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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweetheart's Pageant Winner is........ BroadwayGirl1 Resident!

The SL Enquirer has actively been following the Ms. Sweethearts Pageant, and recently found out that the new Ms. Sweetheart for 2015 is BroadwayGirl1 Resident!

The competition was held at 10 am SLT on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at the Sweethearts Jazz Social Club amidst a delicately decorated stage and runway.  At the base of the runway, were the following three judges:  Koko Mapiya, CEO of Regal Academy ◦ Agency ◦ Boutiques ◦  Magazine; his wife Eibhlíne, who is the acting Owner and Founder of Regal  Academy ◦ Agency ◦  Boutiques ◦  Magazine; and Mami Jewell, Founder and Designer of -AZUL- Fashions.  Though Nikki Mathison acted as the fourth judge, she had to leave the Pageant due to a prior RL obligation.

In addition to preparing the finalists for the pageant prior to the competition, these three judges were a responsible for posing questions to them, as well as ultimately judging the finalists in the following areas: Intelligence, Maturity, Humbleness, Avatar Beauty, Gracefulness, Personality, and their ability to answer questions when asked.

In addition to being poised and elegantly dressed in a regal black and white ballroom gown, Sweethearts Owner Shannon Bramlington acted as primary announcer and Facilitator of the pageant.  Prior to informing the audience that fifth finalist LadyRoseCherry Serenity was unable to participate due to preexisting RL obligations, Bramlington encouraged audience members to be polite to the judges, finalists, and others involved in the pageant by stating, “We do prefer for you NOT to send ANY IM's to ANY of our judges, Finalists, or to Blake or [myself] so that we all can keep our focus on the task at hand.”

The Task At Hand:  Crowning Ms. Sweetheart Finalist BroadwayGirl1 Resident
When asked by pageant judge Eibhline what the best and worst parts of Sweethearts Jazz Club were and why, BroadwayGirl1 Resident explains, “The best part of the Sweethearts Jazz Club is the warm welcome that you are given by the hostesses, friends and the owners. They make you feel like you belong. I can honestly say that there is nothing worse having directly to do with the club, other than the personality clashes among its members. When you think about it, we all have different personalities and it would be impossible not to have an occasional conflict…”

Occasional conflicts aside, the judges involved came together in their decision to crown BroadwayGirl1 Resident Ms. Sweetheart 2015. As such BroadwayGirl1 Resident will act as an Ambassador for Sweethearts.  As an ambassador, BroadwayGirl1 Resident will be highly involved in Sweethearts related charity events; these events will, among other things, benefit individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s Dementia, as well as benefit other nonprofit organizations like Creations for Parkinson’s. 

Now that BroadwayGirl1 has been crowned Ms. Sweethearts 2015, she has an assortment of plans as to how she will spend her $100,000L prize.  She states, “To enjoy my prize, I would be saving it and not spending it all at once. I would be saving some for my wedding, and I would be frugal with the prize and perhaps give some of the prize to charity.”
With that being said, we at the SL Enquirer want to extend a warm congratulations to not only Ms. Sweetheart’s crown winner BroadwayGirl1 Resident, but would like to commend all the finalists who participated in the pageant.  


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