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Showing posts with label musicians. Show all posts

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Canipanic Maslow and the ongoing legacy of the ~O~ Lounge - Wendz Tempest Reporting

    The history of the  ~O~ Lounge is rich and colorful with humble beginnings, a love for all music genres, and an appreciation for all types of voices. Novice, intermediate, professional, these titles do not mean as much as the fun and camaraderie experienced in the wonderful world of Karaoke entertainment.

   In the front and center, managing the ~O~ Lounge is Canipanic Maslow, veteran producer & performer on the fly, who has recently moved the lounge’s location to another region, complete with a new and larger venue. This year, the  ~O~ Lounge turns 16 and continues to open its doors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, still the prime location for discovering Second Life’s latest and greatest on the live music scene. 

  Here we ask Cani a few questions about himself and questions about what his greatest work in Second Life is.

WT- Please tell the readers a little about yourself, how you came to Second Life?

Canipanic Maslow (CM)- Initially I came to Second Life because I was playing Tiger Woods Golf on my computer. And I saw something that mentioned this 3D Virtual World, and I thought, ‘Wow, that’d be neat, I’ll see if they have golf.’  So I signed up for it and came in. They didn’t have golf. I found a golf shop in my search, but they only sold clothing. So for the first year or so, I just walked around visiting people and hanging out at different campsites, learning how to do simple things. And that’s about all I did until I decided to start the  ~O~ Lounge.”

WT- How about telling the readers how you were personally involved in the creation of the  ~O~ Lounge?

CM - I was hanging around this girl, named Bell Clellon, and she was a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) in real life. She had a thing she did every week in her town, where she went out there and ran the karaoke thing. I was hanging around with her and I said, “Well let’s do it here!”.  So she was the inspiration for it. When we tried it back then, there was no voice (in SL) so we tried it on Skype, and anybody that wanted to join us had to join Skype. It was really problematic. Basically, I gave up, thinking it couldn't be done.

One day I was hanging around a girl named Mitzi, we were on voice, and she told me, “Cani, mute your mic. I love this song!”. I didn’t know what she meant, but I muted my mic. And then she turned her speakers on, and she sang.

And that was the day the ~O~ Lounge was born because then everything was in sync. It dawned on me that as long as the microphone could hear the voice and the speakers at the same time, it’ll be in sync. Because before, we could never get everything in sync. That was the day Karaoke was born in Second Life. Open Mic Karaoke. There was nothing like that before. There were performers, but nothing with Open Mic.

And it took off right away. Mitzi was the builder so she built the lounge, and I went all around and was telling people about it. Nobody believed me. I’d say, “Next week we’re going to start Karaoke.” And they’d say, “Karaoke, what are you talking about, you can’t do karaoke here.”

Our grand opening was a hit, there were 28 people there because everyone was curious as to how we were going to do Karaoke in Second Life. We only did it once a week at that time, but people wanted more. It became 2 days a week for a few hours. Then more days and more hours, and people weren’t leaving after 5 hours. It was just a matter of 3 months when we decided to make it full-time, 24/7, because nobody would go home, they just wanted to sing and sing. And we’ve been like that ever since.

WT - What else do you do in Second Life to promote the Live music scene?

CM- Elvera and I, (Elvera Lerner is the co-owner of the  ~O~ Lounge with me), she is the co-owner of the ~O~ Lounge also, and The Music Hall of Fame Group. She keeps me firmly planted in reality and my head out of the clouds. 

The Music Hall of Fame Group was started by a woman named BringitOn Paine. She was one of the biggest promoters of the music scene in Second Life. She became ill and couldn’t continue on so she asked Elvera and I if she could take it over for her. In most groups with singers, all they’re able to do is send out notices for their shows. 

WT- Please elaborate on what the Music Hall of Fame group is?
CM- The Music Hall of Fame has a resource center. These performers can add their names to be hired and venue owners can come in and click on a board. There are three buttons which are, fees or tips, the genre they want, and the day of the week/time they need them to perform. There are 170 top performers on that Music Hall of Fame board and only the ones that fit that category or criteria, are going to be shown to them.

There’s also a board up there with all the open mic places and karaoke places I could find in Second Life because new performers need to get established. I always bring new performers to the resource center, and I show them that board and tell them they need to go to as many open mics as they can, to become established. Venue owners go there looking for people to hire, and that’s the way people get to know you.

