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Showing posts with label boots. Show all posts

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Footwear Fashion-Becca Drascol Reporting

Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

When you think fashion I'm sure the mind automatically goes to clothes. Perhaps to accessories as well, handbags, and purses for the ladies, jewelry for both sexes. But another part of fashion is of course footwear. When we think of what to wear in real life we think of comfort, style and others' impressions. For some, what to wear may have to do with mood and or expression of one's self.  Yet in our virtual world we do tend to roleplay and live SL as if it were real and our avatar has come to life on the screen.

When you're on an SL beach do you go barefoot? When your av is nude, are your feet dressed up or nude? As Sesame Street once asked in a Ziggy Marley song "Set your piggies free," do you ever set your piggies free or does your virtual footwear always stay on?
And with enhancements such as mesh feet, I'm sure some of us have gone barefoot just to admire our avi feet. With Foot Fetish being big in real and SL, I am more than certain that some tend to buy not only the best in footwear, but also the best feet and foot accessories they can. Fashion and things surrounding it will always be big in our Second lives.

Today I'm headed out to ask: heels, shoes, boots or barefoot? I for one like all of them. I love admiring my av's feet rather they're prettied up in shoes or boots, or barefoot and nails painted...I love em. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Not only fashion but our avatar style altogether is a form of pride and creativity, especially when SL content is mostly user created.


Becca Drascol: Heels,Shoes,Boots or Barefoot-How do you run around SL?

Marie3whispers Resident: hmmms Heels most of the time, boots sometimes, barefoot once in awhile.

Katkafox Resident: Heels and boots mostly... I've found that thigh-high boots render most men weak in the knees.

GlamSwede Resident: Depends on the situation, but mostly heels.

PixelBlossom Melody: Shoes mostly and boots. I don't like heels. I like flats in the warmer months and boots in winter.

DragonMaster Mistwalker: I personally love boots never found any shoes in sl I find for males that look good.

What’s In?

Of those asked, seems heels are a popular choice followed by boots. Perhaps it's the hick in me, but I don't like wearing any shoes RL when relaxing around the house. Yet in SL I tend to flip between various heels and boots. With so many styles and variety of footwear in our virtual world, there's just so much to love.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Top 5 Boot Stores in SL- Dragonmaster Mistwalker Reporting…

Drakke Designs

In our virtual world we have many options for clothes, accessories, footwear and more. I love the variety of footwear in SL and I must admit I`m a sucker for a nice pair of boots. I like when women wear boots too.  I own quite a few pairs of boots in SL and know just where to shop for them. Here are the top five stores I like most.

Drakke Designs opened its doors in 2009 and has a wide variety of boots, some of which have  unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. Starting in the ladies section they have ankle boots, knee high boots, fetish, and thigh high boots. Moving over to the men`s section they have cowboy boots, biker boots, and some knee high boots as well. Drakke Designs has a sister store Shade Design and they provide boots that match some of that store`s outfits. Alongside the boots Drakke also sells chopper motorcycles and its sister store Shade designs. Each store has a raffle for a 500L gift cards. It only takes a pick and group membership which costs 25L for each store but they also have group gifts as well.
Drakke also has Midnight Mania boards, and every weekend they have a board where they sell some of their designs for only 60L. Make sure you are in the group because they send a notice out showing what items are on that sale.


Bootgasm has a range of great boots. Their boots run the gambit from casual to fancy as well as winter boots. They have ankle, knee high, and thigh high boots for the ladies. For the men they have cowboy boots and biker styles. They also have midnight Mania boards and a monthly group gift that you pay 1L and it gets reimbursed. Bootgasm also has lucky chairs with boots on them which you need to join the group for.

Mesh Head

Mesh Head brings a unique style that is all their own for the biker or Goth style seekers. They have ankle boots and over the knee boots for ladies that have skulls and other Gothic type images. Some of their outfits are complete with the boots or shoes. Some styles of his boots and shoes come with slink appliers. On the men’s side they have combat and biker boots some with skull designs as well.

Shey Couture

Shey Couture which I was introduced to when my wife went there for freebie heels and boots. They have ankle, mid calf, knee high, and thigh high boots done couture style. Most of their boots feature a color change hud. This feature is perfect if you want more bang for your buck. The new releases are found right at the landing point of the store. There are a lot of trendy styles at Shey Couture are 99L. Shey also features new releases often and if you subscribe to the group you will receive note cards with the textures and links to marketplace.


Blackburns boots are mostly ankle boots and some knee high boots. Their style is kind of Goth,yet kind of old school saloon girl style ankle boots, also some gothic style knee high boots. They have a lot of freebies on marketplace and in the entrance to their in-world store. If you're looking for Goth, cheap but fairly well done then this is the place for you.

Happy Boot Shopping!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Style Statement for this Winter- Debby Sharma Reporting…

It’s white again! Snow is sticking to the ground and we feel the shivers. We love to either play in snow or be in house by the fire, getting warm. A sip of coffee with a book in hand and laptop on the lap, sitting by the fireplace in a comfy couch is just what is in the mind. We wear the most stylish clothes; coats, boots, scarfs, mufflers, hats and gloves. So, which stores have got the trendiest wardrobe this Winter?

