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Monday, July 19, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE: This The Crazy Blogger 'Should Have Made The All Madden- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Stacey wore her best t-shirt to the biggest interview of her animated career

When people find out I'm a sportswriter, they invariably ask me about the same two or three topics. Cheerleading and wrestling come up a lot, as guys like those concepts when related to my pretty little avatar. The other question I get is "NFL style football," which has nothing to do with my looks.
Well.... scratch THAT one off the list. The majesty of SL has given birth to the SFL.
I visited their offices Sunday, and had a nice chat with SFL founder Romeo Torvalar. Romeo founded the SFL, it is growing rapidly, and he is the proverbial Very Busy Man. it took me a while to pin him down, but I'm a very persistent girl.
The SFL is SL's new American football league. Others have made small scale football leagues, but this is whole hog. They have a gaming system, uniforms, teams, stadiums, cheerleaders... heck, from what I saw, Romeo has at least 2 secretaries.
He needs them, because the SFL has a buzz about it. This stands a shot of being the biggest sim on SL once they get some blood on their hands.
I could tell you all of this myself... or I can just post the chat of our conversation myself. That's what these young whippersnappers do anyway, no?
We'll give you plenty more SFL coverage, trust me... and ol' Romeo may eventually let me play if I nag him enough. For now... the interview:
12:03] Entered SFL Headquarters at 36, 210, 38
[12:04] Stacey Cardalines: hello
[12:04] Rachel Carstensz: Hello Stacey
[12:04] Rachel Carstensz: Please have a seat
[12:04] Stacey Cardalines: i was dressed better, but some fans and i got to showing off our jersey collections and just now look at me! (editor's note: Stacey was wearing a business dress...but with an oversized Tom Brady jersey)
[12:04] Stacey Cardalines: thank you
[12:06] Stacey Cardalines: first of all... for all the sports fans of SL... i want to thank you for making a big-time football league
[12:06] Romeo Torvalar: Thank you Stacey we hope to bring something really amazing to SL
[12:06] Romeo Torvalar: in the coming month
[12:06] Stacey Cardalines: second.... i was wearing a business dress, and some fans and i outside started showing off jersey collections...then my TP came
[12:07] Romeo Torvalar: LOL..yes the football craze here is redhot
[12:07] Stacey Cardalines: i look forward to it...the draft, the training, the games...
[12:07] Romeo Torvalar smiles
[12:07] Stacey Cardalines: i work as a sportswriter... i cover dozens/....scores of sports....
[12:07] Romeo Torvalar: Fantastic well hears to hoping you cover us!
[12:07] Stacey Cardalines: whenever someone figures out i'm a sportswriter...they always ask me where to find football
[12:08] Stacey Cardalines: i plan to cover you people extensively
[12:08] Romeo Torvalar: The SFL!
[12:08] Romeo Torvalar: aww thanks Stacey
[12:08] Stacey Cardalines: perhaps devote a reporter to SFL exclusively
[12:08] christinecatt Lacombe is Online
[12:08] Romeo Torvalar: That would be amazing we have tons of content for you to cover
[12:08] Stacey Cardalines: thank're like a stimulus package for media types...smiles
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar: Aim to please and yes a exclusive report we would help you all we can
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar: with that to present our content to your paper
[12:09] Stacey Cardalines: i'll keep in touch on that, thank you
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar: reporter*
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar: Ofcourse
[12:09] Stacey Cardalines: i've snooped around a bit....but i plan to ask Noob questions
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar: Hit me
[12:09] Romeo Torvalar smiles
[12:09] Stacey Cardalines: how doees one play football here?
[12:10] Lexi Keen is Online
[12:10] Romeo Torvalar: Well we have a developed an exclusive system simlar to say a nitendo game of signs up as a player goes thur training camp then is basically drafted to one of our 32 teams just like they would in RL
[12:11] Stacey Cardalines: i like the idea of using familiar platforms from video games... one walks on SL just like one does on Grand Theft Auto Vice City
[12:11] Stacey Cardalines: do you use a HUD? poseballs? mouselook? any/either/all?
