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Monday, August 23, 2010

Entertainment Review- THUMBS DOWN- What is Up with the Strip Clubs Lately?!? I’m going to have to find a new Hobby. ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Staff Reporter
• Monday, August 23, 2010
Hitting the Strip club with a pack of wild girls used to be one of my favorite past times in Second Life. The guys were hot, sexy and emoted like no one’s business.

With my workload keeping me pretty busy, it has been a while since I showed some love to the guys who work the pole for some lindens.

It seems like all the good ones are long gone and the clubs are hiring temp workers or something. <

I won’t mention the name of one of the clubs I decided to step into, and for good reason.
I was totally unimpressed by these guy’s skills. Its one thing to be able to slide up and down a pole looking all sexy, but dam anybody can grab up a pole and give it a whirl. All I know is, these greased up boy toys need to step it up in the emote department. 

If you decide to hit the Nudie Bar, Get ready because here is what $150L will get you nowadays. Some sort of cut and paste sexy talk and if you are lucky, they include your name!
Male stripper: “moves on down to the floor and up to Lanai... mmm he stares at her sexy body as he grabs her and gives her a deep kiss... then he backs up, turns around and slips off his speedo... reveiling his sexy ass and then turning around to show off how excited all this dancing has made him... He whipsers in her ear, "Thanks for that sexy.... Mmmm... also you can get a lap dance if you want one... keep my underwear ;)" He rubs his naked body against her, letting her feel how warm he is.”

*blinks* First of all, I don’t know where those lips been and not that I need another pair of men’s underwear to add to my collection, The rest of the time I waited until this slinky noodle of a dude’s, pastey grey legs rezzed so I can get my lindens worth at least.

But by the end of about 10 minutes of this self torture, The bold dancer stepped off stage and began to rub his business all over me until I checked out his profile pick and saw a kid who was probably about 19 so I just got up in the middle of the freebie lap dance and was out of there faster than my feet could carry me.

If you know where I can find the best in SL Entertainment, please let me know!


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