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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spotlight on Kaino Hotshot- The best Wide Receiver in the SLNFL League, Architect and Black Soul Rhythms Radio Promoter. –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 Kaino Hotshot

It’s always a pleasure meeting new people in Second Life and finding out what they are all about.  Recently, I caught up with SLE Spotlight Drawing Winner Kaino Hotspot, after a BSR/ SLE sponsored Chill Lounge party.   Going in I had no clue what to ask but when we met up at his home. It was like walking up inside of MTV Cribs, except he wasn’t showing me all around pointing out his garage full of pimped out rides and walls of self portraits and awards. He was more the laid back type, the kind of SLebrity, you’d actually want to hang out with.

I tried to respect others time so I try to keep my interviews an hour, so I knew I didn’t have much time to think up questions so I just went with the flow of the conversation and here’s how it went down.

Interview with Kaino Hotshot

Lanai Jarrico: First off I would like to know who Kaino Hotshot is and what brought you to Second Life

Kaino Hotshot: well, Kaino hotshot in SL is a builder, football play & family man.

Lanai Jarrico: That’s a lot to hold down here in SL all at one time. How do you manage it all?

Kaino Hotshot: I am here because I just wanted to live the fantasy life and with a good schedule anything is possible.

Lanai Jarrico: Oh believe me, I know.  SL is the perfect place for that but it is a lot harder here to get others involved in one schedule.  So, how did you find SL?

Kaino Hotshot: in "RL" I was looking at a move!!.....I think is was CSI... and they had "SL" in the show and I was fix on finding out more about this place called SECOND LIFE

Lanai Jarrico: Oh Yes the CSI Episode with the White rabbit? I think that was back in 07. There was even a SIM dedicated to it. Great Episode! Where you a builder first before getting into football?

Kaino Hotshot: yes.  I am an architectural designer in "RL"

Lanai Jarrico: Oh Nice so you come into Second Life with a professional background. Do you have a store here with your work?

  Kaino Hotshot:  Not yet but I want to bring my designs into "SL"

Lanai Jarrico: Well, anything is possible like you said before. I’d love to check out your designs. So on to some Football, I would think it would be a bit of a hassle with training and such. Can you tell me about what you do in the SL sports arena and what attracted you to getting involved in it here?

Kaino Hotshot: I found it very interesting that someone was able to come up with the sport here in SL and a fantastic RL idea.  I was also a football player in College.

 Lanai Jarrico: That’s Very cool.  It seems like SL is an extension of your real life so far, So How is SL football played?

   Kaino Hotshot: When you join the SLNFL you come in as one Avatar but when you get the players HUD, you also get a second player Avatar.

 Lanai Jarrico: why is that?

Kaino Hotshot: The Kaino avatar you see here now gets all the glory and honor of all the good plays that this AVI does on field but, this Avie also put's in all the hard work in the gym.

Lanai Jarrico: Oh so you control what the second avie does from the sidelines?

Kaino Hotshot: nope.

Lanai Jarrico: Does using the gym give you better performance stats?

Kaino Hotshot: YES! In the HUD, you have 6 stats and when I work out and build my stat's that is how my player Avie performs. If I don't work out my AVI will not play well or if I don't keep up my speed my AVI will run slow. It's a great concept.  The coach tells us what we need to work on from week to week.
Lanai Jarrico: Oh! I get it now, that’s cool and I agree that is an interesting way to make all players perform differently for a more unpredictable outcome. Are there any players that maximized their potential? Yes. You’re looking at one of them now. Right now, I am the best WR in the league.

Lanai Jarrico: Nice! So, I see you sitting over there sporting a Broncos Jersey. Can you tell me about your team, your ranks, stats, all that.

Kaino Hotshot: yes, we are in first place at 10 and 1, just won a first round buy, in the playoffs and I just pass 1000 yards in receiving.

Lanai Jarrico:  Wow Congratulations!

Kaino Hotshot: Our last game of the year is Tuesday May2, the last game for the league is May 3rd and then the playoffs start.

Lanai Jarrico:  Who is the team owner and how many players on the broncos’ team?

  Kaino Hotshot: right now the BRONCOS are carry 24 player and our team owner is Boriqua Tigerpaw. Also for more information about SL Football, you can go to the SLNFL website and look at all the teams, if you like.

Lanai Jarrico: Oh yes thank you, I would love that link.

After giving me the link, Kaino Invited me to the GYM where all the working out magic happens and talked more about the Broncos, showed me some posters on the walls of him and his teammates and gave me an SLNFL  Fan club welcome. I could tell his was proud of his Team and his accomplishments in SL as he invited me to one last place, the Stadium.  It was huge with a big screen TV in the center where visitors can watch complete games, not clips.  It felt surreal just standing there just looking at all the details in this massive arena.

As the hour was soon approaching, it was time to start wrapping up our interview when Black Soul Rhythms Radio’s CEO stopped by.  We chatted for a few minutes then it was time to go chase some more news while he took on another one of his jobs here as BSR’s Promoter. 
 Before I left, I asked one last question.

Lanai Jarrico: Is there anything else you want to share or offer some advice on to new avies coming to SL?

Kaino Hotshot: yes. Don't have any holdbacks here in SL. anything is possible.

With that said, my advice to SLE fans is take advantage of all the great things Second Life has to offer and enjoy it getting to know the people you meet.  In fact, go check out a virtual football game and cheer on Kaino Hotshot now that you know more about him. Taking time to explore and learn about the peeps and places you come across here in Second Life can be a rewarding to discover new and interesting things because you never know, you can make a new friend in this global virtual world community.

Over and out. ~Lanai Jarrico

Want to be in the SLNFL Football League? They are currently accepting application for owners, player cheerleader and Coaches, just visit the SLNFL Center 

Visit the official SLNFL Website and check out the Schedule

Tune in to Black Soul Rhythms Radio
Get a commercial on the air, Contact Marjorie Dibou or Kaino Hotshot for quotes


 “Black Soul Rhythms Radio is one of if not the Best station in “SL”. Marjorie Dibou owner and DJ in SL” –Kaino Hotshot


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