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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Disaster Relief On SL

GOHA players, fans and cheerleaders observe a moment of silence for Japan's disaster victims.

Even the most hardened psychopath has to look at the situation in Japan and just feel awfully for the poor people. An earthquake is a nightmare. A tsunami is worse. A nucleaar meltdown takes the cake, and a series of nuclear reactor meltdowns eats the recently-taken cake.

Now, imagine all of that happening at once, in a small area. That's Japan, folks.

SL is just a bunch of people playing a video game, and our ability to help is limited. However, every little bit counts. There are some things you can do to help, and we'll dig up a few of them today.

You can go to our rivals at Radar Magazine to donate to their Japan Tsunami Relief Fund box. They will be running an event from now through mid-April, and all proceeds will go to help the victims.
The Japan Resort is also Japanese-driven, so the tsunami will be the chief topic of discussion around there, as well. Keep in mind, these places tend to be sort of somber, so don't go there trying to get laid or anything.
Finally, you can also buy a SL Linden Bear. Proceeds from the sales will be given to the Red Cross so as to provide aid for the victims. Here's a link to the Linden Bears For Japan page on SL Marketplace.
It's a big world, and it is near-impossible for the average guy/girl to run off to Japan and help physically/personally. You may even feeld badly, playing a videogame while some poor Japanese guy is floating in radioactive water on what used to be the roof of his house. However, with just a little time and a little bit of Linden Love, you can play a small part in helping these people recover.
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!


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