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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sports & leisure- Jersey Girl- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

SFL #1 Overall Draft Pick Adrenaline Auster...
GOHA news, SFL Draft on TV, and Stacey flirting her way to 100 sports jerseys....

I am the SL Enquirer Sports Editor. This avocation leads me into many different realms, some of which have cool uniforms.

I like to collect them. I used to buy them, but I soon realized that God made me this cute for a reason... and if that reason isn't to get free stuff, getting free stuff will keep me busy until I figure out what the reason is.

I worked through the Global Online Hockey Association already. Whales, Storms, Wolves... if it skates, I have the jersey. I'm also gathering SFL jerseys, but it amuses me to get them one at a time.

A lot of people see me wearing my GOHA jerseys, and they ask me where they, too, can get one. The answer is here:

They don't actually sell them there, but GOHA's website will steer you in the right direction. It may or may not have some 2010 Puckette calendars left, in which you can see me posing nude. That was before I began gathering jerseys, but things are all better there, now.

A lot of people call me Jersey Girl, even though I'm French and live in Massachusetts. OK, they don't... but I still have an impressive collection nonetheless.

The jersey-based pictures I have with this article seem sort of tripe, but they are actually speaking of matters of great importance.

The guy in the solo shot is Adrenaline Auster, who was the #1 pick of the SFL. He has a Chargers jersey, which I don't have yet. I'll get one soon. I plan to visit every SFL arena before the season is over, and each visit will fatten my collection.

He's also rather handsome, which is why I chose him to model for me. Usually, I do it myself... but why pass on some Beefcake?

The primary photo is one of my favorites. Red Sox fans and Yankees fans hate each other, and we like it that way. Sure, we'll get together now and then to free slaves or fight Nazis... but the rest of the time, it's really better if there's a Connecticut between us.

It's very bad in Boston. I moved here from France as a child, and had never seen baseball. By the end of my first summer in massachusetts, I hated the Yankees. I think they put something in the water here, honestly.

Aside from his hulking good looks and the fact that he's big enough that I was able to aim the camera from behind me and still have most of him in the shot (as you can see, the only way to get me in the pic with the camera behind a SFL defensive tackle is to shoot over his shoulder), Al was handy because he is a die-hard Yankees fan. Fans have gear, and our Red Sox/Yankee shot was happening 5 seconds after I had the idea.

Another reason I hired Al Penucca is that he's big enough for me to slap over and over and not really inflict injury. I was firing off slaps, but he took it like a man. It's Red Sox/Yankees, and we're at the height of the pennant race IRL... I get excited.

I also get excited about the SFL draft. In case you missed the SFL Draft in person, you can now bring back the excitement by watching the whole first round right here:
Adrenaline was first overall, and Al was third. Al was taken by the Raiders, and I already have a jersey from them. 


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