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Friday, June 3, 2011

Spotlight on Twstd Ruggles a Jane of all trades here in Second Life Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Second Life is full of interesting paths one can take. Some come here with an idea, others come here clueless and end up taking on many different things they never would have imagined before.

Twstd Ruggles has been in Second Life since 2007 and during that time she has managed to be the owner of LZ Productions as a content creator, co-own Maui & Kauai Hawaiian Islands,  Chairman of The board of Directors for a nonprofit organization; The Compassion Coalition, The Miss Tropic Hawaiian Pageant curator, machinima TV show producer and co owner to the premium Blooming Butterflies and Krazy Kittys breedables!

Lanai: Hi Twstd, It’s great to have you in the SLE hot seat for an Interview; I must say it is long overdue. I just wanted to thank you for all your support of The SL Enquirer through the years and being a long time friend.  Before we get all into what you do here, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Second Life?

Twstd Ruggles:  I started SL on January 19th 2007. A friend of mine told me to download it and meet him there. I had no idea it was virtual reality world, just thought I was downloading another Skype type of application.

Lanai: Now that you know what Second Life is all about and the multiple ways it can be used, do you consider it an extension of your real life or a leisure venture?

Twstd Ruggles:  When I first started SL 4 years ago it was total leisure for me. I must say since then, SL has been more of a job and obligation. With everything I am involved with now, there is no more time for leisure here. I think with the years here, I have experienced SL to its fullest and happy to be a content creator. Bringing the ultimate virtual reality world experience for others here is very rewarding to me.

Lanai: You have been in Second Life almost as long as I have; I remember meeting you in 2007 I think. It’s been a long time. I remember back then, you were involved in The Compassion Coalition; an organization that brings awareness to SL and supports the use of medical marijuana. I believe we shared a peace pipe together. lol, Are you still involved in this project and how can peeps find out more about it?

Twstd Ruggles:  Yes I am absolutely still involved with the nonprofit group The Compassionate Coalition. I am still residing Chairman of the Board of Directors and nonprofit group and still co-own Oahu and Kauai Hawaiian Islands.

Lanai: That is awesome and rare to see with avies coming and going all the time. Personally, I think marijuana is a nature medicine with many helpful benefits for those suffering from cancer, glaucoma, or other illnesses that cause them pain or loss of appetite. Can you share The Compassion Coalition’s impact in the virtual world?

Twstd Ruggles:  Well our presence in SL for the past 4 years has brought a lot of awareness to the topic and we have been able to successfully educate people on the benefits of medical marijuana.

Lanai: Marijuana carries a stigma of being a “street drug” and poison to our society, yet cigarettes and alcohol products cause more deaths in this country. I actually used it after a coma and I was able to get off all the damaging medication that I was being prescribed out of my system, what is your take on the use of marijuana?

Twstd Ruggles:  Well unlike many prescribed medications, marijuana is the safest way to medicate especially for the terminally ill and people with chronic pain. There are no addictive or damaging effects with the use of MMJ like there is with many pharmaceutical drugs.

Lanai: I agree and hope that there will come a time when our government recognizes it as such and allows its use with a prescription like it is already being used in California.  What other projects have you been involved in throughout the years here in Second Life?

Twstd Ruggles:  Well the biggest one is our yearly fund raiser the Miss Tropic Hawaiian pageant. Proudly this is our 4th year running and we hope to keep it going to help support MMJ patients across America.

Lanai: I know you are a busy one here in Second Life, like The Miss Hawaiian Tropics that has been an annual event. Can you tell our readers more about this Pageant and how avies can participate? I truly enjoy being a Judge for this event, it is very well put together and it’s a great event to be involved in. Besides the Compassion Coalition and Miss Hawaiian Tropics, what else are you involved in?

Twstd Ruggles:  Well I am owner of LZ Productions, a custom scripting, building and animating company. I am creator and manager of Oahu Vacation Resort as well as the wedding business on the sim. I co-own the 2 breedable pets Krazy Kittys and Blooming Butterflies. Last but not least I am a SL machinima television show producer. I am currently producing 2 shows under my company Twstd Heart Productions, one being my own show The Stream Scene and the other is DCWF (Digital Wrestling World Federation). Both shows premiere soon on SL's number 1 television network Treet.TV.

