and Susan Dolinko (Sumi Portola) hosted this special gathering and I must say both are as lovely in real life as they are in Second Life. Walking into the center I was greeted warmly by Susan followed by a second big hug from Linda with a smile.

When it was time to meet Max, Linda brought me into a room with dim candlelight, peaceful music playing softly in the background with a table in the center. Chairs were arranged around it and Max sat right in the middle. As Linda closed the door behind her, my first thought was wow is this really it?

The way the light illuminated thru him from the light stand and just the mere presence of him had me awestruck.

I brought some of my own crystals and jewelry from home and laid them around him, even removing and draping my necklace over him to charge it with his energy. For those that don’t know about quartz crystal or collect stones like I do. Quartz and Crystals are full of energy. They are widely used today due to their precise vibration patterns and the energy they give off. You can find quarts in many of the common things we all use today. Like our computers, microchips, quartz watches and other devices for storing large amounts of information or conducting energy..

With good intent, I set my valuables around Max and brought him one single red rose as an offering.

For the next 30 minutes. I sat there touching him and thinking about his journey thru thousands of years and how many people through the ages got to experience him up this close and personal.

Please know, I am not a shaman, practicing mystic, voodoo priestess or into witchcraft but I do believe in things less conventional then what our modern society has conditioned us to believe in.

I do have some beliefs that may not sit well with mainstream organized religion and society and I felt a great sense of peace, light and happiness just by touching him. Oddly enough, the motion sickness I had felt from my hour long trip seemed to go away soon after stepping in the room too.

Sitting right across from him, I ran my hands over his smooth surface. Examined him from every angle and took lots of pictures. When my time was up, Linda and Sumi came in the room taking their own pictures. They wanted to see if they could capture Max’s energy trails like they did in some photographs they had taken the day before and earlier that same day.

The other images they had on display showed a mysterious Stream of bright light which at times appeared to lift from Max and in other pictures the light can be seen leaving a light trail around the people it was in contact with. In one of the images they even captured a Shaman figure that can clearly be seen thru the light in the image. Yet nothing was seen with the naked eye.

After my session we all had dinner together followed by a lecture with Joann Parks, Max’s Caretaker.

For those of you not familiar with the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls, The story goes a little something like this…

There are 13Ancient Crystal Skulls hidden in the world. Some have been unearthed, others yet to be found. Many have been fabricated and declared as contemporary due to the presence of drill and polishing tool marks. But Max on the other hand, his origins, who created him and how he was even made have not been determined.

The legend goes, when all the skulls are brought together at a time when humanity’s survival depends on it. Together they will open a portal to a higher consciousness and reveal Ancient Knowledge that will save us from our path of world destruction. Some believers say this will happen as soon as 2012 due to Abrupt end of the Mayan Calendar and the alignment with planet Nibiru. This does have scientists contemplating what will happen during this shift in our planet happen.

This may sounds like something straight out of a science fiction doomsday movie and could be a Myth shrugged off by those who chose to believe in scientific facts. But the evidence surrounding this particular Skull has me believing that there is something more to this story.

Linda and Sumi introduced me to their dear friend Joann Parks, the keeper of this magnificent skulls and she shared her story with us that evening.

Joann had traveled from Houston Texas with Max. They have been around the country and abroad for over thirty years were she shares him and his remarkable story with anyone who wants to meet him.

From smaller more intimate groups to crowds of over 1000 that show up to meet him, knows about the legend and believe it to be true. Those who have tried testing the power of Max were run off according to Joann when I asked if he had reacted to anyone before.

The experience I had can only be described as an awakening and a remarkable experience. I walked away from it with a sense of being more in touch with the world and our past.

Just knowing that something like that was created all those thousands of years ago is simply baffling.

Kind of like when I watched that classic movie "The Goonies" as a kid. It was an adventurous journey that left my imagination wandering. Was there really a long lost Pirate ship filled with treasure still out there?

It is very possible if you follow the real Pirates of the Caribbean legends more closely. Supposedly there is buried treasure still in places like the British and Us Virgin Islands, Nassau and Bahamas.

More appropriately mentioned would be the movie, Indiana Jones and the legend of the crystal skull. This movie does not depict actual events but the story had to begin with some sort of notion of these ancient relics. It is a fantasy that feeds into this particular Crystal skull Mystery of our world’s Past. By the way Max IS featured in that movie.

