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Friday, June 3, 2011

MUSICIAN MANAGER SPOTLIGHT: Meet Musician Manager, Lyric Serendipity Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Interviewing musician managers can be just as exciting as talking to the Rock stars of SL because they share so much insight into what it takes to make these performances happen across the grid.

If you have been following the other Musician managers featured in The SL Enquirer, I’m sure you learned a wealth of information including how to follow or book some of the talented musicians that can be found here in this virtual world.

This week’s Spotlight is Lyric Serendipity, an independent Musician Manager promoting Guitar Zane.

-----Interview ----------

Lanai: I’d like to know from your own words what qualities does it takes for Musicians to be successful in the SL Music scene?

Lyric Serendipity: In my experience, the musicians who do best are the ones that are here because they want to share their music with people who appreciate it. If they start getting caught up in a numbers game or a popularity contest, the music tends to suffer. Building a fan base by really connecting with the people that come to hear you play keeps you grounded and focused on the music. Musicians that have a bit of a different sound, do originals, or those that play covers other musicians aren’t currently playing in world are always crowd pleasers. Having mic presence and interacting with the crowd is really a great way to build friends and fans too. Everyone likes to hear their name and know you appreciate them being there. My word of advice to musicians is…if you’re faking it up there the crowd will pick-up on that and you’ll lose them. Be true to your music and yourself and you will find your audience.

Lanai: What does it take to do what you do?

Lyric Serendipity:  Organizational and people skills mainly. You need to be on top of things and keep track of where a performer needs to be, when they need to be there, what fee is to be paid and by whom, terms of appearing at any given venue, who is performing before and after your performer, making sure their shows are posted in the events listing, grabbing landmarks to the venue, sending out notices and the subscribomatic message and anything else that needs to be done in order for the show to go on. There are many things that go on behind the scenes and Managers handle most of them. You also need to be diplomatic at times, but still be able to stand firm regarding your client’s terms for appearing.

You can’t be a too ‘in your face’. You don’t want to hinder your performer’s SL music career by being known as difficult to deal with or absent minded. Basic rule of thumb is to always treat people the way you'd want them to treat you. Dedication and belief in the person you’re managing and their music helps immensely. Often times, managing musicians is a thankless job. Expect to put in long hours and to have to do the dirty work at times. Treat everyone with respect and realize, as much as you believe in your musician’s talent...there is someone behind every other musician that believes in them too. Try to operate from a place of kindness and professional courtesy.

A Manager should also be the ONE person an artist can trust to be straight with them. You want to support and encourage musicians, but you also need to be dedicated and plugged in enough to their SL music career to tell them things they may not like or want to hear. You need to be their biggest fan, as well as their most trusted critic.

Lanai: What advice could you give to others Managers that are starting out?

Lyric Serendipity: When you first start out, don’t be afraid to ask questions. In my experience, people are very helpful in general and understand that there’s a lot to learn when you’re first starting out. You should have some sort of filing system in place from the start too. It’ll help keep things organized in your inventory. Keep NC’s inside of folders inside of master folders. Whatever works for you. Things can get scary and crowded in your inventory pretty quickly!

Lanai: What is your take on the SL music management industry in Second Life and musicians you have come across?

Lyric Serendipity: I have found, in general, most musicians are here for the right share their music and to help promote their art. Most performers are here because it gives them an outlet for their music and a way to reach a broader audience. Unfortunately, I have seen cases where managers actually hinder the progress of a very good performer by either being too forceful or too elitist about bookings and fees. If a Manager isn’t grounded and is too pushy…that reflects poorly on the people they manage. If the choices are to either have an overbearing Manager, or worse, an under-motivated Manager as representation, a Musicians best bet is to go it alone and work on their own behalf.

Lanai: How do they compare of differ to those you represent?

Lyric Serendipity: Fortunately, Guitar Zane is one of the performers who truly is here to share his music. He gives his all at every show, every time he turns his stream on. He plays many originals, and in my opinion, his are some of the best originals being played on SL. This makes it easy for me to do my very best as his Manager. The music and getting it out to people in the best possible way is always the focus for both of us.

Lanai: What is the biggest problem you face in your position?

Lyric Serendipity: Sometimes it’s difficult to turn people away for bookings when the schedule is full. You want to book your client in wherever people want to hear them, but there are only so many hours they can play in a day and so many days in a week…and rl does get in the way sometimes. It’s also difficult to have to cancel and reschedule shows when you know people were looking forward to it.

Lanai: What do you think the SL community can do to help the Music Industry in Second Life grow and continue to thrive in a positive way?

Lyric Serendipity I know we say it all the time, but donating to venues is very important. Venues do not make money. Quite the opposite…it costs people money to have a venue. There are people actually spending money out of their rl pockets to pay for the entertainment we all enjoy. In order to keep SL music free...where you aren't required to pay a fee to see a show...tipping venues is really very important. Any bit they can get to help offset the cost of paying tier, hiring musicians and making your SL experience better is a huge help.

Lanai: What are some problems you see that can be fixed?

Lyric Serendipity:  I believe Linden Labs is currently working on a new Events listing, which will help make more people aware of the music going on in SL and where events are happening. It would also be nice if Musicians, Managers, Venue Owners and DJ’s could all help each other out and promote good will throughout the music community. We’re all there for the same basic reasons. We should support each other and collaborate whenever possible.