Lanai: Wow girl you really do a lot! With so many interesting things on your plate, what is your main objective in SL and how do you manage it all, do you have a team? If so, tell me a little about them.

Twstd Ruggles:  My main objective is to continue to create and bring new content to SL as this has become my full time business. I hope to continue to expand what I do and continue to grow here. I do have a team of people who work for me. With all projects I am involved with, I have assistants and staff members helping me successfully produce the products and business that I am involved with. Without these people I would be completely overwhelmed without them. I think after years of searching and seeking the right staff members, I have formed an excellent team of people to support my business. So big thanks to everyone on my team especially my right hand people, Ayram Uggla, pearlann Edwardstone and Crew Pelliot. Without these 3 dynamic assistants, I couldn't do it without you guys!!

Lanai: Aww that’s very sweet to recognize these assistants. I must say you are a force to reckon with and you truly bring something to the table here in Second Life. I would love to know your thoughts about the ever changing virtual environment and what you see for the future of Second Life?

Twstd Ruggles:  Well I think the best thing I like about SL is that it is ever changing and always bringing new things for us to keep busy creating with. I think there still is much future left here in SL. Linden Labs is always looking to bring the user experience to us in bigger and better ways. So I am always looking forward to what's next.

Lanai: with businesses coming and going across the grid, what are your thoughts about virtual world business and it’s dynamic. What does it take to remain in Second Life and be successful at whatever it you chose to do?

Twstd Ruggles:  I think keeping an ear to what’s going on and what’s new is key to business in SL. Knowing what is hot and what people want is also important because creating something people need is of course the best way to business here. Being disciplined, organized and creative are also very important keys to success in SL. Conducting yourself and your business with integrity, honesty and giving your clients 100% is key to success.

Lanai: Well said Twstd. There are many different personalities here in Second Life, so there is bound to be some tensions that arise, how do you handle these situations and can you give some advice to those new to Second Life or who may be dealing with “Griefers and drama queens?

Twstd Ruggles:  Haha, I wish I had the best advice for that. I am not always the best person to handle griefers & drama queens as I tend want to "be off with their heads" and done with them quicker than entertaining and feeding into it all. Time in SL slips through your hands quicker than RL it seems at times so stopping for that type of interaction isn't possible with my schedule, so best thing to do is avoid and move on.

Lanai: Remember the time, a griefer tried to disrupt the Miss Hawaiian Tropics Pageant one year and we really gave it to him. That was a highlight of my griefer extermination goals and it makes me laugh to think about.

Twstd Ruggles:  One think I really like about you is that you have maintain the same integrity and respect since the day I met you and just wanted to say cheers to many more years of friendship and support of each other’s work.

Lanai:  Cheers to you too, It’s been a pleasure knowing you. So, who has been your biggest inspiration here in this Virtual world?

Twstd Ruggles:  Most of my partners and the people I work with are my biggest inspirations but if I had to pick one person I would have to say Robustus Hax of Metaverse Television. I have learned so much from him and he believed in me at a time when no one else did. I love him to death for it and will always be grateful for all he has done for me.

Lanai: Yes Robustus is a cool dude, I’ve talked to him a few times and he is very nice and professional about his business. So, would you like to close out this interview with any advice or words of wisdom to those who may be inspired by what you do and want to be a recognized member of this virtual world?

Twstd Ruggles:  I think I have said this already but I am going to say again because it so important to me in SL and RL... Always always always conduct yourself with integrity, honesty and always respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated.

Lanai: Ahhh yes the golden rule. I can’t agree more. Twstd, it has been a pleasure getting to know more about you. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to have a chat with me. I wish you many more years of good times here in Second Life and I look forward to this year’s Miss Hawaiian Tropics Pageant. I wonder who this year’s winner will be!

Twstd Ruggles:  Thanks Lanai and big thanks to SL Enquirer for your many years of continued support to our nonprofit fund raiser every year. I am looking forward to seeing you sit on our panel of judges this year. Hugs and kisses xoxo.

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