What is interesting is how Max came into Joann Park’s hands. Her story would make a great movie itself someday.

This crystal skull was given to her by a Red Hat Llama of Tibet right before his passing in the late 80’s and she was told when the time was right she would know its true purpose.

For the first 10 years, Max was tucked away in the back of Joann’s closet since to her; it was just a piece of stone shaped like a skull. But to the Llama, Max was much more. The skull sat at an altar at the Llama’s healing center for years and was used as a healing tool.

Max became restless over the years hiding away and would come to Joann in thoughts or in a “Knowing” which she described it. Max showed her images of a world torn with destruction and sadness then showed her a world full of life and at peace. It was then that she realized what she needed to do with him. He also let her know his name was Max too.

As she went on with her story of how she befriended the red hat Llama all those years ago and other relevant people who soon followed. After watching a program on television one evening about the crystal skull legend, Joann realized what she might have so she took down the contact information and made a phone call to “the man” that Max kept telling her about.

Not knowing what she really had in her procession, she described Max and the man on the other end of the line immediately came to see her and confirmed it was the skull he had spent years searching for.

Soon after, others who were searching for this relic showed up in her life through interesting turns of events. 30 Years later all those Joann mentioned that she met in direct connection with Max have all since past and she is still on her mission to share him with the world.

It was an inspiring story of faith strength courage and love of all humanity that Joann shared with us that evening. Max has given not only Joann some healing and inspiration in her life. He is here for all those who believe in the power of our own self with an unspoken hope.

I believe Max is an inspiration to us all and here to help guide us on the right path to Peace. His message is clear. He is not an Idol to be worshipped. He is merely a tool used for Energy, Healing and self reflection. He is no different than having a Cross around your neck to honor your faith. He has no organized religion or hidden agendas.
Skulls have been used for ages because they symbolize Humanity. Skulls are seen in numerous religious artworks from the past to the present. Even images depicting Jesus can be seen with a skull in his hand or at his feet. Interestingly enough the Calvary or “Golgotha” where Christ was crucified translates to “the place of the Skull” or Skull Hill.
Mary Magdalene is also depicted with a skull in many paintings dating back centuries.
One example is called Conversion by Candlelight by French artist Georges de La Tour.

Skulls can also be found on ancient temple walls, the infamous skull and cross bones image we associate with pirate ships or on warning labels and so on. They are used in many ways in different cultures still to this day. A Skull is a universal symbol of Mankind, The Keeper of Knowledge and Something we can all recognize.

Max is different from the other skulls said to be in existence that have surface though the years. His particular physical traits have our experts unable to explain how he was created.

Researched by experts like geologists, crystal experts, historians, even jewelers who specialize in carving and shaping precious stones and crystals among others who use modern day methods and equipment to determine what something is made from. His origin and how he was created still baffle the leading specialists.

They all agree our modern tools would have destroyed the Skull due to the heat and vibrations created by the tools we have available today.

The intriguing part about this particular skull is it is made with about 5 clearly visible layers of crystal growth which could take thousands of years to bind together. The source of this crystal was taken from deep down in the earth. Yet the skull was created as one piece the size of an actual skull weighing approximately 13 pounds.

As Joann took us back about 30 years from how she received Max as a gift from a red hood llama to how it has healed her from the loss of her 12 year old daughter from cancer to how it inspires many around the world today.

She made it all make sense when she explained the skull and what it represents and ended the lecture with a message Max would like the world to know.

He is the universal symbol of humanity and represents one’s self. He is the keeper of ancient knowledge and his message is clear. We are in a time where the world is in peril with wars, human destruction, Hate and sadness. Peace is what we all need. His full purpose will only be revealed when the world and its people are evolved to a pure level of consciousness through Peace, Love and Harmony for all.

Placing my hands on such an amazing piece of our human history and knowing its power, presence and plan, I can be hopeful that the message Max and Joann are spreading will help bring peace to all mankind and help restore our world.
For More information about the 13 Crystal Skull visit
Visit Linda Lauren's Metaphysical Center-

*Please Note Max is Back at home in Houston Texas.
For more information on how you can Experience Max for yourself
Contact Joann Parks at
P.O. Box 751261
Houston, TX 77275-1261


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