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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RP Nexus News: True Blood Pumping in SL Cursa Charisma Reporting...

The phase of the moon kept the werewolves away, but vampires and fairies came out to play on July 2 with SL's Saturday night mistress of hiphop, DJ Nisa on Black Soul Rhythms Radio, at the Fangtasia Club in Hypnotic. BSR's Bobbie Naidoo was hostess, presiding over a major event with dozens in attendance.

(Podcast of the event is available here!)

Started in October 2010, this is a vampire sim, but there is no hunting and no biting. The True Blood clan has both vampires and humans as members and they "all just like to hang out, attend events and have a good time." Your reporter was hesitant despite this reassurance in the sim info card, but quickly found it to be accurate. The atmosphere was casual, friendly, and open, and signs on the wall declared, "No biting on premises".

Trivia questions came along with the eclectic and danceable music from DJ Nisa, testing fans' knowledge of the characters, venues, and events of the HBO series, now in its fourth season. Prizes included True Blood and Fangtasia t-shirts and Fangtasia teddy bears.

Adding to the authenticity and immersion of the event were avatars representing True Blood characters such as Eric, Jason, and Sookie. Hardcore participants and fans were not the only ones in attendance though, as BSR listeners and other avatars out to enjoy good music and an exciting venue filled up the room.

According to photographer spirit Wingtips, the event was "OFF THE CHAIN!!", and the DJ and hostess "put it down like it was the party to end all parties". Most importantly, he said, "I will be back again for sure!"

When the event wrapped up, Kimberly Jansen announced she was going to go and look at the sim, demonstrating another successful aspect to the night.

On hand to record the event for posterity was machinima artist Paradise Quixote. The completed video will be viewable at

Sim owner Enoch Mildor explained that in addition to regular role play and social events, the group has a roleplay blog at, which will also offer the video of this event.

BSR owner Marjorie Dibou summed up, "I am very happy with the turnout for BSR Radio's 2nd Annual True Blood event. Thanks to Enoch Mildor and the Fangtasia Club staff; they opened their doors to us and let us do our thang.... showcasing the 'Black Soulful' side of vampire role play."

(all photographs by spirit Wingtips)


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