[12:12] Romeo Torvalar: Exactly that was key we have scripts that let you run, pass , get touchdowns even sack the quarterback1
[12:12] Stacey Cardalines: superb...hitting is key, spectator wise
[12:13] Romeo Torvalar: HUDS are laggy and dont attach well in high lag sistuations...poseballs would be to static . the brillance of our system is its all in the field simply click the scorcboard for the football and your ready to go ! all scripting is under you in the field
[12:13] Stacey Cardalines: i sympathize... i play about 30 sports, and HUDs are nightmarish
[12:13] Romeo Torvalar: Yes that was our frist hurddle
[12:14] Romeo Torvalar: getting the scripts outta of the HUDS
[12:14] Stacey Cardalines: i was one of the SLCS girls, the ones who back the Chargers here... i was an awful cheerleader
[12:14] Romeo Torvalar: and into the field
[12:14] Romeo Torvalar: LOL awww
[12:14] Stacey Cardalines: it worked out for the best
[12:14] Romeo Torvalar: well HUD nightmares aside I think we have gotton away from that HUD system pretty well
[12:15] Stacey Cardalines: do rookies have to buy it?
[12:15] Romeo Torvalar: No there are no leauge fees to owners, no leauge fees to cheerleaders no leauge fees to players, we provide players with everything from free training , to there helmets, to the jerseys on there back
[12:16] Stacey Cardalines: wow
[12:16] Romeo Torvalar smiles
[12:16] Stacey Cardalines: how do you make money? advertising?
[12:16] Stacey Cardalines: don't tell me TV Revenues
[12:17] Stacey Cardalines: i'd die of envy
[12:17] Romeo Torvalar: Yes its based on team owners advertsiing there bussiness products and services at there stadiums on via our exclusive television contract ( our games are Televised) and marketing there team merchadise to the public at large its actually more money from that than say the stardard leauge FEE system ...
[12:17] Romeo Torvalar: lol
[12:17] Stacey Cardalines: i guess well
[12:18] Stacey Cardalines: where does one see Treet TV?
[12:18] Romeo Torvalar: It takes no money for an owner player or cheerleader to enter the SFL!
[12:18] Stacey Cardalines: i'll be sure to note the free entry part early in the article
[12:18] Stacey Cardalines: the draft is the
[12:19] Stacey Cardalines: <-- French, sorry... i phrase things poorly
[12:19] Romeo Torvalar: or simply go buy a stadard TV set in SL treet comes pre-loaded on many sl tvs off the shelf and if yours does not have treets channels simply go to the webpage and get the link
[12:19] Romeo Torvalar: the actually draft should be happing over the next 10 days yes
[12:19] Stacey Cardalines: nice.. i have an excuse to buy a Texas Stadium size screen
[12:19] Romeo Torvalar: LOL
[12:19] Romeo Torvalar: I hope so
[12:20] Romeo Torvalar: our half time shows alone are worth the tv set
[12:20] Stacey Cardalines: if one of my readers saw this artuicle tomorrow and wanted to play, would it be too late?
[12:20] Stacey Cardalines: half time shows.... tell me more
[12:22] Romeo Torvalar: No ..we always need new players...
[12:22] Yuu Nakamichi is Online
[12:22] Stacey Cardalines: i'll note that as well
[12:22] Romeo Torvalar: and are activly recruiting new players year round
[12:22] Romeo Torvalar smiles
[12:22] Romeo Torvalar: Please do!
[12:22] Stacey Cardalines: how quickly would a man of reasonable intelligence master your system?
[12:23] Stacey Cardalines: that sounded French... oh
[12:23] Romeo Torvalar: bout 4 days tops the basics are pretty easy but it does help to understand football terms and such basic football knowledge is very helpful
[12:23] Romeo Torvalar: lol
[12:23] Romeo Torvalar: merci!
[12:24] Stacey Cardalines: 3-4 vs 4-3 defenses, press cornerbacks, road graders, etc...?
[12:24] Stacey Cardalines: smiles
[12:24] Romeo Torvalar: yep football knowlegde will imporve your experiance with us
[12:24] Stacey Cardalines: my husband says I am a free safety in the body of a supermodel
[12:24] Romeo Torvalar: ut oh
[12:24] Romeo Torvalar: will watch out for you
[12:24] Romeo Torvalar: lol
[12:25] Darius Wylder is Offline
[12:25] Stacey Cardalines: i wanted to play, but you have a No Skirts policy
[12:25] Romeo Torvalar: Yes much distraction for the guys
[12:25] Romeo Torvalar: lol
[12:25] Stacey Cardalines: i'm tough, for a petite girl
[12:25] Stacey Cardalines: i play every sport out there
[12:25] Romeo Torvalar: hehe I bet
[12:26] Stacey Cardalines: i was the lightweight champ at a wrestling sim once, but that ended rather next question....
