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Thursday, May 5, 2011

What is Cinco de Mayo and why do we celebrate it?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

      Well…If you think it is a celebration of intoxicating proportions, you are partially right, but if you wanted to get all Wikipedia nerdy about it, Cinco de Mayo is not a National or Mexican holiday nor is it Mexico’s Independence Day, like peeps might believe it to be.

  The United States has taken over this unofficial holiday to give people more of  a reason to let go of their inhibitions and party on with drunken madness, but it has become commercialized.

Now, Cinco de Mayo is associated with Tequila, Vodka, Margaritas and whatever else that will royally eff you up, to add to the festive nature of this day, peeps are now sporting colorful sombreros, loads of beads and the sexy senoritas get all dolled up with flowers in their hair, while some men sport big fake mustaches and beefy chest with an opened, button down dress shirt.  The kicker is you don’t even have to be Mexican to enjoy it all, mean hangovers included.

But really to pitch some knowledge at you, this day marks the Battle of Puebla in 1862 when the Mexican army won victory over French forces.  It is most commonly celebrated in the State of Puebla in Mexico and across the United States as the “unofficial Celebration of Mexican heritage and Pride.

In Second Life it is another great reason to spread this celebration globally and party like rock stars, learn a few things about different cultures in SL and enjoy the festivities of the day.

Below are some cool places that celebrate Mexico and its Heritage.

Sadly this location may be leaving Second Life, because SL no longer gives 50% discounts for nonprofit organizations. You can help by donating to these disappearing sims to help keep them in Second Life.

"Where Worlds Collide" Mexican & African Furniture
Just a cute little shop nestled on a hill. If you like Mexican artwork and house wares, this would be a great place to shop.

Interested in the ancient history of Mexico, Check out a Mayan Pyramid at Dynasty Land, you can also find unique things you can purchase as souvenirs of your journey.

Looking for concerts, events and parties for Cinco de Mayo? check out the Live Events list in the SL search engine and party on Amigos!


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