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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come Check The Hockey Playoffs!

The second round schedule of the GOHA playoffs have been announced.

GOHA is the Global Online Hockey Association, one of the best and longest-running virtual sports leagues on SL... the Flagship, to be truthful.

Be sure to come by and check it out... yours truly is one of the Puckettes! ICYDK, a Puckette is a virtual online hockey cheerleader, thank you very much.

Here's the schedule... note that I'm French, and am not 100% sure on how to pluralize the words "Moose" and "Mammoth." Mooses sounds cute, and Mammoth/Mammoths both sound awkward.


Mustangs vs Moose, 6 PM
Ice Lords vs Mommoth, 7:15


Mammoth vs Ice Lords 12:30 PM
Moose vs Mustangs, 2 PM


Mustangs vs Moose, 1:30
Ice Lords vs Mammoths, 3 PM


Mammoth vs Ice Lords, 6 PM
Mooses vs Mustangs, 7:15


Mustangs vs Mooses 6
Ice Lords vs Mammoths, 7:15

This is the end of the season, so make sure you don't miss some virtual Hockey!

Here's the schedule on their site, with links to the rinks:


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