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Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Anniversary Club Lions!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011, marks the 3rd anniversary of Club Lion. Huanita Wunderlich and the Club Lions team have some amazing things lined up for you.

Huanita reflects on the journey so far...

Huanita told the SLE that her initial idea was to create a place where people in Second Life could come to have fun, meet new people, to hear great music, or just to relax. And so the first Club Lion was born. Her goal was to have a place where honesty and friendship were important. The club was an instant hit. As time went by, a faithful community of followers grew, finding Club Lion to be a place that lived up to and remained faithful to Huanita’ s vision.

The island and the club have kept pace with the changes in Second Life and the expectations of its residents. In February, 2009, the club added a live music stage to broaden the services and appeal for group members. The club has attracted some of the best Second Life Live Singers since it opened. Huanita manages the stage and the artist schedules, with help from her friendly and energetic hosts. The stage is versatile providing a space that suits everyone, from solo singers to large productions. Many singers and musicians such as ElvisAronPresley Lisa, Sonny Trenchcoat, Angee Seetan and Molly Serpente perform regularly at Club Lion. There is not enough space to list them all here, but only the top names in SL Live Music and DJs appear in the club.

The ambience at The Live Singer Club is one of comfort and romance. Warm red tones dominate the club textures giving the room the look and charm of a ballroom. You can sit and relax alone or with a friend, plus there are many couple tables around the sides of the club where you can spend a quiet and romantic evening. You will get to meet the namesake of the club, their pet lion, as he walks around the club and comes to greet new guests. He loves to be petted and loves to meet new people.

Today, Club Lion has become Lion Clubs… three separate and unique clubs high above Egret Key Sim.

The 2nd club has a Gothic theme. This club is managed by Dolphin Kidd and Black Dawes. The music played here ranges from dark, the hard riffs of Rock music to medieval sounds. The venue design fits the music. It is decorated in strong red and black colours. Couches and chairs are arranged to look out on to the private dance floor. Here too the comfort of its guests is paramount to Club Lion. They are especially proud of their DJs, including their two managers, Dolphin Kidd and Black Dawes, as well as Nightmare04 Rowlands. They all offer creative and unique selections of music to keep your feet moving and your mood excited.

In the 3rd of the Lion Clubs venues, we find Club Bleac Lion. Tabita Bleac is the manager of the club. This club has a Disco theme that makes you want to dance and have fun. Colourful and funky are the right words to describe this club. You really feel the vibe from the good old 70’s. The furniture here is something special. You can sit in a car trunk of a large finned Cadillac or on an old 70’s really ‘futuristic’ blue couch. The music played here ranges from the 70’s to the 90’s. You will get to hear everything from Techno Trance to House vibes. This club is consistently the most lively and fun of the three Lion Clubs. Some of the great DJs are Sinni Pfeffer, KingCobra Lane, and Tax Burt. Time to get your dancing shoes on....

The 3 clubs periodically hold a variety of contests for cash (lindens) prizes, such as "Best in Fat" or the “Best in Superhero”. This gives people the opportunity toget involved by making or buying their costumes, or just coming to see the fun and vote for a winner. These events produce much hilarity, crazy comments and fun for all.

BUT that’s not all. On the ground below the clubs, Huanita has built a stunning mall and park area. You can teleport to any of the 3 clubs from the ground.
The mall area is built on a tree lined street from the 70’s. You can stroll around the shops or pop in at the new “Dance Café Lion” for a hot chocolate, coffee or cappuccino, where depending on the day, you may either hear a live singer or enjoy an evening of karaoke. Whatever you choose, this is a great place to sit and relax.
What about the shops we hear you ask? If you are hungry, you can stop in at the snack bar or explore your cultural side with a visit to the gallery not forgetting the clothing stores that are available for both men and women. Everywhere on the Lion Clubs sim you will be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere, where everyone is friendly.

The Lion Clubs are not just about entertainment. Huanita and Club Lion have a strong history of helping people in Real Life. Every 6-9 months, the clubs hold charity fund raising events that raise hundreds of real dollars and Euros for real life organizations, such as hospice for childhood cancer patients or care for victims of heart disease. Recently the club held 2 big charity auctions. One was for the "German Help against Cancer" and the most recent and largest auction they have ever held, raised an unbelievable amount of money, all of which went to the "Child Hospital Lionheart”, which provides hospice care for children with untreatable cancer and other diseases.

Huanita says the first 3 years are just the beginning. They are excited about what the future holds for fans and friends at the Lion Clubs. They look forward to welcoming you there soon!!


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