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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Larry ... no lounge suit lizard. “I wear jeans every day, no really I do” says Larry. So why is it that jeans have survived through time and achieved the seemingly impossible? How did jeans manage to remain hip for more than a century, from one generation to the next, all over the world and equally between both genders? What is the key to survival in general? Evolution. Think about it. It makes sense. In order to survive, something must adapt to its ever-changing environment. This principle applies to all things, alive and non-living. Without adaptation comes extinction. It is essential to evolve. Jeans have done exactly that. In the constantly changing world of fashion and popular culture, jeans have been adjusted every step of the way to suit their new environment. In this case, the environment involves trends, attitudes and looks. With every decade and every new generation, jeans have been adapted in order to ensure their continued popularity. And if you visit his store you too could wear jeans every day. He has a variety of styles for you (both male and female) and I have it on good authority that you will look sexy and sassy in Larry Jeans. VictoriaJayne wears Jeans 007 – Brown Dark and Summer Top Sunkiss Larry reckons “If it doesn’t fit, better stop eating those virtual French fries ...” According to Larry “Second Life is way too short to run around in badly made pants!” Not only does Larry design the sexiest jeans in town, but also the cutest tops which encompass the spirit of spring,. and smoking hot dresses that are sure to set the place on fire.


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