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Monday, November 8, 2010

SL ARTS AND LITERATURE: Constellations of Writing at the London School of Journalism Space Station

Some columns just write themselves. I am almost embarrassed to admit it. I contacted the illustrious Jilly Kidd (RL Author Adele Ward), who runs the Written Word Group for writers in SL. It was just with a soft inquiry about covering Written Word and featuring something upcoming. What I got was the fodder for about three or four columns. The scope of what Written Word does is immense! I knew they had a broad scope, but I had no idea how broad. So I chose to start with one aspect of the amazing spectrum of things Jilly opened up for me: The Space Station at the London School of Journalism.
The Written Word group is one of the largest active writing, publishing, and book groups on Second Life and can be found on Cookie Island and also on the London School of Journalism showcase island. The Space Station is two floating spheres containing a wealth of information, exhibits, and presenting the work of authors of all kinds in Second Life. Visitors enter either sphere on Level 3 and use the Turbo Lift to visit the different levels and of things to be seen, absorbed, and enjoyed. This is a must-see exhibition and a valuable resource.

Here is a listing directly from Jilly Kidd of what can be found there:


FLOOR 1 (In the Base)

Castellatura: Displays the only writing group for Spanish writers active on SL. Contact Mikel Baryl for more information.

Arlene Radasky: displays her novel The Fox and has events to inform others about how to make a podcast/audiobook and whether and how to self-publish.

Rhonda R. Carpenter: Displays her novel The Mark of a Druid and will help others with information about making an audiobook or podcast.

Jerry J. Davis: Displays his fiction and will chat to writers on SL about making audiobooks and podcasts.


Muse-Pie Books, Shot Glass Journal and the Fib Review: Sunnie Beaumont displays these RL book and publication ventures which invite submissions from writers on SL and in RL.

Jane Watson: This Australian author displays her novel Hindustan Contessa.

Rae Lori: Author Rae Lori displays a selection of her novels and invites writers to join the fiction group she runs on London School of Journalism Island on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also find Rae's group on

Inkygirl Omizu: This RL writer and cartoonist has a lovely display of her work, resources for children's writers, beautifully designed free furniture and items for writers and readers, and desks with writing animations if you'd like to sit and work in her compartment.


London School of Journalism: Information about the main college of journalism in the UK which also teaches distance courses. There are discounts for anyone registering for a course from Second Life. Although people know the LSJ for it's journalism courses, there are also courses in other forms of writing, including poetry and fiction. The LSJ provides the space for the ACE Space Station and sponsors this exhibition.

Adele Ward: AKA Jilly Kidd displays her poetry collection Never-Never Land, the Seeking Refuge anthology from featuring poets who read at the RL open mic she helps with at Camden and Lumen ( in support of the homeless. Click the movie screen to go to the 50 interview shows with RL published authors Adele has hosted on SL.

Podcrafters: display writers who have made audiobooks at and hold regular events to advise you about how to make your own audiobooks, podcasts, Print on Demand and ebooks.

Linda Ciletti: displays her novels Draegon's Lair and KnightStalker in a striking Castle set.

Sheryl Nantus: displays her novel Blaze of Glory and What Gods and Cats Know with some free excerpts.

NANOWRIMO WINNERS 2009 display the novels they completed last November.

Emerian Rich: Invites you into a striking but scary display where she shows her vampire novel Knight's Knights.


Lane’s List: Nazz Lane, one of Second Life's best, and best-loved, journalists and bloggers displays his writing about the 'ordinary and extraordinary people and places in the metaverse'.

Blue Angel Landing: Take a look through this maze of pages from the RL anthology drawn from readers at the popular Blue Angel open mic events.

Vivak Pathak: displays his book God and Destiny: The Supreme Knowledge, a study written for the general reader interested in philosophy, religion and physics.

Wild Shore Press: This RL publisher displays some of its authors and books and invites submissions. Contact MungoJerry Eggplant. Authors Don Elwell, Ian Whitcomb and R J Thomas are included in the exhibit.


Huck’s Café: Sit in a traditional UK cafe and discover Huckleberry Hax, one of Second Life's most followed fiction writers and performers.

Meet An Author Show: Click on the movie screen to take a look at the 50 author interview shows hosted by Adele Ward AKA Jilly Kidd. If you know a published author on SL you'll probably find their show here, and you'll find shows featuring the published authors displaying in the ACE Space Station. Scroll through the shows to find an interview with the original Dr Who writer Terrance Dicks, and bestselling authors John Geiger and Neil Strauss among others.



Ars Poetica: This art gallery of framed poems is the largest of its kind on Second Life. With 48 poets displaying 226 poems it's a beautiful labour of love put together by Corwyn Allen. Click on the frames to cycle through the poems. The display is still growing and evolving. The poets are also putting on readings in this area.

Poetry Society Second Life Stanza: This is the only virtual world Stanza of the RL Poetry Society, the UK's main poetry organization which welcomes international members. Poetry Society Stanzas are groups who meet in various RL locations, and on Second Life.

Publishers Active on Second Life: A display of the publishers on Second Life who invite submissions and give information on how to prepare your query letters, initial submissions, and final submission of a manuscript. You'll find Canongate, Snowbooks, MacMillan, MacMillan New Writers, and Ward Wood Publishing with clickable links and notecards.


Meditation for Inspiration: A center for relaxation, meditation and inspiration. Sit among the plants and butterflies to clear your mind and let creativity flow. You'll find information and links to meditation resources.

Take a visit into SL Space, and discover a universe of writers and writing:

~Caledonia Skytower, Reporting
"Any ink is good ink, even if it is virtual"


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