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Showing posts with label breedables. Show all posts

Saturday, April 29, 2023

OHCP Breedables BETA Testers Needed


We are offering a few more positions testing our Breedable Bee's and much more. It is free and less than 20 prims to try out. Come to the shop, grab a group tag, and get you Delivery Now!!! Contact Onehempcat

Friday, April 2, 2021


Unique Breedables is a breedables company with a fresh approach to how breeding animals works in Second Life.  UB’s goal is to improve and innovate their products for the new breeder to pros in the breedables community. I sat down with the creator of Unique Breedables to learn more about this company and the details he implements into each primate.  Along with his business partner and professional scripter Damian Dusk, they paid close attention to lag and cost of kits that is a problem with many other breedables. They addressed those issues and continues to provide exceptional customer care and services to the breedable community.


Lanai: Hi UniqueBreedable, it's a pleasure to meet with you for a chat about your breedables company. How did you discover Second Life and what inspired you to get into the business?


UniqueBreedable: Hello Lanai, thank you for taking the time for this interview to bring Unique Breedable closer to your readers. About 12 years ago I saw the light of day in Second Life and, like many others, I first sailed aimlessly through the virtual world of Second Life. After a relatively short time I came across the first Breedables and became a relatively successful breeder. After an accident in real life and a long hospital stay, I returned to second life to find that the value of my bred animals had rapidly dropped because I was no longer up to date with the latest traits. Then I decided to retire as a breeder and the idea of my own breedable was born. After a lot of thoughts I came to the decision that it had to be chimpanzees, who doesn't like chimpanzees?

After it was determined that it would be chimpanzees, it took almost exactly a year for the first Unique Breedables chimpanzee to run through Second Life. Fortunately, after some initial problems, I met one, if not the best scripter in SL, Damien Dusk, and have decided since the official launch of Unique Breedables in April. 08th 2013, to make Damien an equal partner. After the successful launch of the chimpanzees, we started developing the gorillas and the capuchins followed a little later. Our latest creation, which we are currently working on with high pressure, will hopefully soon be available for our breeders in second life.


Lanai: Your concentration is on primates like gorillas, chimpanzees and those adorable capuchins? Can you tell me what fascinates you about this particular animal?

UniqueBreedable: That's a really good question, even as a child, I was fascinated by primates every time I visited the zoo. Chimpanzees and gorillas are simply incredibly intelligent animals that, in my opinion, are given far too little attention. How often have you been able to observe a gorilla or chimpanzee somewhere and say to yourself "Wow, that's so human" !?!

If you've ever seen a gorilla learn sign language and then tell you that he misses his mother who was murdered by poachers in his presence, how can you ignore such creatures? How can you continually destroy their living space in order to make a profit with coconut oil and similar things? Unbelievable things happen in the habitat of the gorillas and other primates and only a few people on our planet take any notice. To deliberately harm these animals is to me as if I am harming my own child, I have decided to do everything I can to help these beautiful animals to develop undisturbed in their habitat.

Unique Breedables can proudly claim that, as a donor to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), it helped protect the habitat of these animals. From time to time we publish a limited edition that 100% serves the purpose of generating money that we 100%, for example, are tied to a WWF project, donate. All of these campaigns are of course also published on our website.

Lanai: What a great cause you are supporting! I agree more attention should be given to primates and their habitats. Now that you have expressed your fascination with these beautiful animals, what are the special traits and animations that are included with the various breeds you create?

UniqueBreedable: What all species have in common is that they are all very active. They run, climb, swing, slide, hunt and it's just fun to watch them. Even when they are asleep they still bring a smile to your face. Of course, depending on the species, they have traits that others don't have. The most popular trait among the gorillas, for example, is the "rideable" trait. You can ride your gorilla and climb anything that comes your way, yes, even other avatars. Another gorilla-specific trait is the "silverback", which of course only male gorillas over a certain age can receive.

In the case of chimpanzees, the specific trait is the "speed". From "Sloothy" to "Lightning" there is something for everyone to watch the little ones doing their activities with a lot of fun. Imagine a "Fat" and "Sloothy" chimp swinging. ;o) The possibility to carry your chimpanzee is also very popular.


The Capuchin Trait is extremely funny. They have a "personality". From "Normal" to "Crazy", "Lazy" or "Think it's People" and "Zombie Creep", there is plenty of variety and fun to watch the little monkeys. As with the chimpanzees, you can also carry the capuchins around, whereby they carry on to show off with their personality when carried around.