There are other resources like where to get your stream, Soundcloud links, ReverbNation, or youtube, wherever they have their music.

I encourage people at the  ~O~ Lounge to start performing when I hear someone that I think can do it. Plus I also help people learn how to stream. That’s what I do, and everyone around me tends to be the same way. They have the same passions. 

WT- The  ~O~ Lounge continues to be a haven for novices and professionals alike, and your work with the Music Hall of Fame has helped so many performers. Tell us a little bit about what you’re currently working on?

CM- I have an  ~O~ Karaoke Lounge website that’s being worked on right now that is going to promote a lot of people as well as the  ~O~ Karaoke Lounge Podcast that I’ve reinstated which started in 2012.  I’ll be doing interviews, teaching people how to stream, making videos on how to stream, and dual stream, as well as making videos on the various broadcasters and how to set those up. 


Group: ~O~ Lounge VIPs

Preferred contact: Canipanic Maslow

Saturday, January 8, 2022


Soooo…I was hopping around the Grid the other day, looking to see if anyone was having fun without me in SecondLife, and  I dropped square into THIS place.  According to the promo,  The Music Factory is billed as “SL's Premier Multi-Genre & Live Music Venue", owned and operated by veteran  SL'er, Wilson "Bluesdaddy" Camino”.  Here I met the friendly and outgoing Camino, as he was prepping for his next set.  Still, he managed to spare a few minutes to answer my questions.  He described The Music Factory as one of SL's hottest destinations. They are Multi-Genre and Newcomer Friendly, with DJs who play Blues, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul, and Pop. Confident in his own abilities as a DJ, Camino’s profile states “I have no doubt, there's no better Blues  DJ in SL**”

Josh (Thomas1 Belllic) (JB)    Hi Wilson.  Thanks for agreeing to chat with me.  Let me ask, how did you come up with the idea for “The Music Factory”?

Wilson Camino (WC):  I initially planned to stay working at The Fix, but when you've been an owner, working for someone else was unsatisfying, and since this isn't my first rodeo, (I previously owned The Blues Barn) and it was moderately successful, I decided the best move going forward was to carve out a place for the vision I had. I have my Muse, Mysti, and she and I went looking for a facility to start out this endeavor with, and we went to numerous places that sell buildings, we initially planned to do something with garage, but after we went to M-C Creations, we came across this building, although it was in its original form.

JB:  What is it that makes “The Music Factory” different from any other music venue out there?

WC:  First, we do have a heavy blues influence here, that's mainly my fault. It turns out we ended up with an excellent staff, one I'm very proud of, and individuals in our roster don't limit themselves to strictly one genre, they are all very talented and have the ability to mix genres. I take great pride in that, and we have Jazz Mondays, and each day of the week we sponsor different spins on what the days' music will bring.

JB:  Did you build this all by yourself, or do you have a partner or assistant who helps out?

WC:  The building and all the work on the grounds here and over the bowling alley were done by my good friend Magda 1851, who is the builder of the original building we bought to house the club. She's been brought into our group as well, and every revision we did since we opened, she's created, she's amazing and wonderful. I believe as things now sit, we are fully willing to embrace change if needed, but I don't believe we can make it any better here.

JB:   Are you a Blues musician in RL as well?

WC:  I knew this was going to come up, lol. I play guitar, I'm not in a band or anything. I don't know if it matters, I have 8 guitars, and I'm building up a collection. What I do have, is a stunning music collection, and I've been collecting music I loved since childhood, and it continues to reflect my sets in what I play.

JB:  You seem to be able to handle groups of varying sizes with a couple of dance floors.  Tell me about the layout here?

WC: Good question, at one time, this was just the building, and it had support columns, and obstructions galore, so I went and asked Magda to do a revision and she removed all the columns and removed gates that were across the stage. We operated with just the original building for a while, but the need to use the land behind the club led to the present configuration, and Magda redesigned the back of the building, (opened it up) and built it with the upper dance floor, the amphitheater seating area, and the fences around the premises. She also took on doing the grounds, front, back, and around the bowling alley. The idea was to offer a variety of settings for our VIP's, both inside, and outdoors.

