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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE- Goin' All 1620 On That Ass! Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Stacey representin' Plymouth, Massachusetts, blogga!
Gobble Gobble!
Readers of this column know that I'm from the Plymouth area, which is why I always try to pimp virtual Plimoth.
Thanksgiving is all about my hometown, and we always ham it up. I even make my own cranberry sauce!
However, even a cranberry diva like me can't do everything herself. You can't fit Plimoth in a house. It's very tough to build a Mayflower, and just where did you think you were going to put it if you did build one?
Fortunately, that's all taken off the table. The good people at Southern Cross have made a Mayflower reconstruction, and even a Plimoth Plantation. They have Pilgrim and Wampanoag gear for you to wear, and the village should be all ready by now.
What kind of American are you if you let Thanksgiving pass without taking a simple virtual trip to SL's Plimoth Plantation? I'd have the address for you in this article, but I'm in jail and can't TP anywhere. They only give me enough time on the computer to bang out a few articles now and then, although I was at Plimoth earlier and managed to get a few shots for your viewing pleasure.
To find it, do what I did.... enter "Mayflower" into a Places search. It should take you right there. If not...well, those Pilgrims had to look a lot harder for Massachusetts than you will for SL Plimoth, so you get no pity from me whatsoever.


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