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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Suicide Island

Stacey and Stara visit Suicide Island, and somehow live through it... which sounds like a Polish joke, but isn't.

While zombie apocalypse movies are often written to reflect a dystopian society, I think it would be pretty cool in small doses. Ride around on a Harley, take whatever you want by pillage, and shoot human-looking zombies. What's not to like?

As twisted as that sounds, there are others who feel the same way that I do. One of them felt so strongly that he/she made Suicide Island.

Suicide Island depicts a zombie apocalypse after they've pretty much run wild and wrecked shop. You get a hud, arm yourself well enough to hold Little Round Top, and go out looking to even the score.

Again, what's not to like?

Suicide Island has the HUD, the mall where you can gear up, and everything else you need to get all Dawn of The Dead. If I did my job right with that link, you should land right there. Maybe you can even find out what caused all this....


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