Compared to other breedables in Second Life, we decided to take a different approach to animate the animals than the commonly used texture swapping, with the result that our breedables generate considerably less lag. So you can have a lot of Unique Breedales run on your land and have fun watching their activities.

Lanai: Sounds like you know your stuff about their various behaviors. Can breeders customize their primates? What can be changed to make them unique to the breeder?

UniqueBreedable: As with all known breedables, the Unique Breedables also have a number of traits with a wide range of options.

The aim of every breeder should be to get the maximum number in his breed. In addition, it is of course 1. the market and the demand and 2. the breeder which trait he prefers to include in his breeding. From my point of view, every breeder should set himself a goal, a project of what exactly he wants to achieve with his animal, this is the only way to ensure long-term survival as a successful breeder in Second Life. The best way to make them unique is of course to combine the rarest and newest traits and thus be able to offer a rare animal on the market.


Lanai: Good advice. I know food and consumables are used to sustain breedables.  It’s an important part of the care and breeding process. What kind of consumables are needed to get started?

UniqueBreedable: That's pretty easy to answer. To start breeding Unique Breedables it is enough to buy a starter pack. This includes the smallest variant 1 male and 3 females as well as bananas as primary food and pineapples as secondary food to be supplied for the first week. So there are no follow-up costs to look at the Breedable for a week and decide whether it is the right choice.

The rest of our available Consumables can be optional fed to your UB Monkey to Boost Age, Passion, Happiness, Pregnancy. It also can be used to heal or wake up your Unique Breedable without a loss of happiness. Lanai: I like that you can try it for a week and decide if it is right for them. Can you share some advice on how to get started and what to expect from the starter kits?

UniqueBreedable: To start as a breeder, the best choice, as I have just explained, is to choose a suitable starter kit. The choices are Beginner (1 Male & 3 Females), Advanced (2 Males & 6 Females) or Elite (3 Males & 9 Females). This ensures that the future herd will also receive the latest released traits. Depending on which project you have decided on, it can also make sense to buy Barrels/Boxes from other Unique Breedables Breeders with certain traits to reach your desired goal faster.

In order to have fun with our animals right from the start, it is advisable to buy something from our large selection (which is constantly growing) of playgrounds, trees and other toys. Because, in my opinion, nothing is worse than just lining up a breedable motionless like tin soldiers. The fun of observing how actively the animals swing, climb, etc. is an important aspect for us.


Lanai: With that ratio of males vs. females, I’m sure a lot of monkey business will be
happening!  Can you explain the breeding process? Is it possible to create rares or limited editions?

UniqueBreedable: The breeding cycle for a female UB Monkey is 9 days (3 days to gain Passion, 3 days Pregnancy, 3 days Recovery). The male cycle is much shorter, he will gain passion every 3 days. So 1 male stays busy with 3 females without any wait time.

Our breeders have to mate each pair manually to prevent the animals from mating with each other in an uncontrolled manner. The animals have showing traits, such as the fur that you can see and hidden traits. The aim is of course to breed the hidden traits like a rare fur into your babies.

Limited Editions cannot be achieved through breeding, we offer these on certain occasions such as Christmas, Easter, etc. You should definitely not miss out on them, because breeding with limited editions gives you the opportunity to breed new unique and rare traits that can only come from this special limited edition into your herd.


Lanai: Oh! That’s pretty cool and a great incentive for serious breeders.  Just like in rl all living things die, so do some breedables if not properly taken care of. What does it mean to send your breedable to Heaven? Why is it an option and what is the heaven token for?

UniqueBreedable: Unique breedables never die unless you send them to heaven. If, for whatever reason, your Breedables are not fed, they will get sick, which happens in three stages, "Got the munchies", "Sick" and "Starved". As long as they are not "starved" you can simply heal them again by feeding them, once they have reached "starved" only feeding a healing kit helps.

We have decided to give our breeders the opportunity to send their animals to heaven. The reason for this is actually relatively easy to explain. Every breeder has already experienced it, you mate two wonderful animals and hope for a fantastic result, hurray the baby is finally here, you click on Info for the first time, and the disenchantment is great, the result is not what you are looking for, for 3 long days waited and hoped. So what to do now? Offer the 40,000th barrel for sale with one or two common traits? The disappointment only gets bigger, because there are barrels like this too often to be able to market them successfully. The solution: Off to heaven and collect the Heaven Tokens. Prevent flooding the market with Barrels everyone already has a thousand times.