[12:26] Stacey Cardalines: is there a minor league for real serious noobs?
[12:27] Stacey Cardalines: or is labor such that you get players right out onto the field?
[12:27] Stubby Tracer is Offline
[12:27] Romeo Torvalar: Hmmm there is a training camp system for us to draft from ..we feel they get all they need from that then its straight into a draft
[12:27] Romeo Torvalar: and lest get em on to the field!
[12:27] Romeo Torvalar: is our motto
[12:27] Stacey Cardalines: perfect
[12:28] Stacey Cardalines: are all/any of the teams named after NFL franchises/... i know my girls have The Chargers
[12:29] Romeo Torvalar: Not exactly we change the names to protect trademarks the names are inspired by the nFL teams not a direct copy
[12:29] Stacey Cardalines: smart
[12:29] Romeo Torvalar: So its like Lighting Chargers or Hardknox chargers etc etc
[12:29] Stacey Cardalines: i live on Cape Cod now... major league baseball charged them for being the Nowheresville Cardinals and so forth
[12:30] Stacey Cardalines: charged the Cape league*
[12:30] Romeo Torvalar: Yes have to watch that
[12:30] Romeo Torvalar: which we have done successfully
[12:30] Stacey Cardalines: have you tried to contact the real NFL?
[12:30] Stacey Cardalines: work out a lil' somethin' somethin'
[12:31] Romeo Torvalar: No actually there has been some interest from some ex NFL players but football games are a dime a dozen so they are used to that..maybe we will when where open and have a few seasons under our belt!
[12:31] Stacey Cardalines: nice
[12:31] Stacey Cardalines: how did CNN get a hold of you?
[12:32] Romeo Torvalar: I dont know lol someone told them about us and they ran a pieace on us where very proud of that
[12:32] Stacey Cardalines: you should be
[12:32] Stacey Cardalines: that's instant SL credibility
[12:33] Romeo Torvalar: the press attention has been out of this world
[12:33] Romeo Torvalar: where very thankful for all of it
[12:33] Stacey Cardalines: i'll try to add to it
[12:33] Stacey Cardalines: The SL Enquirer is SL's most important something...
[12:34] Romeo Torvalar: Oh well known mag where very happy your here Stacey
[12:34] Stacey Cardalines: here's an odd question.... does size matter in this game?...... Would someone my size be able to hold off a 6'8" defensive tackle, or would he throw me aside like a rag doll?
[12:34] Stacey Cardalines: assuming i train, of course
[12:34] Stacey Cardalines: i'm this tall
[12:35] SCDA EdgeCrow Guest Chair 1.6: Touch chair to change position.
[12:35] Stacey Cardalines: smiles
[12:35] Romeo Torvalar: Hmmm good question we are currently developing blocking scemes that would reflect size and such but as yet you might be able to get passed em LOL
[12:35] Stacey Cardalines: i'd defeat them with my speed and technique
[12:36] Stacey Cardalines: and count on them not hitting a woman...if i play on my actual real computer, i;d have the advantage of crying into my microphone
[12:36] Romeo Torvalar: LOL
[12:36] Stacey Cardalines: i'm not a proud
[12:36] Romeo Torvalar: hmm you might be are number 1 free saftly then
[12:37] Stacey Cardalines: i'll have my agent contact you
[12:37] Stacey Cardalines: smiles
[12:37] Stacey Cardalines: this isn't me looking for a job or anything... but are there opportunities for media in the SFL for someone? Like announcers, websites, etc....
12:38] Romeo Torvalar: We have a large commentator crew and ofcourse we are looking for bloggers and such always
[12:38] Romeo Torvalar: come on down!
[12:38] Stacey Cardalines: sweet
[12:39] Stacey Cardalines: do you get large crowds at the games?
[12:40] Romeo Torvalar: Yes we have hit our agent limit on sim many times....responce as been amazing this is one the hottest things to come to sl in a long time
[12:40] Stacey Cardalines: i know the SLCS girls have a Gillette Stadium sized venue
[12:40] Stacey Cardalines: you have a lot of buzz out in SL, yes
[12:40] Romeo Torvalar: Many of our teams have huge stadiums
[12:41] Romeo Torvalar: its pretty amazing
[12:41] Stacey Cardalines: i plan to do a week with each team
[12:41] Romeo Torvalar: as well our own leauge stadium
[12:41] Romeo Torvalar: is something to see
[12:41] Stacey Cardalines: how long is the season?
