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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lanai's Diary- Entry 4-12-2010 -My New Laptop Crisis, Media Withdrawals, Rehab and Gettin all Emotional.

Staff Reporter
• Monday, April 12, 2010
Virtually speaking some really don't understand the stresses that occur behind the scene in building a virtual world media empire until they try squeezing their feet into my glass slippers and even then good luck making them fit. Many have walked away from the attempt of creating a virtual newspaper, magazine or blog within just months of launch due to time to invest, the fast paced nature and high demand situations we journalists, editors and publishers constantly place ourselves in.
The Stress level can be so intense as we keep up with the latest topics, trends, new things happening, and people coming and going. It's safe to say, News never ends. But unfortunately for me as of Thursday April 8th until Sunday, April 11th. The official Laptop of The SL Enquirer's powercord died trapping all of my gossip secrets, photos and documents inside and I was unwillingly put out of the media circus for 4 whole days of agony until I realized there was another powercord that worked until my new one arrives this week for the discontinued piece of BLEEP Im using.
Anyways, with this week's dramatic episode kinda behind me and having me feeling like I was living the surreal life in internet rehab. It really was horrible.
I look back at the past few days and have to agree I was totally acting like a dam Drama Queen walking around as if looks could kill.
Crying to my advisors and other SLE family members by texting on my only lifeline, my iphone. Being told off by my man for always assuming the worst and being too dramatic, and even going so far as to shamelessly cry in the shower over my whole ordeal.
Maybe being a little dramatic and stressed out was just, because I have to admit trying to manage media is a challenge. Not to mention life itself. But for an addict with a dam good idea, a laptop Crisis added to the mix and it just sucked. It give me withdrawals, Dramatic episodes and a rambling diary entry like this.
I never would have guessed I'd be this riddled with exxagerated despair over a virtual world game the day I launched the original TSO enquirer back on October 4, 2004. I didn't understand those shoes I was about to wear. And now don't see it as just a game even as outrageous as Second Life can be.
The best way to describe what I do in Second Life is more like taking pictures, texting and talking on the phone while roller blading with limited balance but still trying to keep up with the rest of the crazy roller derby of mostly men.
Even though Im not much of social butterfly with other medias in SL when I'm logged in and doing my own thing. It's not because I'm hatin on them or anything. I'm just busy trying to keep my own balance but totally understand how things can be for us all behind the scenes when we get thrown a monkey wrench.
But for the record, I have great respect for Frolic Mills and BOSL who is involved in everything and newly launched BOSL Radio, So a big contrats to him and the BOSL team on that. Long time friend, Rusch Raymaker of Avenue Magazine which is the official magazine of The SLCC. Those two been doing there thing along side me for years and totally deserve the fruits of their hard labor. Same for Carmicheal Caulron, and a few others I've met most recently.
I can't forget name dropping my Machinima Media friends with all the creative tv and film projects being made by Spotlight TV's Scorpinosis Nightfire and the NE Entertainment team, Rysan Fall of Fall Films and other Machinimists. Even Social Networks like run by the flash mob mogal himself, Maxes Loon and the Moolto Team.
Last but certainly not least, I'm Proud to say SLE's own  Persia Bravin and Lacy Muircastle  have been keeping up with the news by having a stiletto in some of the great media outlets here.
After all these years and here I am wearing the same glass slippers. Maybe a bit chipped and worn from all the obstacles that go with being a media princess, or witch depending on who you ask. But it sure is a challenge what we all do so I tip my pen to you.
See what forced internet rehab does to writers?

*extracted comment form SLE 2010

Persia Bravin
APR 12  •  You are the original and the best Miss J. A virtual media pioneer, an ambassador for hard working women all over the globe and a great person to know and work with. My SL would be boring without you and OMG my Lanai J IM box was way too quiet for 4 days! Think the whole SLE family had withdrawals from you! WELCOME BACK *cello tapes your power cord back together*


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