Heaven tokens can be used to exchange them for selected consumables, yes even food or an extremely rare Heaven gorilla or chimpanzee.

Lanai: Sending them to SL heaven in that way is an honorable act.  There are many different breedables available in Second Life these days. What sets yours apart from the others?

UniqueBreedable: I would say that we differ most clearly from other breedables in the way our animals are animated and active. Many of our breeders also have other breedables and almost always have the same problem, unless they have their own sim, the landlord forbids them to let their animals run because they create too much lag on the land.

Fortunately, I have already spoken to many landlords and they have been able to convince themselves that Unique Breedables generate considerably less lag and can therefore be active in larger numbers on the land without hesitation.

And last but not least, of course, the fun factor, after almost exactly 8 years I still watch our primates today and am amazed how they sometimes act so humanly and so surprisingly.

Lanai: Lag really is a big deal for breeders, it’s nice to know you considered the lag factor and addressed it for Buying and selling breedables That is one of the main reasons breeders get into this business. What kind of auctions and events do your host and what are the price ranges breeders sell and buy?


UniqueBreedable: We have our own auction house at the UB Main-Sim that will open its doors again from April 2021. We also offer our breeders to rent a stable on the UB Main-Sim to offer their animals there. As creators, we have no influence on the prices with one exception, we have a breeder agreement that no Unique Breedable is sold under L $ 1000. It should be understandable to everyone that as a breeder you spend Linden Dollars on food, rent, etc. and therefore a minimum price should also be a matter of course. The rest is regulated by the market with supply and demand, as in any economy.


Lanai: You offer breedables clients a lot of features at a great price.  I noticed you are not on the SL marketplace, why?

UniqueBreedable: Since Breedables are no-copy items, unfortunately, the door is wide open to everyone on the SL Marketplace to pull the money out of other people's pockets by selling counterfeits. Unfortunately, my personal experience with SL Marketplace is not the best in this regard. That's why I would rather save our breeders from trouble and have decided not to offer anything on this platform. Another point is that SL Marketplace has not yet considered that an MP store may be run by more than one person, which would take additional effort and time to split profits.

Lanai: However you are running Unique Breedables, it has proven to be a success and you should be very proud of that.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Unique Breedables?

UniqueBreedable: It is important to mention that our Breedables do not have to be fed endlessly. All of our Males retire at 120 days, all Females after their 13th birth, which means that they will become a Pet, that no longer require any food. No certificate needs to be purchased or any other extra cost for that.


Teleport to Unique Breedables:

Additional Information:



Saturday, September 19, 2020



A horse walks into a bar. 
The bartender says, “Hey, Buddy. Why the long face?”

(Pause for laughter)

OK…OK...OK…so it was a joke.   I am not serious.
But what IS serious is a lovely sim I stumbled upon called Woodbine Downs Estates. There I was met by dozens and dozens of the finest representatives of the equine species to be found anywhere on the grid. The ultimate in realism, as you wander the carefully groomed grounds, you will see animals that are unmatched in beauty and class. The brainchild of Marine and TaffyMarie Torraze, this is indeed unique among sims. Walk with me as we wander these beautiful grounds and chat with the owner.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB: Hi Marine.  Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions about your operation here.

Marine Torraze (marinefiend.redinamus) MT:  No problem Josh.  I love this place and never pass up an opportunity to share that passion with others.

JB:  So, tell me. What is Woodbine Downs Estates all about?

MT: Woodbine Downs Estates offers a Unique place for Boarding/Breeding and Selling  ABC Horses, Ponies & Kaiila's. I have spent at least three months in the design and planning of Woodbine, building and designing the sales yard with custom built pens, seasonal changing trees, and walkways, custom-designed breeder barns. We also offer ABC's own brand of Bid Boards. We have custom-designed stalls only found at Woodbine. The feel at Woodbine is very upper class. You can feel a sense of pride about just walking around and enjoying the scenery. The atmosphere here is breathtaking.

JB:  Yes Marine.  I agree.  The “atmosphere” around most barns can be described as “breathtaking”…but I wander.    Just what are “ABC Animals” anyway?

