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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

INSIDE THE SL MUSIC SCENE- The SL Music Scene is full of Amazing Talent, but it’s time to shine a spotlight on the Managers that make it all happen from behind the scenes. Meet Ms. Throughthewalls Moody – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

This Week, the Music Spotlight Is On Throughthewalls Moody, CEO Of MUSIC NOT POLITICS and manager to over 30 SL Musicians.

When an SL Concert is in full swing and avatars are on the dance floor emoting, dancing and enjoying the show, there main focus is the rock star on stage belting out originals and or covers from the comfort of their own home studios or even garages and bathrooms, because of the awesome acoustics. Who really knows? I just know that there is some amazing talent being showcased in Second Life, mangers that work their prims off and I am all up in the shameless groupie section partying like a rock star.

    Off to the side in these virtual venues, the musician manager quietly handles their business while taking in the show and observing the crowd’s conversation and atmosphere. These Avatars are the ones that put in most of the legwork to organize the amazing concerts and events we all go to and enjoy here in Second Life.  
   Besides managers, Venue Hosts are responsible for the locations these concerts take place and are a big part of what makes it all work. Together they promote and book SL musicians tirelessly across the grid for our entertainment, so I think tipping Managers, Hosts and Venues aside from Musicians is a big help to preserving live music in Second Life.

  Since Hosts and managers spend most of their time in the shadow of the main attraction, they never really get recognized, yet they are just as worthy of it.
 So with all that said,  I will be introduce you to some managers and hosts in the coming weeks that have a lot to say about what it takes to do what they do to get their artists known.  

MUSIC NOT POLITICS is one of, if not the most widely known Music Management companies in Second Life, with over 30 Musicians being represented.   I have personally followed  Throughthewalls Moody’s musicians around the grid like a shameless groupie for years and have always had an awesome time at their concerts.
Of these awesome musicians I have had the absolute pleasure getting to know and work with some of the rock stars up close and personal like Music Oxygen, KatRose Serendipity, kevinMthomas Carpool who has graced the SLE stage on several occasions through the years and has the most contagious laugh ever.  Onehempcat Oldrich is another MNP Musician that has rocked out with SLE. Onehempcat has a big heart too. (shuuu, don’t tell him I told you that). He is currently doing fundraisers for Autism, RFL and other things like many of the MNP musicians are doing.
 Just last week they finished up Music Awareness 2011; an annual event to Celebrate Music and Spread it across the grid. I can definitely  go on and on about all that MUSIC NOT POLITICS does for the SL community  but  what I like about them most is they truly love what they do and have the ability to step off the stage and just be who they are without all the egos and typical attitudes that some SL rock stars have.  MNP just Rock on and off stage. I caught up with Throughthewalls Moody to ask her about what she does and to get some words of wisdom from her and here’s how that interview went down.

Lanai: I’d like to know from your own words what qualities does it takes for Musicians to be successful in the SL Music scene. What does it take to do what you do?

Ms Moody:  That is a really tough question to answer. For me it takes an amazing support staff and a desire to share music with the world. The work is extremely demanding and pushes you to your absolute limits. The rewards are truly amazing though and it's all worth it when a fan tells you how much a song mattered to them.

Lanai: What advice could you give to others Managers that are starting out?

Ms Moody: If you are looking to make money it's the wrong field for you. This field requires a true desire to share music and the willingness to sacrifice everything that matters to you to make that happen. To have the careers of musicians in your hands is a great responsibility one that cannot be taken lightly. Learn your job and ask for help when you need it. Always think outside the box and follow your instincts. 

Lanai: What is your take on the SL music management industry in Second Life and musicians you have come across?

Ms Moody:  The SL 
Music industry is an amazing community. There are performers of every style, genre and quality. The musicians I have known in here have been amazing sharing their talents with enthusiasts who love music. As with anything in life there are "cliques" and politics but for the listeners there is no better experience than live music performed in an atmosphere where interaction is encouraged and good times are shared.

Lanai: How do they compare or differ to those you represent?

Ms Moody: The musicians I represent are for the most part singer/songwriters. They share their own music as well cover music by others with their own interpretation. 

Lanai: What is the biggest problem you face in your position? 

Ms Moody: To be totally honest the biggest problem I face are all the different personality types in the music scene. It's such a large community and as such has so many different ideas and theories and business models. It's hard to remember we are paving the road for the future of music and there is no RIGHT or WRONG way to proceed; its trial and error until something works.

Lanai: What do you think the SL community can do to help the Music Industry in Second Life grow and continue to thrive in a positive way?

Ms. Moody: I think the best thing for every person involved in the music community to do would be to go out daily and tell a new resident about the music scene. Just randomly IM a new resident at a mall or club or anywhere and share a little about the 
Live Music Scene in SL.

Lanai: What are some problems you see that can be fixed?

Ms Moody: I don't know that the problems I see can be fixed. To truly be a united community we would all need to work together to the betterment of the community this requires putting aside egos and awards and other accommodations to create an equal environment that will encourage growth and advancement to the community as a whole.

