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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Stuff To Do On SL

While SL is generally viewed as an alternative to the real world, what kind of Sports column would this be if we slept on the Super Bowl? As it turns out, SL has plenty to offer the Football Fan in the virtual world.

First of all, the Super Bowl provides me the chance to add to my totally unnecessary huge pile of cheerleading outfits. Off the top of my head, I have the Celtics, the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Saints, the Puckettes (maybe 25 varieties), the SLCS, the Bimbo Cheerleaders, and several that are sort of generic but I liked the color.

I went with Green Bay this year, more due to the fact that I needed some pom-poms in the Green Bay color scheme thaan to any particular allegiance to Wisconsin. My Saints pom poms could pass for Steeler pom poms in a pinch. I also didn't want to wear a Ben Roethlisburger jersey, as he was involved in a few date-rape cases and a serious fan like myself can't be bothered with answering complaints while the game is on. I might end up having to kill someone.

Either way, you can make that decision yourself while visiting Flashpoint Fashions. They have hundreds of teams covered, cheerleader-wise. I'd like to use whatever clout this column wields to have them make a BC cheerleader outfit, as I have a degree from there.

If I come around on the Steelers, I may get a nice Hines Ward or Troy Polamalu jersey from the Sports Fan-Attic. Another good spot is Violations Inc.

Now that we have you dressed up, you need somewhere to go, no? Why not watch some virtual football? The SFL has a game this weekend. Watch the Polano Chargers take on the BOSL Browns Saturday at 3 PM SLT.

Here's the link to the SFL stadium.

That, my friends, is a full slate of Super Bowl fun and activity! Enjoy the game!


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