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Saturday, January 22, 2011

FASHION - Miss Eagle's Rave 2011 - Schedule

Given the large participation in this event we thought to divide the candidates into four groups, in order to avoid excessive overcrowding of the SIM and therefore avoiding that an usustainable lag affect the pleasure of the evening. The four events will ALL be held on Fridays in the evening at 21:30 italian time (12:30 SL Time) and will be a sort of semi-final from which the jury will select the top two ranked. The final evening will be on February 25th at 21:30 and will see the official coronation of Miss Eagle's Rave 2011 with its awarding prizes.
The poster of the event - graphics by Natasha Bracula

The outfits will be delivered directly by the designers chosen (and hence not by the staff of Eagle's Rave) one or two days before the evening, or at least the stylists will be given the opportunity to deliver the outfits according to their will.
We would like to remind that the outfit has to be the chosen one, and then one of those present in the stores of the Eagle's Rave SIM. Shoes, tights, gloves, jewelry and hair are of free choice. Even for the sexy outfit you can use any of your underwear or bathing suit of your personal inventory, provided that it is a bikini or a two-piece lingerie that allows the jury to assess the shape, the skin and proportions.
The use of the area that will host the event is FREE, so you can use the space at any time and at your convenience. To have the landmark of the Temple of Eagle's Rave you can ask Robert67 Soulstar or Natasha Bracula.

Calendario - Schedule

Venerdì 28 Gennaio ore 21:30 ora italiana
Friday, January 28th h.12PM Second Life Time

  1. Lexusandharley Nirvana - USA
  2. Roberta Lionheart - ITA
  3. Dolcestella Draconia - ITA
  4. Marzia Brandi - ITA
  5. Falketta2 Galicia - ITA
  6. CatWoman Denimore - ITA
  7. Faraday Falconer - ITA
Venerdì 4 Febbraio ore 21:30 ora italiana
Friday, February 4th h.12PM Second Life Time

  8. Loryana Fang - ITA
  9. Cristal Feiri - ITA
 10. Louine Dover - ITA - RINUNCIATO - GAVE UP
 11. Benita Bechir - HOLLAND
 12. Valery Avedon - ITA
 13. Dolcestella Davi - ITA
 14. Lilith Donogal - ITA
 15. Venere Deka - ITA
Venerdì 11 Febbraio ore 21:30 ora italiana
Friday, February 11th h.12PM Second Life Time

 16. Truk Latte - USA
 17. Claudia Mirajkar - ITA
 18. Antonia Blackburn - ? - NON RISPONDE AGLI IM - NOT RESPONDING TO IMs
 19. Electra Choral - ITA
 20. Yris Pelia - ITA
 21. Kikka Canare - ITA
 22. Beata Emerald - CROATIA
Venerdì 18 Febbraio ore 21:30 ora italiana
Friday, February 18th h.12PM Second Life Time

 23. Lali Kamala - RUSSIA
 24. Dark Huxxely - ITA
 25. Dalufa Basevi - ITA
 26. Jordana Amorosi - CANADA - RINUNCIATO - GAVE UP
 27. Freccianera53 Spore - ITA
 28. Cherize Adder - HOLLAND
Venerdì 25 Febbraio ore 21:30 ora italiana - "La Finale"
Friday, February 25th h.12PM Second Life Time - "The Final"



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