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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unity Productions Wows with I WAS WITH HIM

In the summer of 2010, I was lucky to connect with a few wonderful people on Second Life to form the faith-based group Unity Productions [UP]. Since 2010, UP has performed many soaking worships and has taken part in other SL events; they have also performed two well-received productions: Come Away My Beloved and The Creation Story.

Come Away My Beloved

The Creation Story Commercial

But it is UP's latest production, I WAS WITH HIM, that propels them beyond their past productions and moves them into realms not before tried in SL by faith-based groups and organizations.

My real-life endeavors kept me from participating in the latest production, but it didn't keep me from supporting UP's premiere of IWWH on Saturday, June 4, 2011. I hadn't been to any of the rehearsals, so it was a rare treat to see the production live and for the first time as all other attendees.

And it was a moving experience.

I WAS WITH HIM was a truly collaborative production. It tells several stories from the Gospels, with each performer responsible for picking his/her gospel to remix and write for the production. Aside from this unique standpoint, the production also showcased SL talent Alex Linnaeus, who provided music for the production.

UP members who wrote and performed in the production are Ewan Glenelg, Lukes Lionheart, Levi Soulstar, Guyguy Lemon, PsyLynn Quartz, Liliana Dinzeo, Pet Karu, and Sasha Fairywren.

I WAS WITH HIM runs through the month of June with the following times: Fridays @ 6 p.m. SLT, Saturdays @ 2 p.m. SLT, and Sundays @ 4 p.m. SLT.

I plan to take in the production several more times, and I hope to see you all there! Here is the slurl to the UP Multiplex Theater!

You can learn more about Unity Productions at its [website], and by LIKING it on [Facebook].


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