JB:  What can visitors expect when they drop into The Music Factory? 

WC:  They should expect entertainment, friendly staff, and great conversation, we try as much as possible to have Hosts along with the DJs so guests can expect to be greeted and made welcome. Also, innovations- we have SL's first couples and singles dance balls shaped like guitars, there's a single neck I had made for singles, and a double-neck made for couples. I also had remote stands built for the dances and to keep things similar, they also feature the double-neck for couples and a single neck for single folks. I have subscribers for all the DJs so people don't have to use group space to keep up with their favorites, they can tap a Subscriber and keep up with all the news and schedules.

JB:   So, tell me, Wilson? Do you have any special events coming up? If so, what can guests expect there?

WC:  We have events every Saturday evening, we've done Ice skating, roller derby, costumes, and others and there's always a prize. this week, we are having a tin foil hat contest, lmao. They're all for fun, and they always generate a good crowd. We also have Formal Fridays, and everyone likes the excuse to dress up.

JB:  Tell us about your staff?   How many people does it take to keep an operation like this running?

WC:  I think, at least for my part, I have the best staff in SL. I co-own the club, I learned early on delegation is a wonderful thing. Aster,(my co-owner) and I strive to have a stable roster, unlike many other clubs, I pay a salary and tips, and everyone keeps 100% of what they make. It helps a lot, folks like stable too, and they come back looking for their favorite staff. Right now, we have 2 owners, a pair of host managers, and we are looking for others. At last count 15 DJ's, and 12 Hosts.

JB:  How can people find out what is happening here?  Where do you post your Schedule of Events?

WC:  We have event boards all over here, and right outside the front door there's one, we always update them as soon as possible. We also have a Facebook page, and were recently in the Destination Guide.

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Readers?

WC:  Folks, there's the old way of doing things, and our way. Come by and hang out a spell, you'll have a great time, and you'll have found a new home for your entertainment needs. We appreciate all our guests, and we welcome all newcomers to SL, and those just looking for something new. We are the home of' great times, great tunes, and great vibes for unstable minds". We also have plans to have charity kiosks and events here, For NAMI, Run For Life, and others in SL.

So there ya have it, Folks.  If ya’ll are looking for a place with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a friendly, engaging staff, and some really kick-ass DJs, come check out The Music Factory at the SURL below.

Be There.  Aloha!



Tuesday, March 9, 2021


When I first arrived at Rockstar Island, I was warmly met by the automated greeter, saying “Greetings Thomas1 Bellic, Welcome to Rockstar Island.  Where the music is live, and Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and in the clouds with the Aurora Borealis. Join Rockstar Island Music Events to see what Rockin the Island is all about!

Aurora Borealis?  Snowcapped Mountains?  This place definitely had my attention now.  I followed the Teleporter to the main concert area, where I saw DJCanuck (Canuck Dismantled Bloodrayne) getting set for the evening’s entertainment.

Josh Bellic (JB)  "So, Canuck.  Just what is Rockstar Island all about?

Canuck Dismantled (CD): It's a live music venue, dedicated to the Rock Music Genres from classics to modern rock.  The theme is “Winter Island at Night with the Aurora Borealis”. It's multi-levels.

JB:  Did you do all this yourself?  Or did you have help, and how do you divide the responsibilities?

CD:  No, I didn’t do this alone.  I had a LOT of help with building the venue.  I can thank my lady, Devil, a lot, for helping to make that possible. I said to my lady “Devil, I want to open a winter-themed live music venue.”  I’ll let her explain from here.

Devil Bloodrayne (DB): Canuck had been involved in the rock concert scene for some time now, working with some of the largest and best-known bands on the grid.  One day he rather whimsically indicated how much he wanted to do that again.  I love to build in SL, and when he said that, it gave me the perfect opportunity to do what I love, for the man I love. He told me what he was looking for in his decorations and I went with it.

JB: I understand your family lives with you here on the region.  Do they help with your shows as well?

 CD:  Yes. They are a BIG help. They have always supported the venue, and one of them even works here as a host for some of our Live singers when they come to entertain

DB:  Some of the kids live here, and they do help out here on the sim.  I generally take care of any building that needs to be done, like the staging and platforms, scenery and the Tip Jars for the performers.  Canuck is the Face and Voice of Rockstar Island, while I provide the needed technical and building support.