Lanai: How do you feel about working with other Managers in SL?

Ms Moody: I welcome the opportunity to work with other managers and enjoy sharing methodology between us. We can all learn from each other. It's not a competition there is no right or wrong way to manage as long as the music is getting out there to the people who want to hear it.

Lanai: Would you please tell me about your 
Music Management Company and who you are currently representing?

Ms Moody: I am the Owner of MUSIC NOT POLITICS, Inc. a RL and SL management and Promotion Company. Currently MUSIC NOT POLITICS represents KevinMThomas Carpool, EricSteffensen 
Mistwalker, Phemie Alcott, Evamoon Ember, Jaypee Platty, TonewoodFrank Unplugged, Geaneology, Nonge Shipman,Gregg Huet, Mack Humbridge, Matthew Perreault, Quinton Whitman, Onehempcat Oldrich, MMFKMT, Geos Copperfield, Kitzie Lane, Naphtali Hawks, Keeba Tammas, JasonDark Juran, Hogan Baily, Q (Alezandro) Svenska, Logan Porterfield, Music Oxygen, KatRose Serendipity, Chris123 Darkstone, Yamis Jewell,Chleelis Darkwatch, JoeSatriani Feden, Xavier Soulstar, Danger MacBeth, Mudge Barbara, Vladmir Lamont, Mykal Skall, Dakota7z7 Pluto and Hep Shepherd 

Lanai: How did this position come about for you in Second Life? Does it parallel your job in RL?

Ms. Moody: One day in Second Life in my early days I was shopping and a guy came up to me and asked me to listen to his song on his MySpace page. I did and I loved the song. He asked me to help him perform in SL and it took off from there -- That man was Hep Shepherd. My real life held a history in the music industry though I had left it for a career in the legal field rediscovering music in SL caused me to change my career in RL and back into the music industry. I manage Kevin M. Thomas and Eric Steffensen in my real life. 

Lanai: My next question has to do with your own personal code of ethics and how you conduct your business. What do you look for when you are approached to represent a client?

Ms Moody: When a musician approaches me I look for many things first and foremost is the genuine desire to share their music - if you are musician here looking to make money it's not going to happen. I also look for singer songwriters as I love to promote original music. I look for musicians who like interacting with their listeners and enjoy telling stories about how a song was created. 

Lanai: about the Musicians you work with, what kind of things do you want to see with your current artists and when you meet a new one needing your services? 

Ms. Moody: Artist development is hard to say as each is handled on an individual basis. I would like to see them add more of their own originals to their sets and I encourage them to continue to write more original music. 

Lanai: What things make you hesitant about working with someone?

Ms Moody: If a musician wants "as many gigs" as possible it worries me. While SL is a great platform to share your music it is a relatively small community and over exposure is easy to attain once you are over exposed your show attendance drops. Another thing that worries me is if the first question I am asked is related to money. It's hard for new musicians to understand you aren't going to make a fortune playing in SL. I am sure they see articles about musicians making $200 an hour but that is not what can be expected in SL (unless of course we are talking Linden Dollars). 

Lanai: from when you first began managing talent in SL, Have you noticed any changes in the SL Music scene or is there anything you see happening now?

Ms Moody: Well the scene has definitely grown! When I started there were about 50 performers now there are about 2,000. The scene continues to grow daily seeing venues close and new venues open. 

Lanai: Where do you see the SL Music scene in a couple years?

Ms Moody: It is hard to say. I do believe there will soon be licensing issues which could stunt growth but I think over all the scene will continue to grow and prosper. 

Lanai: with the wild and crazy reputation of real world rock stars, it makes me curious, have you ever had to deal with a diva or divo? If so, please tell me how you handled that.

Ms. Moody: Well as I said before there are all kinds of personalities in the SL Music Community. I have come across some who I would consider a diva or divo and basically I share my opinion and let it rest. I do chuckle when I see notices about "SL's BEST" and things like that - I know I have been in SL 5 years about and have not heard every musician in SL and could never say there is a BEST or who the best is. Music is an art and art cannot be compared as each piece is a different creation. 

Lanai: Before we end this interview can you please plug your Company.

Ms. Moody: You can check out all of the MNP artists at 

Lanai: What advice can you offer up to your Musician’s fans and the SL community about the importance of Virtual world music preservation and what things we all can do to help keep great musicians in Second Life?

Ms. Moody: Virtual music is internet music and it is the future of music. I follow the real life music industry trends and I believe internet / virtual concerts are the way of the future. Share it with your friends turn people on to live performances whether in virtual worlds participating or just tuning in on the web - its good stuff! 


  1. How enjoyable to have a look behind the scenes. It takes talent beyond measure to juggle musicians and place each talented performer in the right venue at the right time. Three cheers to Moody as she has paved the way for the future of music. Tami (didn't know how to post this so it shows anonymous). lol


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