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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dubai Jazz-My Way: Milla Rasmuson's dream in SL

Staff Reporter
• Monday, August 23, 2010
Milla Rasmuson is a virtual business woman, whose businesses in SL all share one thing in common; They are really more of a services offered store than a place to purchase physical items.

She’s a fashion designer both in RL and SL: she creates model and mainstream cloths.

She discovered SL in 2007, reading an article about it that made her curious what SL was all about so she signed in.

From the beginning she was amazed about the live musicians performing in SL and thought, let her do something in the live music scene in SL.

She manages in SL the Club Dubai My Way-Jazz Club and recently she rebuilt it taking the whole sim Angieee ( . 
Dubai Jazz is a very friendly club with a great atmosphere and great music. She has a group of 10 people staff who are very enthusiastic and each of them have their role in it.

She has been doing this most of all for fun: Dubai Jazz is the virtual place where she shows her passion for good music.

Milla thinks that SL is such a valid showcase for music , since the musicians have a perfect opportunity to tryout their own written songs, venue-owners and managers give them the chance to do that for a live audience.

She uses several tools to promote her club and her fashion business above all through her network in the live music scene, which she built up over the last 3 years in SL.There’s also a blog ( and a web tv is under construction.

By the way Milla thinks that the most important to promote her club is just to people and spread the word.

Also very important is, to create every time a good atmosphere, so people will talk about it and come back with their friends and this depends on a good staff in the club.

Dubai Jazz is also a perfect place where she promotes her SL creations, amazing outfits that recall the RL outfits she creates in her Italian atelier, locatedin Perugia (Italy).

Since the club has been totally rebuilt and renewed ,on Friday 27th of August it will take place an opening event that will last 5 hours and that will be presented by: Arcangelgabriel Gausman .

Starting at 11:30 am slt Dubai’sTop- DJ FULMINE EXONAR will spin 1hour great tunes to warm up the people and as a welcome in the club.

At 12:30 am slt Nuriah Laville , an Italian singer with an awesome voice, will take the stage and sing live a 1 hour show:she has a versatile vocal style, with a full toned acoustic sound from soft and melodic to pulsing and energetic: Her setlist includes some of the best Italian and international tunes.

At 1:30 pm slt DJ supermaxim Eales will mix for the audience the most romantic songs for one hour and half of dance and romance.

At 3:00 pm slt Maximillion Kleene, a seasoned musician hailing from Niagara Falls, Canada will take the stage with his acoustic guitar and will perform some Rock/Pop/Alternative stylings, covering well loved classics to newer, hip stuff and an eclectic mix in between smooth groove, a

So everyone is expected to dance and chat till their eyes drop!

Starting in September at Dubai they will have art exibits and fashion shows and a live music program on a regular basis: they will make during the week both regular DJ’s performing and live events, with every weekend different musicians.
~Sandy Demina


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