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Saturday, June 4, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON Premium Breedable Blooming Butterflies don’t be fooled by Imitations. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Breedables have become a popular past time for avatars across the grid who wants to do something productive and fun with a variety of creatures that you can raise, care for and breed to create other variations and even rares that can be sold for a lot of Lindens.
Through the years I have seen Bunnies, Horses, Aliens, dragons and other things with the capability to breed and spread across the Grid. Most recently Krazy Kittys and Butterflies have been all the craze.

Recently I was approached by a dear friend, Twstd Ruggles, who told me about the breedable Kittys and Butterflies available in Second Life, even providing me with my own Butterfly starter kit so I can get a hands on approach for what it’s like to begin my own family of these colorful and adorable winged creatures.

As soon as I got home, I wasted no time unpacking my kit and setting up the table, potted plant, a strawberry and water vessel.
Once I had everything set up it was time to begin the process. The kit included 6 caterpillars in jars that I simply touched to release and just like in real life, these little critters inched their way to the plant and began their growing process, within a couple days they had formed a cocoon and were ready for birthing. I simply clicked on each cocoon and WALLA! I had 6 beautiful butterflies fluttering about. I set each to home on the plant provided and just a couple more days later, they were mature and ready to breed!

One thing to make sure of is to care for them and maintain their diet of strawberries and water so you will be able to enjoy a lasting experience breeding your own Blooming Butterfly Garden.
Before I began breeding them, I caught up with Twstd to ask a little more about these Beautiful Blooming Butterflies and she was very helpful.

Hi Twstd, I have to say I LOVE these butterflies they are so cute and they really bring Spring to life. I can’t think of a better time than now to really spotlight them. Can you tell me a little bit about these Butterflies that can help those interested in starting their own Blooming Butterfly Garden?
Twstd Ruggles: Well these cute little creatures can be purchased in our store in caterpillar form. Take him home, and set his home to the orchid home plant and he starts he journey up the plant until he finds a cozy place to cocoon to a chrysalis. Once they cocoon stage is over he then turns into a beautiful butterfly. Of course they are breedable and lay eggs right on your plant that hatch into caterpillars and then you start the life cycle all over again.

Lanai: There are a lot of breedables in Second Life right now; can you tell me what separates these from the competition?

Twstd Ruggles: Well unlike other breedables, we can control the chose when you want to mate the butterflies and watch them do a cute little mating dance before the female gets pregnant and lays eggs. The life system is much different than most breedable pets that just have 2 stages in life, unborn and born.

Lanai: Butterflies come in many different colors; can you tell me about the variety available and specifically the rares that usually attract the more avid breeders here in Second Life?

Twstd Ruggles: Currently there are 5 levels of butterflies with 6 different breeds in each as well as 7 different color variations of each breed. That is over 200 variations of our regular butterflies. We also have ultra rare butterflies that are whimsicly decorated along with some particle effects made by our staff. We have some talented people on staff who have done some great themes like, breast cancer, autism awareness, yin yang, bubbles, happy rezz day and so much more. These butterflies are beautiful additions to anyones garden and make great gifts.

Lanai: Is the offspring created random or do certain butterflies create specific breeds?

Twstd Ruggles: Yes breeding can only happen within each level.

Lanai: How do rares come about and how often?
Twstd Ruggles: The goal is to keep breeding the colorized ones named after flower names such as mint/green, sunflower/yellow, rose/red ect... Trying to breed and birth a natural butterfly is what most people are trying to achieve. Once you have a male and female natural of any breed or level, you then give yourself a good chance at birthing one of our Ultra Butterflies. These butterflies can breed twice as much as the regular butterflies can, give birth to any level butterflies and require no food or water to stay alive.

Lanai: What is the price range for selling these rare butterflies?

Twstd Ruggles: I have seen some go from 700 to 2300, depending on the popularity of the theme.
Lanai: Are they able to breed with other avatar’s butterflies?

Twstd Ruggles: no these are only able to breed with other butterflies owned by the same person.
Lanai: Are their additional accessories that can be purchased for these Blooming Butterflies?

Twstd Ruggles: Well the home plant is available and can be used with a pot or without for those who want to put directly into the ground. The plant is a beautiful purple orchid plant and glows and lights up to blue when fertilized. The food and water are beautiful flower and strawberry that make great looking accessories to the butterfly habitat.
Lanai: Who can they contact for assistant with these Breedables?

Twstd Ruggles: We have a group called Blooming Butterflies - Breedable Pets and we have CSR's on standby waiting to help everyday. We also keep a staff board at our store so you can see who is online and available to help. Of course myself, or my partners Abu Ashby and Ziggy21 Slade.
Lanai: Where can avies go to purchase their Blooming Butterflies starter kits?
Island shaped Butterfly

Twstd Ruggles: They can go to Blooming Butterfly Island and buy from our vendors.


  1. Yaaayyyy great i bought some and they are awesome. Cant stop watching them, its like an aquarium. Thx for the great work!

  2. These are the best breedable by far on SL in my eyes
    So pritty and eash to care for. :D top work keep it up :D


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