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Monday, November 1, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE- Fore! Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Megga, Stacey, and Gerald, the Terrible Trio....

If you need something cool to do this Halloween, and are sick of haunted houses, why not try Haunted Golf?

Yours truly took part in a charity golf tournament at the Cheeky Cow Country Club. The charity is to benefit a friend of ours (Sloan)who suffered a fire IRL. He's unlucky in that regard, but he's lucky in that he has at least 100 people who will turn out and donate to help him. Sloan also won the last Green jacket at the tournament, so he's a better golfer than I. I have better legs, but that matters very little in Golf.

Legit charity, too. All the money goes to him, and records of donations (and where the donations went) will be posted at Cheeky Cow. I was going to ask how Cheeky Cow got that name, but the girl running the event (Marilyn Philbin, the CCCC owner along with Taylor Revnik) was very, very busy.

I was notified of the event by the SLCS, my old cheerleading buddies. They are very active in charity work, and I rushed to help them. Big ups to Charlize Bellic for getting me there.

Now, I'm no golfer. My husband knows this, and never takes me golfing with him. I get to the Pitch-n-Putt in Wareham now and then, but it never goes well. I can never hit it past that fu*king windmill. I lost there to my daughter recently. She's 8.

I'm no better on SL. Even with two of the club's golf pros helping me, I still did silly, girlish stuff. Girlish actually isn't fair, as the LPGA women can golf well. I can't.

I shot a 68, which is good. It was for one hole, however, and that's bad. One of the pros said it was the first time he'd ever seen a golf score that required exponents (I shot 18 to the tenth power). I had a shot go backwards. I hit another shot into Lava, and yet another one into a casket (Haunted Golf, remember).

I also donated 50 Ls to the Swear Box. I had a Swear box when i was teaching high school in the ciy, and the kids said "f*cking" as an adverb a lot. By the end of the year, I had a payment on my Volvo. My boss made me give it to Toys For Tots, the sonovabitch.

But it was all for a good cause. I even got to meet my sister Andrerula Cardalines there. Note: Every person with the Cardalines name I meet, I assume kinship with. I plan to cash in on Christmas.

It was very well-attended, with the crowd getting to 92 before I lost count. I dropped a few hundred to the cause. You can do the same, as donation boxes are all over the course.

I'll put it like this, Faithful reader... what kind of man are you if you fail to play Haunted Golf for a good cause?


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