My first step was to search the market place. Then I asked an open question in Facebook. Taking the directions, I searched through Second Life. I have segregated the stores for women, men and children.

The following stores have just been listed, without order of preference.

For women:

Photograph Credits: Picture of vendors clicked from the respective stores.

Cold Logic

They have warm sweaters, coats, leggings, scarfs and mufflers. The coats are priced around L$ 475 and the leggings are priced at L$ 250.  These are available in various shades of blacks, whites and grays. Other light colors like pink, blue etc. are also available.

Bens Beauty and Boutique Main store

They have fur coats, blazers, scarfs, pants and boots. The boots are SLINK compatible. They are giving away complete outfit too priced around L$ 325. The colors range from browns to black and white. There are other colors as well like red and pink available for a few outfits.

Meli Imako

The only way to buy Meli Imako’s full perm items are through the market place only. This year Meli has got for us some unique products. You may sort by newest items at the market place to know more. Since, her items come with full permissions; there is no limit to textures or colors.  In the above picture I am wearing one of Meli’s creations. My wardrobe credits are mentioned at the end of this article.


The store is selling jackets, coats, gloves and boots. They have many colors available and around 12 to 25 textures. In the picture the Gnus coat is available in 14 fabrics. The price ranges from L$199 to L$489.

For men:

Photograph Credits: Picture of vendors clicked from the respective stores.


This store sells items not only for men but also for women. Do not forget to peek in the women side too. They have male outfits starting from L$250.

Paul Polo

This has become one of favorite stores. Paul Polo sells complete outfits at just L$55. At the store they also have Midnight Mania and Lucky Boards.  All his outfits have many variations and you do not have to compromise on quality too. It is a great deal for all men.

For children:

Photograph Credits: Picture of vendors clicked from the respective stores.

*Baby Pie*

Cute child outfits for winter. These are available in many variations. You may find these under specials at the store. They cost just L$ 15 for this season. They can be worn by baby and also a child.


This store sells complete outfits at L$150; available in various colors. Even those ear plugs come with the outfit along with shoes, leggings, scarfs and sweaters.

This winter have fun, be warm and cozy. Go shopping!

My Wardrobe Credits:

Boots ~ Shanti Valerie Boho hippie brown combat boots for ladies

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fall Footwear Gift Ideas : Men’s & Woman’s Shoes & Boots - Tea Couturier Reporting...

With the frigid weather and snow on the ground both in real life and second life, it is important to have the right shoes or boots to keep you warm and cozy in both worlds while fitting the occasion and outfit you have on.

With Christmas right around the corner any of these selections would make a great gift for yourself or for someone else!

I have found 6 recommended shoes and boots for men and women for day wear, casual, work and evening.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Autumn Fashion in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

The first official day of Autumn is...... OMG Today! 

 Sunday September 22, 2013.

Even though some of us are refusing to put away the flip flops or our jeans shorts, no matter how much we try to hold on to summer, autumn is here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

THE GENTRY CLOTHING STORE- Interview with Sheen Revnik- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Fashion is a big deal in Second Life. You can find a variety of styles created by designers across the grid. 

What is unique about every store is each creator has their own fashion sense put into each piece they create. They draw creativity from the current fashion trends in magazines and down the trendy runways around the world. If there is one thing that most avatars like to do, it is shop. Whether you are a person that wants to mimic your real life style or try on things you wouldn’t normally wear, In Second life there is something for everyone. Sheen Revnik is a fashion designer. His creations include a variety for both men and women.  

From formal and casual wear to sexy, western themed and accessories to match; he has your shopping trip covered at Gentry Clothing Store.

Interview with Sheen Revnik

Lanai: Hi Sheen, before we get started on what Gentry Clothing Store has to offer, I wanted to get to know a little about you. One of my favorite questions to ask is what brought you to Second Life?

Sheen: I’ve always been interested in computers, CGI and creative aspects of both and when I hear of a virtual world that you could create your own world, building, clothes…virtually anything, I had to see and be a part of it.

Friday, January 25, 2013

GIZZA Creations has a New Collection for 2013

GizzA is proud to present the GizzA - Anna Gown. A breathtaking gown, which can be worn either full length in mermaid style, or at knee length which gives it a more vintage flapper appeal. The gown is complimented with a diamond adorned belt that is knotted in the back with a satin bow, and a Tie collar which is also adorned with the precious gems gracing the belt.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fashion: These Boots Aren't Made for Walkin'- Coco Lierfatte Reporting...

Winter is right around the corner, and boots are the in thing at the moment. Ankle boots, tall boots, cowboy boots; it doesn't matter what type. All that matters is you love the boots, and that they are what you think is hot.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Mary Jane Shoes takes classy, sexy cool to a whole new level. Lanai Jarrico reporting…

Staff Reporter
• Monday, December 13, 2010
If you have never browsed the New Mary Jane Shoe Collection
created by Infiniti Mirihi, you are missing out on some of the hottest sculptie
Stilettos and Boots out now. Her winter collection and new releases are just
fabulous and would make a great Holiday gift for any lady. (Hints to the guys
who have no clue what to get for their girl for Christmas) You can’t go wrong
with a fresh classic pair of black Mary Janes.

Meet Infiniti Mirihi, creator of Mary Jane Shoes. 

Lanai:  Hi Infiniti, What brought you into Second Life?