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Monday, October 25, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE: The Mulberry Horror - Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

The guys chase Stacey around everywhere... unfortunately, they're undead.
You might like this place....

What I like about it is that you get to hunt Zombies with a shotgun. You see, there was a toxic waste accident... which, as you know, makes the dead rise and seek human brain dinners.

A lot of people would hide during something like that, but not Us, right? F*ck no... we grab the twelve gauge and go human hunting. It's us or them, and the Apocalypse is no place for the innocent.

They also have some other spooky stuff to check out, but I'll leave the explaining to the note card I got when I came here:

Welcome to Mulberry Horror!

Mulberry Horror runs its second installment in Second Life and is the brainchild of horror fanatic Lou Mannock. The theme park consists of 4 spooked out attractions and the all new, horrific "Circus Of Lost Souls".

MULBERRY ORPHANAGE- The cries of the spirits of children can still be heard as they plead for their mommies and the menacing presence of the master of the house is felt strongest in the attic. Will he ever let them go, these innocent spirits, who in life, were unwanted and shunned away?

THE SCHOOL- The laughter and cheer of children is long gone, yet the eerie echoes still resonate within the halls and the classrooms of this haunted school, but sinister forces have also anchored themselves upon this abandoned building, especially the ghost of Mr. Lestor who wasn't so nice to the children when he was alive...

OUR LADY OF SORROWS CHURCH- The townsfolk of Mulberry once gathered here to receive praise and sing hallelujah, but there's forces of evil now vacating this once godly edifice. Hell has turned the town of Mulberry into its very own playground and now those who come here to pray do so for a very different lord. Alabas is an evil demon and it reeks of sulfur and death when he manifests himself before his followers.

MULBERRY HOSPITAL- There is nothing to prepare you for what you are about to experience here. This once was a place of healing. Now the hospital exists only as a freakshow attraction of the perverse and of the torture of souls. Visiting hours are over and the medical staff are eager to escort you to the nearest exit... Death!

About Mulberry Horror:
The town is cursed and so are its inhabitants as you are taken through a series of bloodcurdling horrific sites that are so terrifying you'll wish you'd brought a barfbag. Forget the usual "Boo!" kiddy stuff. As you desperately make your way through the dark, you'll have that sickening feeling that the child murderers, torturers and demons really are after you. You'll face your darkest nightmares. One question remains... will you make it out alive?

So if you’re really aching for a heart attack, mild seizure or some good ol’ fashioned shit-in-your-pants action then Mulberry Horror promises to deliver the goods. In a blood-soaked, maggot-infested body bag, of course!


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