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Thursday, April 22, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Estravaganza - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

For SL’s Seriously Sexy Women...
Come take a walk with me on the wild side, the results will be out of this world.
Estravaganza is the latest offering to come out of the Sartoria stable and is a collaboration between traveller Bade and his SL™ partner Estrelia Guisse.

I learnt that traveller is a real life graphic designer and illustrator who arrived in Second Life™ in March 2007. He is fascinated by the metaverse and all the possibilities it holds. His first few months in SL were spent exploring and meeting people. Three years ago he created his brand "Sartoria" that quickly became the benchmark for those who admire Italian design, sense of style and tailoring tradition.

Estrelia is a Radio DJ and a fashion addict in Real Life. In Second Life™ she has had a number of different experiences as a model for different agencies but also as a contest and event organizer, photographer and shopping consultant.  

"Estravaganza" is a fully comprehensive ladies brand and in the future and over and above what has been launched, the offering will include sweaters, jackets and a lingerie line. traveller and Estrelia offer items that range from the business suit to the super casual, cocktail, formal and even bridal. The attention to detail is outstanding, the texturing mind blowing and the use of colour simply marvellous.

Do you have what it takes to wear one of these Estravaganza creations? Come on, what are you afraid of? All the attention you will get? No, surely not!!

traveller and Estrelia have promised to update the Estravaganza range regularly. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us.

You can find their store at:


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