 JB:  So then, just where did the idea for RockStar Island come from?

CD:  lol. Well, my last tribute concert group I had was called Rockstar Entertainment, so when I stopped doing those concerts, I decided to make use of this parcel on our sim that had been used for my tribute concerts as house shows when not booked into the venue and rename it from Rockstar Entertainment Arena to Rockstar Island.

JB: I see your Venue is built to accommodate Stage Bands.  What kind of shows do you run?

CD:  Rockstar Island is a multi-purpose music venue with 2 levels. Designed for Live Music, this stage is fully equipped with lights and pyrotechnics by OD Designs & UR Wares.  The drums and keyboards are also from OD. Mondays and Tuesdays there is a band on stage with the singers called Bad Reputation. It's the long-time backing band for some of the Moonlight Music Singers. Seren, who sings here, asked for my help in forming the band here at Rockstar Island.  So, I started IMing my SL friends that I used to work within my tribute concerts, asking if they know who would like to get on a stage with some live singers at my newly opened live music venue.  So Bad Rep was formed and performs here every Monday and Tuesday with a group of my friends.  We meet some amazing new people and have fun doing what we all love – Being a Rockstar!

We use the Concert Area for Tribute Concerts we hire to come put on a concert once a month, usually on Sundays. This area can hold up to four stages at one time if ever needed, with room for the dance floor. The Groups we currently use are Thunderstorm Entertainment*TSE* and Havok Entertainment.

JB:  How long have you been in the DJ Business?

CD:  Well, I’ve DJ’d online over 19yrs. I started DJing on TSO (The Sims Online) with various online radio stations and finally Aug. 14, 2007, came to SL while with as my 1st avatar, Canuck Jetcity. In 2008 I left Voltradio and went back to (DJ for them in TSO).  I DJ’d there for six months in SL, before they went under.  I became an independent DJ in SL, and got my own stream with digiSTREAM and to this day I still use the same.

JB:  Tell me about your dogs.  They seem very loyal.  They never seem to leave your side.

CD:  Not much to tell.  I'm a dog lover in RL , but can't have any real due to allergies. I’ve always loved the Rottweilers and American Bulldogs. These dogs are “Animesh companions” made by Rezzroom here inworld.

JB:  Do you still run the occasional Tribute Concert?

CD:  Not currently, but I am working a few special projects with Moonlight Music Co-op of Second Life with a few of their live singers to take the SL tribute concert to the next level. I won’t give any more details, but I will say this:  ONCE THEY ARE READY, THEY WILL ALL DEBUT HERE AT ROCKSTAR ISLAND!

JB:  Tell us about some of the musicians you have hosted here in the past?

CD:  We are Moonlight Music as a venue and promoter for their singers, and we host three of them weekly.  They are Seren McGillivary, Wolfie Moonshadow & Rocker335. Every other Saturday we have Maximillion Kleene.  Some of the Concerts we have had include The Rob Zombie Experience (owned and operated by my good friend Wire Frost) here twice and some of the monthly concerts with *TSE* were Metallica/Megadeth , Godsmack/Shinedown, and Havok's Lynyrd Skynyrd

JB:  And how can a reader learn more about upcoming events at Rockstar Island?

They can follow us on the Rockstar Island Facebook Page, or join our inworld group Rockstar Island Music Events. You can also hit our scriber in the venue on the right side of stage. Our FB page is:

JB:  Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Yes.  Just this.  Rockstar Island is the Hottest Island on the grid, so just Jump On your Sleigh and head on down to Rockstar Island where the music is LIVE!! Rockin' high above the snow-topped mountains and rockin the Aurora Borealis

 So, there ya have it folks.  If you are a fan of Rock Music, then Rockstar Island is THE place to experience the best in Live Rock on the Grid.  Come chill out alone, or with a friend, to some great tunes under a brilliant sky.   Rockstar Island.  You’ll be glad you came.

Be there.  Aloha!




Monday, December 28, 2020

The Best of TSO and Modern Holiday Music and Fractal Art Display by: angelbabytucker

On Wednesday, December 30, long-time SL rock DJ Robobobby Skytower will spin TALES OF WINTER, songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and other Winter and Holiday Music.  This show is choreographed and arranged in detail, a holiday celebration on the not-so-traditional side.  The evening will be a show of music and light.  The show will also spotlight the amazing and beautiful fractal art of SL notable artist Milly Sharple.  

