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Thursday, April 7, 2011

MUSIC NOT POLITICS NEWS: The OFFICIAL RL April Second Life Mid-Atlantic Jam is kicking off April 7th- April 10th in Glen Burnie, Maryland

Date of the JAM:  April 7-10, 2011

Thursday April 7 through Sunday, April 10, 2011

La Quinta Inn & Suites
Baltimore South Glen Burnie
6323 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: 1-410-636-4300
Fax: 1-410-636-2630  

There is a $60 per person fee to attend the Jam.  No, there isn’t a partial registration available. This fee is to cover the cost of the hall, food, snacks, etc., including two dinners to be provided (Friday and Saturday).  I have no intention of making any profit off of this affair.  In fact, any remaining funds will be donated to a charity.

I'm looking into guitars for troops

Tentative Schedule and ticket information

Thursday, April 7
Setting up the hall, dinner on your own, playing music by 6 or 7, stopping at midnight
(We have the hall from 4pm until Midnight)

Friday, April 8
Possible tour trip to D.C. or Baltimore (This is if there are enough people interested)
Music begins at 4pm, playing until midnight (dinner provided)
(We have the hall from 12 noon until midnight)

Saturday, April 9
Possible tour trip to D.C. or Baltimore (This is if there are enough people interested)
Music begins at 4, or noon, playing until midnight (dinner provided)
(We have the hall from 12 noon until midnight)

Sunday, April 10
Music begins at 10, until ???
(We have the hall from 10AM until 5PM)

I will be providing snacks and sodas and water, etc., dinner on Friday and Saturday, and some of those really stylish stick-on name tags, and hopefully a little memento of the Jam.
Questions?  Please try to send them in a notecard, the IM might not get to me.

Your Obedient Servant,
Rusty Cleanslate

How to pay the fee:
I do not have PayPal, and I'd really rather not get into transferring Lindens into RL money.  So, you will have to send me a check for $60.00 to the P.O. Box below.  ("Wait a minute...mail $60.00 to a guy I've never met, to a P.O. Box, and then show up and expect all to be good?")  Yeah, well, at this point I will have already put out $800.00 of my own money as the down payment to reserve the hall, so we're all in this together.  

  I need at least 35 paid attendees to make this work.  So if there are not at least 35 paid attendees by Friday, March 25, 2011, I will cancel and refund everyone who has registered their money.  That will give you a week to cancel your room.  I will keep you informed all along so that as soon as that number is reached, everyone will know.  Assuming we have enough (and early surveys say we will) refunds of the $60.00 will not be available after March 25.  After that, I'm sorry, but the money goes to the hotel and into getting supplies.

The hall has a capacity of 75 people, so I will cut off taking fee checks once I have that many confirmed attendees (I am an optimist).

What you need to do:
Mail an envelope to

Second Life Mid-Atlantic Jam
C/O Bruce Colburn
P.O. Box 893
Pasadena, Md. 21123

In the envelope, include a check, made out to Bruce Colburn, for the amount of $60.00 per person you are paying for, and on a separate piece of paper PRINT the following information;

The avatar name and real name for each person you are paying for

Tell me if you are or are not planning on performing

An email address to contact you

When you expect to arrive, transportation mode, and if you are staying at the hotel

Send me an email  letting me know you’ve mailed an envelope (or send me a note card in SL)


Call the hotel and tell them you are with the Second Life Mid-Atlantic Jam group, and make your reservations.
La Quinta Inn & Suites
Baltimore South Glen Burnie
6323 Ritchie Hwy
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: 1-410-636-4300
Fax: 1-410-636-2630


When I receive your check, I will email you and send you a note in SL letting you know I have it, and information on how to contact me when you arrive, in case of any transportation problems.  I have set up a group in SL for passing along updates, like who's registered, etc.  Once you are in, I will send you an invite to join that group.

The hotel is located near several large shopping areas and lots of restaurants (there is a Guitar Center located across the road), but you will need a vehicle to get around.  So, that being said, the more people who drive, the better, and hopefully everyone who does drive is willing to help others who couldn't.

The hotel does provide a shuttle to and from the airport, and to local locations, and I will endeavor to help out in this regard as much as I can.  Airport is 10 miles from the hotel.

Greg Colburn (his avatar name and RL name) is in charge of all the technical stuff (streaming to SL, sound set up, etc.), and he has final say in those matters, so questions in regard to that should be directed to him.  He's done this several times before with great success.

I would like to give each performer at least one hour of their time to perform, and that hour will be theirs.  They can invite whoever they want to come up and play with them, or solo it.  I want to present each performer in the most professional light possible.  And I also want to have a few loose jam sessions for all.  That is my goal; we will see how the time constraints work out.  The one most important objective is to have fun!!  If you have particular times you would like to play, let me know and I will do what I can to accommodate you, on a first come, first served, basis.  Including Thursday and Sunday, we should have over 28 hours minimum of music, more depending on how the final schedule works out.  ALL MUSIC MUST STOP AT MIDNIGHT EST.  That’s 9PM SLT, and for you furries, the big hand is on the 12, the little hand is on the 9 (J/K!)
Current Registered Attendees

(Here's the list, in alphabetical order)

    Agustin Braham
    Amy Ferguson
    Annan Dreamscape
    Astryd James
   Balisong Diavolo
    Bob Corrigible
   Brickhouse Frog
   Chleelis Darkwatch
   Chris123 Darkstone
   Ciara Trefoil
   Comrade Galaxie
    Dahlea Milena
    dakota7z7 Pluto
    Dawnlyn Writer
    Debi Latte
   Edward Lowell
    EricSteffensen Mistwalker
    Greg Colburn
    Gwampa Lomu
    Haroldthe Burrel
   Jadzia Vasser
    JustOneMore Loon
    Kalie Indigo
    KarenKate Sands
    KevinMThomas Carpool
    Kimmi Rayna
    Kitzie Lane
    Mack Humbridge
    Macy Zepp
    Max Kleene
    Meetu Hannu
    Mikal Beaumont
    Mike Sawyer
    Minerva Macchi
  Misty Cuthbertsson
   Montavious Peccable
    Mrmulti Writer
    Mrs. Cleanslate
    Norith Westland
    Perkey Felwitch
    Phineas Fride
    Rusty Cleanslate
   Rusty Seisenbacher
    Sandi Beaumont
    ThroughtheseWalls Moody
    Trouble Streeter
    VanMorrison Mint
    Yamis Jewell


Can't Attend the Event? Tune in here! 


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