MT: ABC Awesome Breed Creations, is one of the fastest-growing ventures on the grid. ABCs unique blend of scripting, building, and team of experienced people will be sure to produce a product and provide an environment in which you can rediscover breedables as they were meant to be. These breedables are one of the only racing horses on the grid. Weekly race events for various breeds are held on ABC's special racing sim. You can track and trace sales, breeds, and generations of your breedables in the MyABC website. Read more about ABC here -

JB:  How did you first get interested in breeding horses?

MT:  I have been in breedables since at least 2010. Breeding many different things in Second Life. Bunnies, horses, dogs, and cats. I got hooked on ABC back in early 2012 when I was invited to the beta program of ABC by the owner. I had 4 sims at the time with 2 being a mall, one being my Club and one was a sales yard and auction house for all types of breedables. I switched to strictly ABC in mid-2012 and became one of 6 certified ABC auction houses.

JB:  What types of events do you have here?

MT:  Other than our auction house, that starts up on Sept 26th at 10 am SLT,  we have yet to do any events. I have a training track we placed up in the sky to allow people to train and play. The track is the same size as an official ABC track system minus the starting gates and timing systems. So in the future, we may come up with something fun.

JB:  Over the years, there have been many different types of breedables in SL.  What makes your operation different from those breedables that have gone before it?

MT:  Woodbine is a unique breedable place strictly for ABC Horses & Ponies. We provide superior customer service. We walk the yard daily to ensure all the horses are safe and sound. I am personally available 24/7. I can be found online at least 12 hours a day, and all direct offline messages come to email, so if its a serious matter, I can log on and deal with any situation that arises.

JB:  I see a really varied population of horses here.  Just how many of those beautiful animals are there here?

MT:  There are 75 different breeds of horses and 32 other breeds of ponies. Each has six unique traits. Coat, mane, tail, eye, face marking, and leg markings. ABC is like real-life horses, must be fed and cared for, or they will become sick and eventually die. ABC foals are born live, and they must be with their mothers for nourishment during their first three days (ages 0-2). At age three (3) they begin to eat on their own. Between the age of seven (7) and ninety ABC horses are eligible to race, as long as they haven’t bred. The racing side of an ABC Horse has Skill Sets. These skill sets are the specific ability that the horse uses in horse competition. Each skill is trainable and has its own values. Each skill will be determined by the breed of the horse The Horse skills increase as the owner trains the horse over time. The owner must choose the trait that he/she wants to train.

JB:  Tell me about your Auctions.  What are those like?

MT:  Auctions are a fun place to come and sell your horses and ponies. A true form of bidding area allows multiple buyers to bid against each other to buy a breeder's animals. I am usually found sitting in the back with a bag of popcorn, watching it all go down. Or sometimes jumping right in the fight. There are also Raffles and Fun Give-Aways, which many people enjoy. All Auction houses meet specific requirements and follow the guidelines put in place by ABC and must be certified.

JB:  Anything ELSE you would like to share with our readers?

MT:  I would just like to thank all the people that have helped make Woodbine possible. Without the ABC community support, there would not be a Woodbine Downs.

JB:  How can interested parties learn more about your operation here.

MT:  Please feel free to come to visit our Sales Yard and enjoy the unique relaxing atmosphere. All are welcome to enjoy our Auctions to see for themselves the fun that is found when attending.  I doubt they could not leave without bidding on one of the beautiful beauties on display for auction, or they just might walk away with their first freebie horse if entered in our auction raffle. 

Many good Pics of Woodbine, plus lots of older pics
Flickr Pics - Check out my Flickr -

So…Stop horsing around and go check it out.  And that’s No Joke!
Be there.  Aloha!


Monday, July 29, 2019

Breedapets Breedables Grand Re-Opening Celebration! July 30th at 12pm SLT

Join us for the grand re-opening of the BreedaPets Breedables store in Second Life. Celebration kicks off on Tuesday, July 30th at 12pm SL. This will be a 4 hour event with DJs, a raffle bowl with one-of-a-kind prizes, door prizes and a 1500L (to start) contest for Best in Animals split prize. So save the date and join us for a fun-filled event while we celebrate the return of BreedaPets Breedables, ~Breeding Made Easy~. See you there!!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Second Pets™ New Species Japanese Snapper!

Japanese Snapper are here! They are available at our in-world store and on the Marketplace .

Second Pets™ other two fish species, Clownfish, and Koi are also avaialbe in-world store and on the Marketplace .

Follow us on Facebook .