The Venues of Champagne’s signature venue, CHAMPAGNE, is affectionately called “The Glass”.  This elegant and sparkling ballroom has an effervescent champagne dance floor that bubbles away inside a vintage style champagne glass. The dress is Champagne Formal** ~ Champagne Fabulous.

Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss this coordinated and original event.

Come explore The Venues of Champagne! Search Champagne, Portals, Waves, The Blues Room, and Zensational!   Music. Chat. Beach. Romance. Ballroom. Blues. Mermaid. Dance. Games. Family. Fun. Laughter. Low Lag. The Genuine Side of SL.

**The transparent overlays of skirts maybe more translucent on parts of the dance floor because of the transparent nature of the Champagne ballroom.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Treasured Friends Upcoming Events For December


Dec. 7th ===> DJ Jay Cee @ 1-3 PM Bring on da funk!


Dec. 10th==> Wolfie Moonshadow  @ 6 PM   (live singer).

Dec. 14th ===> DJ Lixxin Zardark @ 4-6 PM Mellow Blues Set

Dec. 21st ===> Ichie Kamachie @ Noon (12 PM)


Wolfie Moonshadow (LIVE SINGER)

 Since June of 2010, Wolfie has built a following becoming one of SL's most popular performers. He performs songs from several genres making his shows varied and adaptable for each venue he plays. His sheer love of entertaining shines through in every performance, with his fans becoming a part of the show, every time. :)

Wolfie has performed with several RL bands spanning over more than 20 years and three countries (Gibraltar, Spain and the UK).  Also, Wolfie has appeared on several television programs in Gibraltar in addition to performing for Gibraltar National Day concerts.

Contact:  ArishaFlame75 Resident / Destiny102 Resident

Samples of his work:
YouTube Channel:
Music Videos (Filmed By Fuschia Nightfire):
Thinking Out Loud:


My introduction to House music happened back in 1994 through partying at clubs, afterhours, raves, and underground events. In 1995, I decided to become a DJ. I first started out spinning breakbeats back in the mid 90's, and in 2000, through changes in my musical tastes, began spinning House music. With changes and additions in equipment over the years, from vinyl to mp3's, analog to digital, my love for House Music goes on. My style can be said to be smooth, clean mixing of one or several styles in any particular set.


Mellow Blues Mix

Ichie Kamachie (The Voice) LIVE SINGER


Saturday, November 14, 2020

GRAND OPENING!! - The Cuddle Puddle November 20th 2020


 The Cuddle Puddle

 Introducing The Cuddle Puddle, a new BDSM friendly lifestyle sim where you can shut out the troubles of the real world and relax in a chill space with like-minded people. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, indulge in some meditation, enjoy the gallery, attend the live events, share your thoughts at discussions, or just sit and chat with other community-minded people. Beware! We have cookies and we aren't afraid to use them!

★ ════ ☆ Grand opening
★ ════ ☆ Nov. 20th
★ ════ ☆  12pm SLT
★ ════ ☆  Live singer:  JAKBNIMBL RIDDLE
★ ════ ☆  ATTIRE~ casual chic

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Trinity451 – Not your ordinary singer in the Matrix Brooke Blackburn Reporting:


They say “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak”. That’s part of a poem by William Congreve that conveys the essence of Music. Music is all that and so much more. It’s been proven music has health benefits that can affect heart rate and blood pressure and can possibly prevent future heart attacks. Music can bring a tear to your eye or make you feel you are on top of the world.

One of the performers that can invoke that kind of passion is Trinity451 or “Trin” as she likes to go by. She is a wife and mother of 3 from the US and not only does she have an angelic voice but can win over the crowd by making it a personal experience like she is singing just to you. Few performers in Second Life have that type of ability. It’s a treat for the ears to hear Trin sing and I am one who was able to get that chance.

On December 16, 2016, Trinity451 arrived in Second Life. A “late bloomer” in the music world as she describes herself, but after you hear her you’ll understand she is here to quickly take it by storm. She can certainly hold her own with top performers in Second Life and has a more rounded song library than most. She can sing songs from Soft Rock to Modern Pop and her first song of the evening was Superstar by The Carpenters. That was such an appropriate song because right away you’ll be able to tell she is a “Superstar”.