Lanai: How do you feel about working with other Managers in SL?

Lyric Serendipity: I do work with many Managers when booking Musicians for Guitar Zane’s venue. I’ve found most to be very professional and easy to work with. I have come across a few management companies that, frankly, give very little guidance or promotion to their musicians for what they charge, in my opinion. I think one-on-one management, or having a Manager that handles only a handful of performers, but is not under the umbrella of a management company, give artists the best outcome.

Lanai: Would you please tell me about your Music Management Company and who you are currently representing?

Lyric Serendipity: I don't work for a Management Group. I am an independent Manager and my only client is Guitar Zane.

Lanai: How did this position come about for you in Second Life? Does it parallel your job in RL?

Lyric Serendipity:  Guitar Zane has been a friend of mine for several years. He actually brought me in world. GZ asked me if I would take over managing him at the end of 2010 and was very patient with me as I got over the learning curve, technical issues and learning things I didn’t know, being so new to the SL music scene. Managing a musician in SL does parallel my RL a bit. I have 3 children. I'm used to negotiation, organizing, being firm when I have to and kissing the occasional booboo. :)

Lanai: My next question has to do with your own personal code of ethics and how you conduct your business. What do you look for when you are approached to represent a client?

Lyric Serendipity: Believing in the music an artist is performing really does help when you’re promoting them and attending every show. It also helps if you like them as a person. Neither is necessary, I suppose, but it helps. As far as conducting business, I really try and treat people respectfully and equally.

Lanai: about the Musicians you work with, what kind of things do you want to see with your current artists and when you meet a new one needing your services?

Lyric Serendipity:  My main objective is to represent Guitar Zane in the best possible light. I try to get him in front of new crowds whenever possible and to promote him in various ways around the grid. I do believe in his music, so for me, the goal is to showcase him so as many people as possible can hear him.

Lanai: What things make you hesitant about working with someone?

Lyric Serendipity:   I think if someone were all about making big linden, didn't care about their fans, took themselves way too seriously or if I just didn’t like them as a person, it would make it very difficult to represent them.

Lanai: from when you first began managing talent in SL, Have you noticed any changes in the SL Music scene or is there anything you see happening now?

Lyric Serendipity:  Well, I am fairly new to SL compared to many here, so I haven’t been around long enough to see major changes on the scene. It does seem like there has been an influx of musicians over the last 6 months or so. So many performers, so few venues that manage to stay open for any length of time. People will hopefully come up with more creative ways to present all this talent to the masses.

Lanai: Where do you see the SL Music scene in a couple years?

Lyric Serendipity:  It would be nice if some RL record exes got a clue and started coming around to SL shows. There is such a huge pool of talent here. If the music industry would catch up to the computer age, and realize there are alternative ways to find talent and develop it online, it would be a very good thing for SL and the musicians here.

Lanai: with the wild and crazy reputation of real world rock stars, it makes me curious, have you ever had to deal with a diva or divo? If so, please tell me how you handled that.

Lyric Serendipity:  Not really. I mean, in my opinion, there are a few characters around the SL music scene that really take themselves way too seriously, but most are pretty down to earth and not divas. It’s been our policy to just not deal with or feed in to the diva mentality. There’s less drama that way.

Lanai: Before we end this interview can you please plug your Musician.

Lyric Serendipity:  Gladly!

Guitar ‘Chill’ Zane has a long musical history and has become a sought after and well respected addition to the Second Life music community. Since arriving on the music scene here, he has drawn much attention because of his talent and dedication to bringing his fans his very best at each show. He provides powerful performances, including incredible original songs. He applies his talent in a way that is fresh and vibrant. Funky, soulful acoustics, with strong ska influences; Guitar Zane's performances are always astounding and energized. His ever-widening fan base can attest to that. You do not want to miss a Guitar Zane performance!

Visit Guitar 'Chill' Zane’s venue:

Venue Manager/Booking Contact: Lyric Serendipity

Chill's DEEP SOUTH is a music and gaming venue, set in an old west/Texas saloon environment. Some of the most AMAZING SL musicians play at CDS. We have 3 stages and a bunch of fun games here for everyone to enjoy; we even have a fishing pond! We're open 24/7, so come on over anytime!

You can find Guitar Zane around the web here:

Guitar Zane on ‘Amped Up’  Metaverse TV:

Guitar Zane on Facebook:

Guitar Zane on VWN TV:

Guitar Zane in Matters of Music Magazine:

Guitar Zane in Avatar Style Magazine:

Guitar Zane RL Video/Recordings:

Lanai: What advice can you offer up to your Musician’s fans and the SL community about the importance of Virtual world music preservation and what things we all can do to help keep great musicians in Second Life?

Lyric Serendipity:  Go to shows! Visit venues! Show support by donating to the venues and help keep them around. Even if you can only spare a few lindens, it is very much appreciated. Music in SL is SO important in helping artists find a place to share their music and their talent with the world. As much as music and art programs are being cut around the US and in other countries, places like SL become even more important for aspiring artists, in every art medium, to develop their style and share their works.

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