Remeber Second Pets™ Fishes are satisfaction guaranteed .

Contact or send a NoteCard to SecondPets Resident if you have questions or problems.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Second Pets™ New Species!

Japanese Snapper will be released the week of May 20th.

Come see our fishes at our in world

On the Marketplace

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Contact or send a NoteCard to SecondPets
Resident if you have questions or problems.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Second Pets™ is releasing version this Wednesday May
16th. All owners will receive fish and tank updaters.

Fish eggs cannot be updated with the updater currently. They may be
updated after they hatch or bagged and returned to Second Pets
Resident for replacement with the current version.

Second Pets™ will be releasing more species soon.

Follow us on Facebook

Come see our fishes at our in world

Contact or send a NoteCard to SecondPets
Resident if you have questions or problems.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Second Pets™ is now on Facebook!

Follow us on Facebook

Second Pets™ will be releasing more species soon.

Come see our fishes at our in world

Contact if you have questions.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Second Pets fishes come in many body colors, some common and some rarer.

This week we will learn about Second Pets fishes body colors.

Fishes can breed when they are 12 days old. When fishes are 12 days
old they are most likely to produce common colors.

Common colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

Female fishes older than 21 days have a greater chance of producing
uncommon colors.

Uncommon Colors are pink, lightorange, sapphire,

When female fishes are older than 28 days they have a greater chance
of producing rare or ultra rare colors.

Rare Colors are purple, diamond, emerald, ruby, and silver. These
Colors are Ultra Rare; Gold and White.

Female fishes can breed a maximum of 18 times. If you let Your fishes
get older before you breed them there is a greater chance you will get
rarer colors.

See Second Pets in world

Find out more about Second Pets™ fishes at our website

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This week we are going to tell you about breeding your Second Pets Fishes.

Your Second Pets™ fishes can breed when they are 12 days old.

Female fishes can breed a maximum of 18 times. There is no limit to how many times male fishes can breed.

Female fishes older than 21 days have a greater chance of having rare offspring. Older than 28 days they have an increased chance of having ultra rare or rare offspring.

Female fishes can breed again after 7 days.

Male and female fishes must be well fed and healthy to successfully breed.

There are five traits you can breed for. Next week's press release will talk about them.

See Second Pets in world

Find out more about Second Pets™ fishes at our website

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Benny Spingflower made a video of Second Pets fishes!

Fish starter packages with 2 fish eggs, a fish tank, and food are still only L$489.
Second Pets™ fishes have 5 characteristics you can breed for, color, eyes, glow, bright, and shine.
Join the Second Pets Owners group and get a 10% discount on food for your fishes secondlife:///app/group/92f9ad48-ef6a-5473-1f72-0e574e02d5f8/about

Find out more about Second Pets™ fishes at our website

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Second Pets™ Clownfish and Koi Packages are still only $489 for the Holiday Season!

Food will be 10% for Second Pets Owners group members.

Japanese Snapper will be the first new species introduced in the New Year.

Second Pets™wishes everyone a Good Holiday Season.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Second Pets™ breedable fishes are the most lifelike fishes in Second Life

For the Holiday Season Second Pets™ Starter Packages are only $L489!

Starter Packages include 2 fish eggs, a fish tank, and food for 1 month.

Clownfish and Koi are currently available.

Buy them at the Second Pets Store

Monday, December 11, 2017

Second Pets™ Starter Packages are $L489 special price for the Holiday Season!

Starter Packages include 2 fish eggs, a fish tank, and food for 1 month.

Clownfish and Koi are currently available. Some new fishes will be released next week!

Buy them at the Second Pets Store

Monday, December 4, 2017

Second Pets™ is at the 7th Annual Christmas Expo with 3 Koi fishes in colors available only at the Expo.

These Relay For Life Purple colored Koi Fishes with Pink Eyes are only
being sold at the Expo. The are available in 4 Starter Packages each
containing one female fish egg and one male fish egg for $L949, 100%
going to the Relay For Life.
Second Pets™ Fishes are the most life-like fishes in Second Life®. They
swim randomly like real fishes.

There are other colors of Koi and Clownfish available at Second Pets™
in world store. Angelfish and Japanese Snapper are coming soon.

Second Pets™ Fishes currently live and swim in Fish Tanks. They will
soon be released to swim in Linden Water and ponds. Second Pets™ Fish
Tanks come with coral, rocks, and plants for decoration and are