Her 2-hour set that night consisted of:

Superstar – The Carpenters

Somethings got a hold on me – Christina Aguilera

25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago

First time ever I saw your face – Roberta Flack

A Broken Wing – Martina McBride

I’ve got to see you again – Norah Jones

Landslide – Fleetwood Mac

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

Turn me on – Norah Jones

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

Glitter in the Air – Pink

Crazy – Patsy Cline

Interview with Trinity451 (Trin): 

Brooke Blackburn (BB)   At What age did you first start singing?

Trin: So young I really don't remember but all in school...grade/JR and high school but I know I started well before that.

BB: So since you were a teenager?

Trin: Younger than that like 9, but yes, really started singing in Jr high in choir and solos.

BB: Have you been singing all your life?

Trin: I'm a Midwest gal. I got married and had kids and let singing slip away to my regret.

BB: How much of your life have you dedicated to music?

Trin: After I got married...I quit for many years with having kids. I felt I was missing something. I've been to many karaoke places and loved it. Then I found online places like Paltalk and Second Life. Especially Second Life! I really feel I found my niche.

BB: Did you come to SL to sing or was it something else?

Trin: I came from Paltalk and I heard about the venues here and singing live. So I came here and I sang in the open mic for about a year. So I didn't start singing in venues till just about 2 years ago.


BB: Do you perform in clubs in real life?

Trin: I don't perform in real life because in my earlier years, I had horrible stage fright that kept me from pursuing further exposure, but that SL has helped me overcome a lot of those fears and I hope to be able to expand.

BB: What artists have influenced you or who are your favorite singers?

Trin: Barbara Streisand, Patsy Cline… I love Christina Aguilera.

BB: How long have you been singing in Second Life?

Trin: Just a lil over a year… no, it's about 2 years.

BB: Do have any type of songs that are your favorite? 

Trin: Well, Patsy of course... a lot of hers. I have some new favorites that I just learned and some contemporary songs. I have to say...ballads are my thing.

BB: Do you sing any original songs in your Second Life sets?

Trin: I've thought of lyrics, but no, haven't written any…. poems mostly and would like to put it to melody.

 For bookings who can fans contact?

Trin: I have a manager, her name is crearwy.bugaboo. She handles all my bookings and if you want me to sing at your club, please call her and she will make sure to set you up.

BB: What is your fee?

Trin: I ask the venue for L$1500 - 2000 per show.

Trinity451 has a bright future ahead of her. I’ll end this the same as Trin ends all her sets with a Patsy Cline reference… You owe it yourself to hear her sing and you are “Crazy” if you don’t. You can catch her at the Mountain Lion, Sweet Genesis, or The Night Owl. She performs at each weekly so call ahead and see when she is scheduled.   

" I love singing, it is a passion " – Trinity451

Additional Information:

Join my group in Second Life!

Group Code: 4e2bbc98-836d-d992-b51f-83b63996d89e



Bookings Contact: crearwy.bugaboo


Thursday, July 9, 2020

Examining Equal pay for live musicians in SL and the effects on venues- Fan topic request.- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

An SLE fan contacted us suggesting a topic about equal pay for all live musicians and high priced singers vs lower priced singers.

Her argument was, “I know so many live singers, some real stuck up, some down to earth and easy going...then those [musicians] that think they are so much better than everyone else, when in actuality they are equal or worse”

My first thought was, Geez straight from the gate lol, She does have an interesting point but playing devil’s advocate; Who are we to decide the worth of a music talent? It would be like, wow this outfit is 750 Lindens… Nah... I think it's worth way less…like 150L. But go and buy it anyway.

If we all negotiated prices, we would be a culture bartering our way around. Just keepin it real by saying musicians are worth what venue owners are willing to pay. Even the broke club owners would scrap change from the couch to pay for an hour of entertainment.

According to what average venues owners pay, in reality the market sets the price. If there are buyers then there is a market for it and if business owners are willing to pay... then they are the ones who actually set the price.

That got me thinking about the imbalance in the SL Musicians vs. the effects on Venues. I wonder if equal pay for all musicians would even solve the real problem.

