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Monday, September 6, 2010

FASHION- Insight - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 06, 2010
A beauty pageant from the inside continued ...

Into the second week of the build up to the pageant finals event on the 19th September and the girls and I have attended a couple of events to get us out and about. We have supported our predecessor the current Ms Costa Rica sims 2010, Nisa Constintine, at her Influential’s event, been to the song bird of the Costa Rica Sims, Ms. Ceci Dover’s, CRS Ladies Society performance, and and and a chill out party just for us pageant girls before things really hot up – a bikini party no less – said party was outstanding. Samantha Ohrberg CR events manager, pulled out all the stops once again and made sure we all had a huge amount of fun. DJ MikeeGemini Ghost was in top form and we wouldn’t let him leave!! Some odd conversations were overheard at the party by yours truly, for instance:

01:00 PM] Takeshi Kiama: omg Carmi you so cute!!!
[01:00 PM] Carmichael Caudron: hahaha ty
[01:00 PM] Carmichael Caudron: and u are cute too said from a straight kinda way
See what I mean?

Anyway I digress. The practising to walk in a straight line, stopping on the mark and turning continues unabated. Luckily I have the beautiful Corinne Collins (a fellow Ms. CRS finalist and well known for her work in the SL music world) as my a partner in crime, the two of us together doing the turns and teetering on the edge of her pool is an absolute hoot!!

Our outfits and shoes have all been received and now the challenge is to make them our own – hmm ok if you say so. So the search is on for the right hair and jewellery and the poses, let’s not forget the poses!
Don’t forget to vote for your favourite finalist for The Miss Costa Rica Sims web photogenic contest which runs through to Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

Catch you next week...
Lacy Muircastle

DEC 11  •  omg lacy u werent kidding when u said u would publish it hahaha
Stumbled across this googling my name lol


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