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Sunday, December 12, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Mary Jane Shoes takes classy, sexy cool to a whole new level. Lanai Jarrico reporting…

Staff Reporter
• Monday, December 13, 2010
If you have never browsed the New Mary Jane Shoe Collection
created by Infiniti Mirihi, you are missing out on some of the hottest sculptie
Stilettos and Boots out now. Her winter collection and new releases are just
fabulous and would make a great Holiday gift for any lady. (Hints to the guys
who have no clue what to get for their girl for Christmas) You can’t go wrong
with a fresh classic pair of black Mary Janes.

Meet Infiniti Mirihi, creator of Mary Jane Shoes. 

Lanai:  Hi Infiniti, What brought you into Second Life?

 Infiniti Mirihi: I joined more than 4 years ago, and was hooked immediately when I found a dance
Lanai Jarrico:  I’m also lured to dance floors across the
grid, I cannot get enough of the musical talent here.  So in the beginning it was for leisure?  Now, how do you view Second Life.  Is it just a game or an extension of your
real life?

Infiniti Mirihi: I've never considered Second Life a game, at its most social, it is a glorified chat room, complete with pretty avatars and clothes, but it has always been so much more than that... real people behind real keyboards having very real interactions with other real people. For me it has always be a creative outlet, either for work or play, I'm almost always building something.

Lanai Jarrico: I would have to agree with you SL can be used in so many ways, that considering it a game is almost foolish. So what inspired you to create Mary Jane Shoes?
Infiniti Mirihi: (did you see the shoes available four years ago? 'nuff said) but no, seriously, i just couldn't find anything i really liked, or fit, so i started building them myself... that was 3+ years ago, now, SL has changed so much with so many more residents, so much more talent, sculpties etc, there are so many more choices, but i still love to build shoes, with dangerously, stupidly high heels (something very few women can wear in
real life, but then again, that's what Second Life is all about, doing all the things one cannot do in real life.

Lanai Jarrico: Hahah I personally love dangerously high heels or "ankle breakers" they make me feel sexy and yes I remember the shoes of years past looking all blocky. I’m so glad sculpties was invented.  Is it just you that creates Mary Jane Shoes or do you have a partner in this business?
Infiniti Mirihi: no, I'm it.

Lanai Jarrico: What type of shoes do you offer? I notice your shoes are for women, do you have a
men's line in the works?
Infiniti Mirihi: I'm always asked that, and I always answer that yes, there will be men’s shoes, but to be honest, I never get around to it and I'm never happy with my attempts.  I love to build women’s heels, and stilettos. I will never rule it out, but I have to be honest, and say I have no immediate plans for men’s shoes just yet.

Lanai Jarrico: To bad for the men but just as in real life women always have way more styles and designs. The men will just have to take their lady shopping here!  So What features do they have that set them apart from the rest?
Infiniti Mirihi: As a builder, of anything in this virtual world, its more than just appearance, I always consider things like camera angles and such, it needs to be avatar friendly... more than just the look, an avatar needs to function (as avatars do in this world) and teleport, and walk, and of course setting up the shoes with a HUD, so I have just one script in each shoe and one in the HUD, as well as low ARCs in all of the shoes, so they are low/no lag, and the HUD it is very easy to use.

Lanai Jarrico: As a great designer those are very important aspects of researching products and seeing how well they work for this environment. You have done very well, this Store and the way you have it set up including your products, looks very well thought out. I love the fact I can easily browse and find what I’m looking for without being bombarded with too many decorations or unnecessary objects around. I am crazy about those new boots with the handcuffs. (Biker Stiletto 2010) They are so hot!  What are your most popular shoes right now?

Infiniti Mirihi: haha I thought some of the newest shoes would be the most popular or even the biker boots with the handcuffs, and while those are popular, the most popular are the black Mary Janes.

Lanai Jarrico: Oh Awesome and I can see why the Black Mary Janes would be popular, they are a classic look and go with anything. So with the Holidays soon approaching do you have any Sales or specials going on?
Infiniti Mirihi: for the approaching holidays, MJS is planning a sale and a hunt.  Please join the  Mary Jane Shoes group to stay up on all the latest news and releases.

Lanai Jarrico: What is your collections price range? 

Infiniti Mirihi: most of the shoes are 695, the fat packs are no more than 3450 but some are 995 (for the boots with lots of options) and the specials are 1495, with 4 different colors and more options

Lanai Jarrico: Are you looking for employees or models?

Infiniti Mirihi: always looking for models. IM me.

Lanai Jarrico: So What can we look forward to with what's to come next season?

Infiniti Mirihi: more Shoes! I don't have any specific plans for the shoes/boots I'll be making, that
will all come to me when I start building them, but more will come... I'm always building so hopefully a continuous flow of new shoes.  What do you say to get people to buy and wear your product?  The pictures don't do them justice, and the HUD really is user friendly. I back my work, and am customer
friendly, if anyone has questions they can always IM me directly

Lanai Jarrico: Many people don't realize just how important good customer services is, It can be the determining factor in buying your products over some of the competition that’s for sure. I think you do a fantastic job and are a pro at your craft and wish you much success here in Second Life. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me about Mary Jane Shoes!
Infiniti Mirihi: Thank you! It was a pleasure :)

 Infiniti makes all her own sculpties and baked textures

Join the Mary Jane Shoes Group for the latest Shoes and Boots available and get a free group
Mary Jane Shoes Main Store

Reader Opinions
Elskede Blessed
DEC 14  •  These shoes are fantastic. She's right, the photos do NOT do them justice. The HUD is very user friendly and most importantly the shoes are TP friendly! I don't have to remove them to teleport! THAT is fantastic. They have ONE script in them and this cuts down on lag and makes them TP friendly. I LOVE them. I have every single pair she has released so far so if you want to see any specific shoes and she isn't online, hit me up! She is a very talented creator and her customer service is awesome. She Rocks!!!!!! oh yeah! Better hurry so you can check out the Special Edition GLITTER shoes that are available only the month of December 2010!


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