If you figure a RL night out on the town solo or bringing someone along, a good time or cheap date could cost about $100.00 USD for food, $152.83 if you include drinks and whatever else you like to do. For example, going to the movies, bowling or underwater basket weaving, things can add up. (Not recommended due to COVID)

The beauty of Second Life is avies get to concert hop and have a good ol time for an average of 300L a concert if there is a musician/venue tipping budget without the risk of catchin’ the corons. That saves SL concert goers a whopping $151.50 per event they attend! Now imagine that when you get to party 24/7 in SL without going bankrupt.

Now if you threw in a real lif concert to let’s say…… Beyonce, one night could cost you about $325 for a good seat ticket plus that $152.83. A little cheaper if you don’t drink or mind the nosebleed section. SL obviously a cheaper option. *sets down the calculator*

Live music in Second Life made its debut on the grid as early as 2007. It is a major staple of the SL community. Hundreds of talents from around the global have followed suit for over a decade. This form of entertainment can be costly to venue owners who count on live talent to drive traffic to their sims, shops and events. Many resort to DJ sets because it can be too expensive. Oftentimes these events don’t bring in enough traffic of regular tippers to cover half their overhead.

The Musicians who actively perform across the grid range in talent but all collectively provide a service that venue owners want to book. They are a vital part of concert halls and clubs not to mention giving avies something fun to do. Like dance, socialize and even interact with DJs, singers and musicians. From the range of talents, how do venue owners put them on a pay scale? I guess it is up to them to figure it out.

The average fee for a musician in Second Life ranges between 3,000L to 5,000L respectively. ($12.30USD-$20.50USD)

Another point brought up by the fan about why musicians charge, “4k may not be alot to some but we did not ask him to build a recording studio in his basement. we did not ask him to buy all the fancy equipment..that's on him..”

There are a handful of entertainers who take it to a whole new level with one hour concerts that cost upwards of $15,000L-$25,000L ($61.48 USD-$102.46 USD). Maybe some musicians do have a massive Radio Shack debt to pay and really need the lindens or their cat needs surgery for a bum tail.. Who are we to judge?

With fees that outrageous for a linden based economy, it is a bit much if I say so myself. Those types of fees literally double the cost of what venue owners pay monthly to keep their club running. All I can say about that is don’t hate the player, hate the game because they are livin’ their best SL. The only problem I see is with musicians who have a bad case of SLebrity with no RL substance to back up their visions of grandeur. One background track on a commercial for Ritz crackers back in 1992 doesn’t make you a star.

To the musicians who tour in RL, sell their music, get residuals and actually make a living performing. Do you, boo boo... charge whatever you want but at least stick around for groupie photo ops and autographs.

OK! Let's talk about venues now. Did you know an average venue owner pays a monthly tier ranging from 1250L-3000L/ wk ($5.13 USD/wk- $12.30 USD/wk) or $20.52-$53.20 USD a month. With an overhead to cover, venue owners count on tips and sales of products and services they may offer. If they also pay for just one event a week at a fee of 5k ($20.52 USD) that is another $82.00 bucks slapped on the grand total of approximately $100 USD a month just to run a venue, pay staff and musicians.

Without tips and sales, many of these venue owners never make a return on their investment and keep their clubs afloat for the love of Second Life and the live entertainment. The same venue owners spend countless hours managing their clubs and scheduling events. The struggle is real and that is why many venues come and go.

Musicians on the other hand who perform at least two events a day for seven days can make about $287+ USD a week. Cashing out $1,148.00+ USD a month. That’s great supplemental income to afford you 1 Lexus car payment, 2 pairs of shoes and a nice budget for Ulta per month….if you aren’t into those things, it would help with rent, food, child support, a weed habit or those Jordans you always wanted.

Then there are those singers who do it for free or tips only at karaoke night. Bless their hearts...

Weighing the pros and cons and looking on each side of the fence. There does seem to be an imbalance between musicians, their fees and venues who ultimately pay the price. But who really is at fault here?

My question is how do we gauge what a musician is worth? Do we rely on SL talent shows to pick off the shower singers from the ones who made a career of it. One might argue everyone has their own taste in music and the right to decide what they are worth and or what venues are willing to pay. The first musician who created the $5k fee set the bar. I wish I knew who it was so I can ask how he came up with that figure.

