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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness Seeps Into SL

There are no college athletics I am aware of on SL, but you can still show some school spirit by dressing as a cheerleader for your school.

It's a great conversation piece, and a nice way to bump into people who went to the same college as you. I do some exotic dancing now and then, and "Cheerleader" is a long-running favorite costume of mine.

Cheerleader And Schoolgirl Uniforms is an ominous sounding name, but it's not really THAT pervy. It seems to be a cheerleader Mecca. You can get gear for NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB and college teams. They even have a lot of neutral cheerleader stuff like Bimbo Cheerleaders gear and Derry County Cheerleader gear, and even things like Goth.

I went with UConn, because I live in New England and the girl's team is good enough that I can now be a front-running bandwagon fan. I would actually prefer Boston College, but they didn't have that. They have Western Kentucky, but not BC. I plan to speak with thee owner about this.

So, with the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament coming up, I'd recommend getting yourself some spirit. You'll look good, you'll make people happy... you may even get laid!


  1. Check it out! March Madness college sweaters!


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