[12:41] Romeo Torvalar: same as NFL pretty much but less games overall
[12:41] Stacey Cardalines: i was on the grounds of your stadiums is on a beach...looks like the 15th hole at Pebble Beach
[12:42] Stacey Cardalines: will SFL teams be named for cities? a la Houston or Oakland?
[12:42] Romeo Torvalar: oh thats not our stadoum stacey thats just one of our many practice fields sending you notecard right now of what our real stadium is going to look like
[12:42] Stacey Cardalines: nice
[12:42] Stacey Cardalines: well.. that stadium is very nice
[12:42] Romeo Torvalar gave you SFL Leauge Stadium Ground Breaking.
[12:42] Romeo Torvalar: No no citys more sl bussiness names
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: deal
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: what's a franchise worth in the SFL?
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: oh wait... no entry fees
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: nice
[12:43] Romeo Torvalar: actually7
[12:43] Romeo Torvalar: if I may
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: how much does it cost to equip a team and rent a stadium?
[12:43] Romeo Torvalar: even thou there are no entry fees ...
[12:43] Stacey Cardalines: go ahead...sorry
[12:44] Romeo Torvalar: where full up and people are trying hard to get a team theres even a waiting list so we have seen some outragious offers put on the table for teams...
[12:44] Stacey Cardalines: sweet
[12:45] Romeo Torvalar: equipment for your team is about 2000-4000 lindens helmets should pads etc...that covers your team and teams dont rent stadiums they build them themeseleves
[12:45] Stacey Cardalines: ok... like the slcs...i follow
[12:46] Stacey Cardalines: have you tried smaller football sims in the past, or is this the Prototype?
[12:46] Romeo Torvalar: smaller footbal sims?
[12:47] Stacey Cardalines: you know... on a lesser scale than the SFL
[12:47] Romeo Torvalar: No I have never ....this is my frist leauge and yes lol its a huge endevor
[12:47] Stacey Cardalines: it'll work
[12:48] Stacey Cardalines: too many people are rooting for it ,,,, so it can't fail
[12:48] Romeo Torvalar: We hope so
[12:48] Romeo Torvalar smiles
[12:48] Stacey Cardalines: is it human only? I know this 6'9" werewolf guy from this sim my friend makes me go to with her
[12:48] Stacey Cardalines: he'd be good
[12:48] Stacey Cardalines: like Teen Wolf
[12:49] Stacey Cardalines: he's only be good at night games, i supopose
[12:49] Stacey Cardalines: what's your website?
[12:49] Romeo Torvalar: Yes its human only many other sports leauge let all kinds of sl aviatars in , we decided to try something diffrent we wanted it to look as real world as possible we want everyone who sees it to say WOW thats the closest thing I have ever seen to RL football in SL
[12:50] Stacey Cardalines: i sympathize
[12:50] Stacey Cardalines: he poofed!
[12:50] Stacey Cardalines: there we go
[12:50] Stacey Cardalines: vanished for a sec there, Boss
[12:50] Romeo Torvalar: Currently where waiting for all our teams to finish theres before we go public with ours
[12:50] Romeo Torvalar: buts heres a great website from one of our teams
[12:50] Romeo Torvalar: where more informsation is aviable
[12:51] Stacey Cardalines: ok
[12:51] Romeo Torvalar:
[12:51] Stacey Cardalines: thank you
[12:51] Stacey Cardalines: i bet you have a 4 oclock interview somewhere
[12:52] Romeo Torvalar: LOL its crazy
[12:52] Romeo Torvalar: \just before opening
[12:52] Stacey Cardalines: i'm going to give you 8 minutes of free time.....smiles
[12:52] Romeo Torvalar: Oh?
[12:53] Stacey Cardalines: thanks for taking the time to speak with me... i'll be in touch... may need you again at some point... i have Cinna on my friend's list
[12:53] Romeo Torvalar: aww thanks
[12:53] Stacey Cardalines: you'll see plenty of me... i'm looking forward to working with you
[12:53] Romeo Torvalar: perfect and please do contact us about covering us we have tons of sports content and as we get closer to kickoff your readers
[12:53] Romeo Torvalar: are going to want to know about all thats going on here!
[12:53] Stacey Cardalines: i'll be all over the SFL
[12:54] Veneshas AO: ON
[12:54] Stacey Cardalines: i thank you for your time


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