Venue owners who continue to pay keep the bar where it is. Either have the budget to do so or they genuinely love what they do and don’t expect a 100% return. Musicians on the other hand perform in Second Life because they genuinely love what they do. Many are willing to work with venues and bend their fees and others… well, they think they are a real star while adding to the problem.

One musician who wished to remain anonymous commented when asked about equal pay for all musicians said,  "As a musician I don’t agree with equal pay. If a musician wants more money they should step up there game. If nothing else just be better than the others. It is obvious on SL who is really an artist and who is just average with a big ego".

As a venue owner or a musician, What is your take on this topic? Please share your comments and suggestions below.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Elite SL Music Magazine is a vibrant source of timely information about music in Second Life

Elite SL reporters comb the Metaverse to bring you up-to-the minute reports on musicians and the venues they play in and stories of performers’ Real and Second Life careers. Constantly growing, changing, and reshaping itself like the music and the venues it describes, Elite SL Music Magazine is the go-to WebZine for all music lovers. Join us on these pages and in Second Life to learn about the must hear performers, the hottest as well as the undiscovered venues, and the behind the scenes stories of music in Second Life.

We cover live performances, venues, and SL’s top DJs, and provide a close up view of Second Life’s richly textured music world through candid interviews, reviews, and photography.

You can find us on social media here:

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Monday, October 24, 2016

OD DESIGNS -An in depth interview with Ortho Vargas - Dean Lawson reporting

Rocking in the virtual world
Are you looking for rock and roll or any contemporary musical instruments or paraphernalia? With a wide range of instruments and stage accessories there’s a good chance that OD Designs has what you’re looking for. I had a chance to discuss the inspiration behind the craftsmanship of OD Designs with owner Ortho Vargas.
Dean : Could you tell me about the origins of OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : Almost 11 years ago I came to SL on the recommendation of a hacker friend of mine to "check out the VR".  I poked around off and on for a few months, then discovered that it was possible to build and script objects.  I built a guitar just to see if I could.  I still have that first model, its pretty rough :)   I get it out once in a while for a chuckle.  RL I am a programmer, craftsman, and musician.  Building musical instruments in SL was a natural melding of everything I enjoyed.  Its been a great ride so far.
Dean :  I visited the store and saw that some of the instruments are very realistic. Does your store sell RL brands and models such as Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster guitars?
Ortho Vargas : OD has endorsements from RL companies to reproduce a copy of their guitars to name .... BC Rich guitars, Dean Guitars, Turner Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Schecter Guitars & Basses, Traben Basses,  Breedlove Guitars

Dean : Do the instruments come with animations? If so could you elaborate on the different type of animations?
Ortho Vargas : All instruments come with a hud so you can play then straight from the box so to speak.  OD also has 3 'add-on' guitar huds with a lot more animations than the standard (approx 70+ mocap animations) hud to allow for a more professional look when playing.  Also OD has a vocal hud which again has 50+ Mocap animations to mix and match for that professional singing look.
Dean : What is the extent of the inventory at OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD produces a range of instruments, mainly guitars ranging from your hard rock electrics to the more classical acoustics with a few 'specials thrown in to keep things exciting'.  Other products include horns, keyboards, and many more.  OD also has the only harmonica driven by hud animations in SL.
OD has no less than 11 different D4 fully mesh Drum Sets one of which is the special 'cow bell' for those moments when you just need a bit extra cow.
At the back of the store is a full stage set up so people can view the optional extras for stage equipment, Lights, Pyro's, Lasers (not just for Dr Evil) along with a Particle Lab that allows people to create their own added effects.  Plus some speakers of which there are exploding ones

Dean :  Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD has 3 stage area's so we can hold full festival set ups if needed along with allowing people to come play whether they are just starting out or a fully established group.  There is a LIVE stage area where we invite live artists to sing or play instruments.
For every new release we have a party (in 2 time zones) which allows people to view and get the new release at a discount along with the possibility of actually winning one.

There is a monthly 'OD ROCKER' or 'OD ROCKER BABE' who if they are lucky enough to be chosen they get some gifts, a page on the OD calendar and invited to select events around SL.