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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE: Grim Babies!! _Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

A-Roooooooooooooooooooooooo.... don't be shocked to see a werewolf at Grim Babies!

I try to bring you to spooky or disturbing places during the Halloween season. While hunting for one of those, I found a place called Grim babies. Here it is:

The Grim Orphanage is nothing if not disturbing. You can read the backstory below, but I'll tell you that they have a Funhouse, a Haunted House, and an Orphanage that should cover you in the Spookiness category for one Halloween.

The story of the Grim Orphanage.

Once upon a time isn’t the way to start this story, once upon a time, makes me think of fairies, queens, knights in shiny armor, and happy ever after. This story just isn’t that way.

So let us just stick with the facts.

If it’s at all possible, many believers in the super natural end up visiting the Grim Orphanage, drawn by hundreds of tiny casualties, either killed, wounded or missing. All at the hands of some of the most insane people to ever walk in this world, or any other for that matter. For those believing that any part of a spirit can be left behind, it is not difficult to see why they would be drawn to the Grim Orphanage.

In Sleepy Hollow ghost stories, and sightings abound. Early in the beta days of second life, a young Doctor was chosen, to test some of the most potent drugs this world had ever seen. Left to his own devices, he tested these drugs on what was cheap.

Being the very smart Doctor that he was, he opened this world’s first orphanage, taking in children that were unwanted for many reasons. Most were healthy but abandon to their parents inventory as new children came along, or abandoned from fear of child avie internet laws. In any case, the test subjects were free, and plentiful.

The smart Doctor hired the most unscrupulous of aides. Most were hired when the local asylum shut down, and when they ran out were used up, or even too insane to employ, he hired strait off the prison work lines. So he was able to hire nannies, nurses, and all staff, at the lowest of prices, but highest of costs.

The orphanage seemed to be filled to bursting; most children slept 3 to a bed. When beds ran out, they slept on the cold hard floors, often at the expense of being crushed underfoot by staff, or mauled by giant rats.

To protect his investment the floor sleepers were usually first to be medicated, some suffered the most horrific of deaths. Convulsing at the instant they were injected, bleeding internally, and finally chocking to death on their tiny blood filled lungs. When given lower does of the medication, those subjects could last 24 hrs, sometimes even longer. Most lost their minds, and became so violent they had to be caged in the basement, some killed off, or maimed their cage buddies. The rest went into psychotic dream states, and were killed by the more violent. In the end that short period of time was commonly referred to as “The Bloody Days”.

One child took to living in the walls, in hiding. He would often try to distract the smart Doctor, by turning furniture upside down, scrawling disturbing messages on the walls, or making unusual noises to distract the already disturbed staff.

He would spend his nights looking for a way out, and his days, trying to stall the medical team. Until he could not stand the torture any longer, he decided to set the house on fire, with no way out, he had signed his own death warrant.

In the laboratory there was a table, with a high arching electrical current, he rigged that with some gasoline he had found while in hiding. At midnight on all hollows eve, there would be fireworks like had never been seen before, in the small town of Sleepy Hollow.

The little boy went into the basement and using a shovel a careless staffer had left unattended, fervently tried to dig his way out.

At midnight, there was a small noise, almost a sigh of relief it has been said. And that was it, nothing but the memory was left.

What became of that Grim little boy? Who rebuilt the house? What are the ghosts trying to tell us? Did any escape?

Those are questions that will never be answered. 


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